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Prayer of the spiritual-students of the White Angelic Brotherhood

Thank you Lord, that we have been born in this epoch.
Thank you Lord, that you have awoken us and have called us in the synergy of the
White Angelic Brotherhood.
We pray to You Lord, through the power of Your Spirit, the Great Spirits of the
Living God and our communion through Your Word, let those souls in the world
which do not yet know You awaken.
Bless, Lord, all those who work for Your Deed.
Increase, Lord, their number, so that they too may work on the field of God for
the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth.
Father, Lord of Love, descend and incarnate in our hearts, so that we may
fulfill Your will, so that we may be one with You.
God is Spirit and the Spirit of God brings freedom to man, so that he may
fulfill the Will of God.

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Nice prayer indeed.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I Agree -That's a nice prayer- also I would like to add the power of prayer /per Kabbalists.

There are many different types of prayers and praying. Real prayer, the type that transforms worlds, is not a rational mental function, but an “irrational” one. By “irrational” I mean above the rational mind or supra-rational.

In the book of Samuel (Ch.1), we have recorded the incident and the prayer of Hannah.

She had been barren for many years and was understandably very bitter. Hannah went to Shiloh where the Ark of the Covenant was to pray to HaShem. She prayed with “bitterness of soul” and “wept bitterly” to have a son. Her prayer was only a mumbling, “her lips moved, but her voice was not heard” (1:13). Eli the High Priest, had witnessed her pray. He recognized that she was not praying in the normal way. He admonished her, thinking she was drunk and thus out of her rational mind. Eli was half right. Hannah was out of her rational mind, but she was not “irrational” rather she was supra-rational. It was this level and style of prayer that after years of praying was finally “heard”. We must ask what was so special about this prayer of Hannah? Why was this prayer answered and all the other prayers that she had prayed for so many years not answered?

The answer to this question reveals to us the true power of prayer.

Our Sages have taught us that prayer is a duty of the heart. Whenever the Torah speaks of the heart it is speaking of that level of human consciousness wherein which the mind and emotion merge into one. This aspect of consciousness is not a rational mode of thinking but a supra-rational one. As a supra-rational function, this mode of thinking corresponds to the right lobe of the brain, the home of the non-verbal communicative skills. Hannah’s prayer was non-verbal. It was felt, but not heard. Her spiritual communication, her, prayer to G-d was successful because of her this. The Torah is teaching us that in order for prayer to be “heard” above, it must be spoken in the language that “above” understands and responds to. This language is non-verbal, and comes from that place within the human mind where thought and emotion merge asone.

In the Book of Esther, which tells the Purim story, we find Mordechai and Esther to be of a similar mind set. They fasted and prayed for days and, as with Ya’aqob and Hannah before them, they were not answered with fanfare and miracles from Heaven. They were answered with the force of opposition being removed. In Ya’aqob’s case, his opposition was Esav’s resolve to kill him. Somehow Esav’s heart had been changed. In Hannah’s case, her opposition was her barrenness. Somehow her physical nature was changed. In Mordechai and Esther’s case, their opposition was Haman and Ahashverosh’s decree.

Ahashverosh changed his mind, and Haman was hanged on a tree. All this was only accomplished due to the communication from that place where thought and emotion merge. This is what Torah refers to as prayer.

Prayer can have dramatic effects. It can change the course of human affairs. Prayer can manipulate the consciousness of others. Mere wishing is not enough.

One must be united in heart and mind, and project out a psychic scream that will be heard throughout all the levels and planes of spiritual existence. When one communes in this fashion,

one creates an image in one’s mind. The desire within the individual strongly charges that image and actually creates it in the upper spheres. The more a person contemplates his created image the more reality is added to it, until such time when the reality of the created image outweighs the reality of outside forces that block its manifestation. When this occurs the created image is able to manifest itself in the “real” world, neutralizing all competing realities.

Without the power of a created image, the power within prayer is nullified. Prayer becomes sterile, and is thus not “heard”. Prayer therefore has to be meant. One must have intention (kavana) when one prays. Mere recitation of words does nothing. The sounds of those words just hover in the air, but never do they rise up. They cannot, for they do not have the strength.

Creating alternate realities is not a rational act that can be explained acceptably to the logical mind. One must go beyond the limits of the conscious mind and allow feeling, need and desire to intermingle and bond with thought. This turns ones prayers into a supra-rational form of spiritual communication. In other words, one is speaking G-d’s language. Performing this type of prayer is not only good advice; it is the Halakha. More than anything else it is this type of prayer prayed by the everyday man and woman that shakes the supernal realms and changes the course of human events. This is how miracles occur. They are first created above with correct thought and feeling. The image is carved above in the collective unconscious. When the image becomes clear enough due to the desperation of the person, that person then becomes a vacuum, empty of anything else. One thus enables that newly created image to come and fill the newly vacated space. The creation of the new reality has become manifest. Don’t think that this is “magic” or “make believe”. This happens to everyone of us. Prayer is the manipulation of the mind and the psychic factors with which the mind comes into contact. Our Sages have correctly said, “Prayer is one of the greatest things in the world”. For by prayer mankind causes the upper (sefirotic) union to occur and thereby are the kings cleansed and raised above.”

It is the sincere prayer from the honest and pure heart that creates the most miraculous reality. This is the secret of Jewish survival: Jewish tears and Jewish prayers. None of our enemies will ever be able to stand against it.

This power of prayer, however, is not exclusive to the Kabbalist. Anyone who achieves the proper level of consciousness can achieve the same results from prayer, as does the Kabbalist.


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thx for this Darfour, i copied this , think it the best insight to prayer i ever read.
Light, Life and Love
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Quote from original post by ‘thegroup’ on 07.23.2012

Increase, Lord, their number, so that they too may work on the field of God for the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

I have related elsewhere on this site how, many months ago, (certainly before I came across this thread) I was working with a Spiritualist minister. Whilst I was in trance, I experienced a situation where I was among beings in whom the Higher Self and the Lower Self were simultaneously present; these beings were incarnate in human form on earth. I was ‘aware’ that the scenario was at some point in time millennia into the future. Did I ‘time-travel?’ Was I being shown an interpretation of the Kingdom of God on earth?
At the time, my friend and I found this very difficult to comprehend. However, my attention having been drawn to this Thread by ‘thegroup’ I decided to do some modest research on the www, starting with The White Angelic Brotherhood, from whose site the opening post is taken.

Other references to the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God will accomplish God’s will, including the promise that those who love him will live forever in a paradise on earth.—Isaiah 35:1, 5, 6; Matthew 6:10; Revelation 21:1-4.

The Lord’s Prayer – “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:9-13) Also – “for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory.”

Is this the eventual destiny of the human race?
Or is it just the next major step on the evolutionary path of humanity?
Do we see here, incarnate humans as truly spiritual beings?
Has anyone else ‘out there’ experienced a similar revelation?
Is Moon Bear living on the moon; i.e. ‘gone loony?’
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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