My cousin practices Reiki, and has for many years. She would put her fingers on each side of my heel when I had monthly cramps. They always went away.
There was a farmer, who didn't believe in such stuff, who hurt himself. He was in immense pain. The local Dr. suggested bed rest, which he didn't have time for. His wife called my cousin who told her to bring him over. It took both women, my cousin and his wife, to get him out of the car and into her meeting room, and finally on her table.
One of his legs was quite a bit shorter than the other, he was in really bad shape. My cousin did energy work on him, without touching him and Reiki.
He didn't think it would work. In 30minutes or so, his back was back to normal and he walked out without assistance, in complete amazement and gratitude.
IMHO if more healing techniques were used instead of pills, we would be much more healthy.