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Reincarnation and Karma

Reincarnation and Karma

Certain truths of the esoteric science are important to know. The truth about reincarnation is one of them. One can sure live his entire life without having taken the time to understand and believe in reincarnation, but the lack of that knowledge will sooner or later lead him to a lot of misjudgments. Someone who doesn't know about the reincarnation will easily accuse other people for his sufferance, he will get angry against everybody for what happens to him, and I've even seen who have gotten angry against God for having sent him on earth to suffer, and to not listen to his prayers when he is in pain, when he is hungry.
Without a proper understanding of the law of reincarnation, humans will keep moaning about whatever wrong happens to them and they will be blaming heaven for their failures in life, which is a totally wrong attitude.

In Christianity, this truth is not accepted, although the proof can all be found in the bible. For instance those who read the bible will come across this verse where Jesus said "But I tell you, Elijah has already come, but he wasn't recognized, and they chose to abuse him. And in the same way they will also make the Son of Man suffer", Jesus was talking about John the Baptist. Elijah was a well known prophet of Israel in the past, someone who died very long time ago before Jesus was born. From Jesus saying, Elijah came back. So Jesus knew about the reincarnation truth! but his so called followers are still confused and are rejecting it for centuries. I think Christianity has hidden so much, and show only what could please its followers, what could go together with the rest of the tiny little truths it has shown out, like the purgatory and the hell theory. For example, it is said in Christianity that you go to hell to pay for your sins after death, then it became impossible to tell believers about reincarnation, since reincarnation is a law of the universe that wants all souls to pay for their sins in the regions from where the soul made those sins, then from earth must be paid the wrong we've done; What religion try to explain by purgatory is a region of the astral (see kamaloka article) where souls suffers from their impure desires, but to suffer is not to fix the wrong we have done. To cry is not to repair, so the cosmic intelligence gives us chances to come back on earth to fix, that is Divine justice. When we understand that truth, we can get rid of the lie that we will spend the eternity in a so called hell when we die. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Christianity, Christianity is even my background, I just can't be seen as one of the Christians of today since I believe in reincarnation.

Too many things becomes unclear with the lack of this truth. How will we explain the fact that some people are rich and some others poor, some stupid, so other intelligent, some born in rich countries and some others in poor countries, some people succeed in their life with very little efforts and some others live a miserable life no matter how hard they are trying? On what principle is based that fact? Majority of people have no explanation to that so they go "It's all the will of God!", the will of God they say, as if God had preferences, as if he enjoyed seeing some people crying on earth, as if he's created a great number of humans to see them suffer, which will make of God the lord of injustice, which is wrong. however we all know God is Justice, God is good, he is perfect, that's what we all say! and how comes he creates imperfect creatures and send them on earth to struggle, to suffer, and some others come down with all capacities, qualities? see, everything becomes complicated, we get stuck with answers, Because the truth is missing.

And even some among us truth seekers, disciples, spiritualists, the reincarnation fact is not always well understood, so we wonder "I practice a lot, I pray, I meditate, I do no sin, but why do I still suffer, why it is still so hard for me to get this and that", I think we should be first to understand that having created the greatest harmony in our soul doesn't necessarily mean that the past is lost. Whatever wrong we've done in the past still have to be paid doesn't matter what spirituality we have. Take Jesus disciples for example, they lived with Jesus, they were eating his body (light) and his blood (love), they were not sinning, but still some had to be killed and some others thrown to the lions.

What is reincarnation?
Reincarnation is the law of the universe that "forces" souls to come back on earth to pay for their debts. That means if you have no more dept, you will not be obliged to come down on earth. You are free. The free souls of the universe who come down among us are never forced to do so, it is usually because of their own will and their desire to help humans. We are all gods before anything else, we are spirits, sons and daughters of God. and like God we are meant to create. But to create God used his positive energies and negative energies, unites them to create whatever exist in the universe. Now to do so on our level, we as positive energies of God, had manifested a negative polarity energy of ourselves ( which is the soul). That soul was not ready to unite with us (the spirit), so we sent it to a sort of school (earth) to learn the good from bad, to make it vibrate at its highest possible level so that it becomes easy to unite with. Since then, the soul looks for his husband (our spirit) and our spirit looks for his wife (the soul). Being of opposite polarities, they attract each other. it's not by hazard that all human in the history have the tendency to look for something Divine; Believers look for God as if they have lost him, and it's true, they've lost their soul mates.

With no experience on earth and because of the free will given to the soul, it makes mistakes without knowing it. And because of the existence of universal justice called Karma, souls are asked to pay for each mistake they make. What are those mistakes? see, the universe by itself follows laws, it is build and functions according to the divine laws, now humans are different from most other beings because they have a free will, they have the choose. Most beings in the lower universe are perfect in the way they simply are forced by the cosmic intelligence to follow the divine laws, all stones, plants, animals and many spirits of the nature are some kind of automated beings which have no choice. Therefore those beings do not know the difference between good and bad. But the human soul have been granted a free will. So he can reach perfection consciously, and become a god who masters and is beyond both the good and the bad.

