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Plants and the Etheric body

Plants and the Etheric body.

As we already know, everything in the universe is a living being. Planet earth is not an exception and the beauty with planet earth is that it is exactly made and structured in the same way as human body. That’s why a careful and proper study of the planet earth and everything it contains will explain a lot about our own being. The oceans, the animals, the continents, the atmosphere … all exist in us, in a different form of course but they function the same way. In this article, it’s the Plants world I’d like to talk more about.

Note that If you are new to the subtle bodies theory, I strongly suggest you read some old articles I wrote about it (The subtle bodies ). That will help to understand certain words used in this post.

In the article ,
I briefly talked about the plants of earth in the following:
Quote:The forests are very much linked to the Etheric body of a human being, they work the same way, trees take our CO2 and send us the O2. And continents is the gross part of the earth stomach, very much related to our human intestinal, its an extension of the stomach that swallows anything you throw at it. It is said that many stones and minerals had to go through the earth stomach for purification; they were all dirty at the beginning, and earth swallowed them to made of them beautiful precious stones and minerals (Cold, silver, Topaz, Cristal... )
Well, I thought I could elaborate more on that for those who want to see all that in a much more deeper level.

The secrets of plants:

One of the important job that plants do on earth: Transforming elements by absorbing impurities (c02) of the atmosphere, and giving us (humans and animals) purity (02) in return. That's something all science people know about. Plants do not only deal with air, but with the sun light. From their flowers and leaves, they absorb the light, and from their roots they absorb earth elements. What they get from the leaves and flowers is sent to the roots, then what they get from the roots is sent to the flowers among the branches to form fruits. What an intelligence! Plants are actually among the first spirits who were sent on earth to prepare the coming of animals. And you might even be surprised if I said that insects came from fruits and leaves. And certain other insects from flowers. I know, I know this sounds crazy, because it’s like nothing we’ve heard in science. That's exactly where I want to go, where science hasn't touched yet. I do believe in what science says about plants. What it had found out is awesome! But much more beautiful is what plants can tell us themselves. Because in each plant is a soul. If you can love the beings of plants, you sure can verify all that’s going to be said in this post.

Plants where the first being to love earth, so they were the proper being to arrive after minerals to help the planet long before animals and humans arrived on earth. Their only purpose is to help earth be alive and to maintain life on earth. They were invited by water so that both could work together. They offered themselves as food to all future beings, that's why they love being eaten and they are even willing to get killed just to help animals and humans. They have accepted to have a very tiny astral body (feelings and emotions) so they do not feel any pain when they sacrifice themselves (to be eaten). And they have accepted to almost have no mental body, so that they don’t think twice before giving themselves to animals and humans to be used for house building (shelter), for fire making (protection )... It’s a total disinterested love! The cosmic intelligence had chosen them to be the matter through which astral beings and mental beings can go through to manifest themselves in the physical visible world. Did you know that many invisible beings of the nature live in plants in order to stay close to the physical world? If you are clairvoyant or have a great relationship with plants, you should be able to verify this when you go in the forest. A forest is place full of invisible beings. Mostly beings who are getting ready to become germs, insects or animals one day.

[Image: 2na2paw.jpg]
In that other related article, I compared plants to the stomach of a human being. What I haven’t said yet is that plants not a Man stomach (belly) but rather a women stomach from which another being comes to earth. All plants of earth, all the forest together form the female stomach of earth planet. See what a woman’s belly does , when it receives the sperm, it takes cares of it, it feeds it, it gives it all the possible energies of the universe it needs then a baby starts to be formed. In the same way, Plants gathers all the necessary energies for a spirit of nature to manifest and live in the visible earth. Now base on this, some clever people will think “Fine, when I die, I just have to enter a tree and stay in it, in order to form myself a physical body and become visible among humans again ” Big Grin . Well that was close, but not too close to the truth, because here's what you missed to understand: Although plants gives life and maintain life to planet earth, they do not have the power to give the right physical matter to humans. They do not know how to form the proper brain and heart for a specific human soul. Plants are the stomach for insects and germs only. In these period of earth evolution, a more complex stomach is available for more complex souls like the soul of humans, and that’s the human woman stomach. It was designed to give the right physical matter to any human soul.

We can distinguish many sorts of stomach (belly) in nature: Trees are stomach, humans (woman) belly are stomach and the etheric body is a stomach. Now let’s see what this all means for a human before I continue. Just like a woman belly which holds an infant to feed and grow it, the etheric body of a human being is what feeds, maintains and grows the physical body. It then plays an important role in the health of the physical body. Without an etheric body a human body cannot function, cannot move and none of his organs will be in action. If you remove the etheric body from the physical body, the physical body dies, just like if you remove all plants of planets earth, earth dies. That’s easy to understand.

