Query on Vibration and Frequency

So I have a few questions I’d like to ask directly (rather than google it and find something vaguely helpful)

So, umm...

1. I don’t quite understand the (seemingly large) gap in density (frequency?) between the physical realm, world, plane, and the astral. (That’s the next step up right?) Then the (seemingly small) gap from then on up (mental, causal, buddic, atmic) I’m pretty sure I just need it explained properly, it’s probably not that big of a deal or maybe... idk 

(The first question is the most mind boggling (to me) The rest are just little questions that should be pretty simple.)

(Also I forgot to mention in my introduction, my current obsession is astral projection.) 
( just thought I’d mention that... Whatever, carry on)

2. Is it possible while astral, to interact with physical things?
(This one is easy to find on the Internet, but answers are very “yes sorta” or “no”.

If yes. Great! (Continued in 2A) If no. :~(

2A. So, your astral self can theoretically become solid enough to interact with physical things? Sort of. Maybe.

3. What is the... ( back on topic here)
Between frequencies and Vibrations,? Spiritually.

I know,“In physics, frequency is the number of waves that pass a fixed point in unit time and vibration is the “oscillating, reciprocating, or other periodic motion of a rigid or elastic body or medium forced from a position or state of equilibrium.”

But what bearing does this have on the “Subtle Body’s” and where they reside?

I’ve been reading a lot of Krya’s posts today and it brought up most of these questions. So I thought I’d ask. 
Thanks for listening, Thank you even more if you’ve got an explanation.


P.s. After I pulled that quote about frequencies and vibration from the internet my font got janky so... sorry ‘bout that. 

P.p.s. I was going to say something here but I forgot.
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Hi Braken,
In hoping to also read other members opinions about your questions. Allow me say a thing or two about the questions.

1 - I may not quite understand the definition you googled. But what if we put it all simple and say that Vibration is the movement of an object, and the frequency is the number of times that object moves. Vibrations relates to motion, and frequency relates to time. Motions or movement are found everywhere, as everything moves. Even the object which seems to be static on the floor is in fact shaking, more precisely, the particles it is made of are always moving. In physics, we learnt that everything is made of atoms which are always moving, therefore vibrating. So water vibrates, air vibrates, earth vibrates, and fire vibrates. And since everything, I mean all matter is made of one of those things, everything indeed vibrates. 

What people do not consider is that even what we call the human soul is also a form of matter. Some people will rather simulate the soul to be more like electricity or energy, but again energy also moves, therefore vibrates. The human soul also called "the lower self" is made of a trinity ( the etheric, the astral and the mental body). Each one of those subtle bodies vibrates. Emotions which are the product of the astral body are astral vibrations. And thoughts are mental vibrations. 

Now even though all matter vibrates, each type of matter does not vibrates at the same rate. Here comes the Frequency. The speed at which each type of matter vibrates is what makes the difference between those matter. Physical matter vibration frequency is lower than Etheric matter, the etheric matter vibration frequency is lower than astral matter, and astral matter lower than mental matter, and the mental vibration frequency is lower than the causal frequency. But I'd like to say that from the causal vibration, we may not speak of frequency any more, because of the absence of time. 

See, the reason why we have frequency, is because of time. In the world of 3 dimensions where things are slow, where vibrations are slow moving, we can count the number of time in a sec something is moving around. But then in a world where things are at a non-measurable rate, can you still speak of frequency. The movements or vibrations in the causal world, boudic or atmic is so fast that things seem to not have a form anymore. One reason why we have forms is because of the presence of time. Forms/shapes are formed in time and space. And the frequency of movement shapes the matter.

If the astral body is what is it, it is because of the frequency at which is it vibrating. If the astral body slows down its frequency, it will become etheric, and if it continues to slow down it will become visible and physical in our physical world. And you also be interested to know that someone who is already dead, can if he knows, lower the frequency of his subtle body to finally become visible to the livings (in the physical world). 

The highest frequency a matter can possibly reach is the mental frequency. Beyond that, is the spiritual reality which don't fall into the matter category. So for anything visible you see around if frequency rized at its highest, it will become mental type of matter, I mean it will become thought. The computer or phone you have exists at its highest frequency vibration in the mind as a thought, and at its lowest frequency vibration as a physical object. Most things we have here on earth therefore have been someone's ideas (higher frequency) before becoming concrete (lower frequency). Or take the sound for example, the physical voice is actually the lowest vibration frequency of what we call thought. Physical voice is the low frequency and thought is the higher frequency of the same thing. 