What is the Etheric body?
The etheric body is a stomach for the physical body. In the etheric body lives the physical body and in the physical body lives in the etheric body . The physical body swims in the etheric body, this is why you can see the etheric body borders all around the physical body. And yes, the etheric body can be seen. Most of us here might have seen that or see that everyday, it's just as visible as everything else for certain person. Or with a very little spirituality, anyone can see it, because it is part of the physical world (it is in the physical world). You’ve seen that light surrounding all matters, chairs, books, computer screens, humans, cars everything, That’s the etheric body. For a mystic, a person is declared dead, only if his/her etheric body separates from his physical body. Never the etheric body leaves the physical body during someone’s life time, even when he/she is sleeping, his etheric body doesn't get separate completely from the physical body. Because the physical body and the etheric body are both physical matters. The physical matter we see and all can touch is the lowest vibration of the etheric matter , that means the etheric matter is the highest possible vibration of the physical matter. So one is gross and heavy and the other is subtle. But again they belong to the same world, the physical world. This is why you will notice the esoteric science do not always count the etheric body among all the subtle bodies. They count “physical body, astral body, mental body, buddic body and atmic body” leaving the etheric body sometimes alone because for them, mentioning the etheric body is like repeating the word physical body. So depending on the subject, when mystic talks about taking care of the physical body he means both: The physical and etheric body.

Most esoteric writers I’ve read seem to only mention a very limit aspect of the etheric body, which gives no desire for the reader to even care about it or develop it. While it is even the most real part of our material body. Very few have mentioned that the Etheric body can develop to become the immortal material body of human being. That's right, someone who has developed his etheric body can continue living on earth even after his physical body is dead. He can walk on earth, touch living people, talk to living people, be visible among us. The developed etheric body knows no limit in space, it can also travel the invisible go through walls, mountains, and travel the remote space and nothing can kill it, not even time. Immortality on earth is only possible with the developed etheric body, not with the physical body we currently have, which is limited and dies eventually. The etheric body is the home of life, the true matter. The pure limit form of the universe. and I looks beautiful, it shines more and more as it develops, it serves as a material (physical) matter for the buddic body. Through the developed etheric body we can see the beauty of the buddic body. It's made of light materials (matters), of the most purest matter the physical world can have. People who developed the etheric body could look having a shining face, or even surrounded by light. Some of those who have developed it, are still around among us for centuries while their physical bodies were dead that long time ago. They are visible and touchable but that's not a physical body, but the immortal part of the physical body. Their physical body are already in the grave.

How to develop the etheric body?
Ask the question like this, to help your brain get the answer "How to develop plants?", "How do you grow plants?"
everybody knows how to take care of a flower for example, you make sure it is not put in the closet or in your office draw, or it will die. You know the flower needs some light, and some water regularly, plus a good ground (earth) to keep growing. Now translate, light is wisdom, water is love, the good ground (earth) is the pure physical body. That's all the etheric body needs for its development. And as a matter fact, that's also what our higher self needs to develop.
Etheric body react easily to the astral body vibrations. So when you listen to your best spiritual music that feels you with joy, and spiritual emotions, when you entertain spiritual desires for a long time, when you keep sacrificing certain of your bad behaviors or vices, your Etheric body vibrates to match the vibrations of your spiritual feeling. That's is compared to watering your flower.
Also when you meditate a lot about spiritual subjects, when you understand them; that can be compared to keeping your flower in open air.
Also because the etheric body, just like any plant is sensitive to light and heat. It reacts to the sun light easily, that's why when you expose yourself to the morning sun light or when you do pranayama, the etheric body rises, strengths, and gives life to whole your being, and specially to your physical body.

Talking about the physical body, you could be interested to know exactly how the etheric body and the physical body are attached to each other. Here we go, we are all aware of tree roots, which are some sorts of wires that penetrates the ground (earth), more and more as the tree grows, right? Well the roots explains how the etheric body (plant) is attached to the physical body (the ground of earth). So just like plants, our etheric body also has roots. In fact it even has a trunk, leaves, flowers and fruits, but not many people have those other parts of the plant well developed, at least not yet. Most have the roots and a small trunk, some flew have flowers and leaves and very few have fruits. A fully developed etheric body is a full tree with fruits. The roots of the etheric body are attached to the solar plexus of our physical body. Our solar plexus is the point of our body through where the etheric body sends energies to the physical body. The solar plexus energies alone are enough to better or destroy the physical body of a human. You can recharge your etheric body and heal your physical body using the plexus solar, by massaging it or even recharging it thanks to the energies of trees ( please refer plexus solar thread ).

[Image: mmey4k.png]

Now if you want to know where the truck, the branches, flowers and fruits of the tree found in us.

1-The fruits of the etheric body talks to our physical body through the left side of our heart. It links us to the buddic vibrations.

2-The leaves and the branches of the etheric body talks to our physical body through the left and right brain. They are the layer of our etheric body that communicates thoughts to our left brain and images to our right brain. It's links our brain and lungs to the causal and mental body.

3-The trunk talks to our physical body through the liver, to our blood, but also to the genital organs which represents the middle branch among the roots.

You can see that the human soul ( mental and the astral body) doesn't talk directly to our physical physical body, but the etheric body stands in between the physical body and the soul to help the communication between the visible and the invisible.

These information is also taught in esoteric schools, so if you study esoteric science with books, you find these information I've presented in the following different form:
4 layers of the etheric body are related to the 4 elements (fire, air,water, earth):
Fire as the etheric matter that keeps memories;
air as the etheric matter that helps the perception;
water as the etheric matter that helps with the sensibility.
earth as the etheric matter that helps with growth and purification.

So here's some few words to the student of esoteric schools, use the information of this post as a help to think about the correspondences between the 4 layers of the etheric body and the 4 different parts of a physical tree. That will help you to find out how you can for example increase your memory, your perception, your sensibility or avoid deceases that affect the liver, the brain ... So much to learn isn't it!

Plants came to earth with a great knowledge, because they were supposed to be examples of future mankind. We can see the way they demonstrate their disinterested love to animals, humans and super humans. A close look at them can teach us a lot, not only about the etheric body of planet earth and of humans, but also much more, about how to feed with light, how to give fruits (to get virtues)... It also knows a lot about the universe, the history of the universe for example, the roots of trees can tell about the past of humankind, how we looked like, what we used to do, where we started. The trunk of a tree can tell about the current state of humankind, what we are currently experiencing. The branches and the flowers can tell about the future of planet earth and it's people. Well, I've tried really hard to make this topic as short as possible, I hope I made it Smile .

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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A very nice read....thanks a lot for this.

Personally I think plants are the most beautiful beings on the planet ever created. I've always been drawn to weeds though,.....yes like the ones in our gardens. As children, me and my brother was forced to remove weeds in the garden as part of our chores and at the time I hated it because it took a full day or 2 of our school holidays to do so but I thought nothing of it.
As I grew older, weeds just intrigued me a lot, especially huge ones that were left to grow as I rarely used to see older weeds. I'm talking about stuff like little dandelions and thistles that grow over a meter tall. They are very rare but to this day, when I spot a big 1, I just can't seem to look away from it. I walk towards it almost as if in a trance and just stare at it. It has happened so much and reading this article actually made me realise that I do this as I didn't really notice that I do it until thinking about it now while reading. I never used to think them as beautiful but they have a type of extreme conscious chaos in their design. They are not outwardly beautiful to me but have become that in the last few years and contain more beauty than any other plant. I think the huge ones just allow me to see their real detail easier and this is all personal so I'm not starting a debate. Weeds have just become the most beautiful living beings to me and this article made me realise that I feel that way about them.

Thanks for this article. It definitely made me aware of something worth researching in myself. I couldn't even read the entire article because I was so distracted and reminded in thought.
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Smile Beautiful beings indeed. Your love for weeds does come out of your writings, that’s wonderful.

It’s amazing how other things than humans can also give love. They apparently say no lovely words nor give gifts but we can love them. Probably because they give us some invisible things we are not really aware of at the beginning.

I have unbelievable experiences to tell you about plants. In my young ages I had a special place I used to go to in order to meditate, it was a farm like place , lots of trees, flowers and the river and lots of big stones. I even used to run away from school to go sit there. As a matter of fact, my rituals was first about to get in contact with the gnomes (the beings of earth), the ondines (the beings of water) , sylphs (beings of air), and salamanders (beings of fire, of temperature). But in the end, It all turned out to be something else, it was the beings of plants, trees and flowers, who also started to become my friends.

I can still remember the first day when it all started, I felt forced to sleep soon after I arrived in that place, in a dream state, “a being” came out of the big tree that I used to greet and say bye to. It was an ugly being with chips onthe body, it was not well formed at first, but as time went by, he started changing to a more beautiful being, it said nothing but I somehow could understand everything it meant to me. I woke up and run from that place for about 2 weeks because of fear, afterwards I went back there as I was curious to see what I could get out of that experience. That's how I got to understand the world of plants. and started reading more about them in books.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thanks so much for sharing. So nice to hear that I'm not the only one who has this bond with them. They hold the oldest deepest truths about life and their messages are always very clear, simple and undistorted.
Anyone who builds a strong relationship with the Plant kingdom, will have a dramatically different perspective on life.
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