And as you might already know, if sound rises its frequency it will become the next best thing, which is light. And if light rises up its frequency, light will become etheric, Etheric will become astral, astral will become mental. And without us really realizing it, this change of matter happens all the time in nature. Some matters are turned into different other types of matter. This is of course possible with the presence of something higher in frequency. An example is the water boiling. Thanks to fire which is a higher frequency matter, water is turned into its best next state : AIR. This notions helps to understand how we can actually change or purify our soul, how we can rise the vibrations of some emotions and thoughts. Yes certain emotions can completely be transformed into thoughts, and some thoughts can completely be transformed into intuition (which is the causal kind of thoughts)

In each world ( physical, psychic and spiritual world), there is a highest frequency. The highest vibration frequency in the physical world is light. In the pychic world or wold of the soul, the highest frequency is thought. In the spiritual world the highest vibration is the atmic. The highest point is the final limit of matter of that particular world, that is where the separation of world is. Beyond that point you enter a different world. I hope to have contributed a little to your research on this question. 

2- Yes from the astral you can interact with the physical world. What I've explained above, about vibrations can help you understand why. This interaction is however limited though. To touch the physical things for example, you have to lower your astral vibrations to the point where you can touch the etheric part of the object. This latter than therefore move the physical counterpart. This is how the so called ghost of houses manage to open cupboards and through things around and slam doors. As for voices, there will be harder to bring down in the physical world. From the astral world your voice is attached to thoughts, your voice is basically your thoughts, they will have to go through emotional state first then etheric, then hit animals voice (through your cat or dog...) in the area or through a medium voice.  

3. As for the last question, see above. However I'd add something about their relation and effect since you asked. 
When you put a higher vibration frequency next to a lower vibration frequency, the lower vibration frequency object will try to copy or match as close as possible the vibration frequency rate of the higher one. Practically that would mean, if you for example you have an ordinary, down to earth life, and you happen to stay with someone who lives a spiritual life, who has pure thoughts, great spiritual emotions,   you will end up being affected by the vibration frequency of that spiritual person. You will start to have spiritual thoughts, and have nice emotions more frequently. 

 Knowing this rule, many spiritualists have looked around for the best influence, something with the highest vibration frequency possible, to get influences from, to help with the rising of their vibrations. And guess what they found : The sun. Seems to be the only visible thing with the highest vibration frequency. Alternately, just the fact of rising thoughts during meditation is enough to affect one's physical cells frequency to go up and function at their best. Remember the higher the frequency, the best physical forms you get.

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Interesting, I’ve only just found this post.
The Astral planes and travel, not something I’d recommend. There are seven or twelve Astral planes or dimensions depending which school of thought you follow. As the planes get higher so does there vibrational pitch. Just as sound reaches pitches (vibrations) we cannot hear so does matter. Earth has the slowest vibration, it is hard and solid, water has a higher vibration, it is fluid and flows, as we heat water its vibration increases through steam, which is visible as it is droplets of water in the air, to water vapour which, like air, is invisible. Its vibration has passed out of our visual spectrum. This is why we don’t see spirits, Fairies and other non-corporeal life forms.
The closest, and most dangerous, dimension to us is the Lower Astral. This place is inhabited by thought forms, elementals, earth-bound spirits and demons. Not a good place to visit! Unfortunately if you want to go anywhere else you have to pass through it. Even at physical death the liberated spirit has to pass through this place of spiritual desolation on its journey home.
I have visited this place on a few occasions and found that although to me I appeared solid I could not turn a door knob, switch on a light or make my presence known to physical beings. I found I could however pass through walls, doors, floors and ceilings at will. I did find it quite enjoyable at first, then I met a demon that took a dislike to me. There then followed a series of ‘fights’ over a few days/nights. I found that it could draw my Astral body from my physical body when I slept. I, although not without strength and power, was not able to withstand its onslaught. I was ‘saved’ by a relative who had passed over. She lowered her vibration and entered that dimension and literally blew the demon away.
So maybe with practice you could interact with other physical things but I’m not sure of that. You can watch people and be nosey, but you can’t tell the future and you might get psychologically damaged for life.
My advise…………….forget it……………if not be extremely careful!
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
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