The cosmic intelligence, always wants the best of all in this universe, so harmony and justice must rule. It doesn't kill souls who goes against the laws, but it rather gives them chances to correct the mistakes they've done or pay for what they've done. That's karma. the law of cause and consequences. It's a universal law that applies to anything, and any soul that has a beginning, in the universe. The sentence "What goes around comes around" is true and is based on the karma law which is found every where in nature, like you throw a ball on the wall, the ball comes back to you. You shout "I hate you" in the mountains, and the mountains (echo) will shout "I hate you" back. Pay back doesn't always happen immediately after we've caused damage, we are always given time to fix the wrong doing. A soul on earth who killed someone else, could spend his entire life without pay-back (Nothing wrong may happen to him), but sooner or later, maybe in another life, he will have to pay. They shouldn't be any surprise when someone in a spiritual path commits a car accident, or loses something or someone, lose a job or anything else, he surely is just paying his debts. But we can also consider the fact that when someone has been paying his debts in whatever way, the pay-back doesn't cause a lot of damage to the person. If you were supposed to die in a car accident as a consequence of a past life wrong doing, you might simply have a broken leg, or even small wound.

Karma the law of cause and consequences.
So karma is what links us to reincarnation. Since we need time to pay for the wrong doing we've done, and because the consequences must happen, then souls are sent back on earth to pay. Now who to blame for the ugly face we have? for the shortcomings, for our weaknesses? We are the only one to blame. We must blame ourselves. because we were the cause of what we are in the present. Leave God alone. God has nothing to do with our problems. Also Pay back doesn't always mean: we will get exactly what we did to others (you kill, you will be killed), It will sometimes happen in a way to understand something from it. That's why it's asked to always try to get some wisdom from any difficulties we face in our life. Cases are some people who used to lie to others, could find themselves not able to speak, or if we used to send bad thoughts to others, we could one day find ourselves with mental problems, or lung decease etc. But in general what we did to others happens to us as pay-back. See how Jean the baptist died, he was slewed, and if you look at his past life, his life as Elijah, you find out that he did kill people, he slaughtered the prophets of baal. The bible says about it "And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there". So justice was simply made. And you know Herod who ordered for his death did not know who Jean really was in the past or what he did.

So there are intelligent force making sure things are done accordingly. Those forces are angels of justice, found in the higher world, they are called the trones, in the bible they are known as the 24 old men; they rule our destiny, plan our date of birth and date of death, they decide when and where we must be born, in what family and what conditions. They express no pity nor remorse. But if you think about it it's necessary for them to act that way so strict justice can prevail. They know our fate from A to Z before we are even born, they are considered as the most intelligent and wise beings, who cannot make mistakes, everything they plan for us is mathematical. Esoteric science like astrology exist to retrieve an image of the calculation made by those beings. But sometimes I wonder what does astrology helps with today, we seem to use it in a completely useless way. Astrologers should understand that, that science is not a tool available to escape death or bad karma. It's useless to tell their clients how to escape the bad events because we can't fool the beings of justice. And we even make things worse by trying so.

One might ask if then destiny is unchangeable?
The general destiny is unchangeable. The general destiny of all soul is to unite with their spirit. But the fate seen as karma can be changed, by paying the debts. The removal of karma is not in our power, it's a decision that happens among the higher beings and Christ. While asking God to forgive our sins, one must also do what God expects from us. What is expected is that we know him, and the way to know him is through the higher self (or Christ in christian terms). Christ holds the power of forgiveness, he only can talk to the beings of justice to free us from all karma. But until then, our higher self expect us to bear our difficulties. It's read in the bible this words of Jesus "Take up your cross and follow Me". That's not going to change, we must carry our difficulties in the path of Christ. Now the word Cross is a symbol, Jesus knew that what a human soul carries in a life time is a cross; unlike his followers, Jesus was really educated in the esoteric science. What Jesus meant by the cross, is the work assigned to a soul in a life time, it's the cross of destiny. As you know a drawing of a cross gives 4 sides, which correspond to the square shape, the 4 sides of the cross (or square) are the 4 elements of the nature: fire, air, water, earth. In each life, we work on our inner 4 elements, depending on our date of birth, we are presented to different states of those elements, in order to master them, to control them. That cross of destiny is better understood with astrology. For those who are interested to know, let me explain.

The Cross of destiny
Whatever comes in the lower universe (physical, ethereal, astral, mental) get influenced by all sorts of forces. The forces of the zodiac are some of them. So when a soul must be born, the angels of destiny calculates the proper date, month, year, hour, and place of birth for that soul, so that soul can be influenced by the correct forces of the nature. So if those angels judge it right for you study a lot for example, they will make sure you are born between May 21 and June 20. And any delay on the minutes or the day of birth is also well intended by those angels, they will make sure you are born at the exact minutes and place, when such and such planet forces are in play. The minutes, hours and place of your birth will will determinate certain aspects of your behaviors and how people will see you in your daily life. Also and your family, your parent, are all chosen for you, even your name is only inspired to you parents (with just few exceptions). Those angles will choose the right parents who will give you just what you deserve based on your past life. Your mother is even carefully chosen, because being the one who gives matter to spirits, those angles will choose the proper mother who can create for you the physical body you deserve.

Astrology talks about 3 types of signs: mutable, fixed and cardinal
cardinal type = Arias, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
fixed type = Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius,
mutable type = Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces

Each of those type is a cross, because each type is a group of 4 signs. So what astrologers call a mutable signs for example is in fact a cross. Then you have 3 kind of crosses.

The cross of actions ( Of the ethereal and physical body) = cardinal type
The cross of feelings and desires (astral body) = fixed type
The cross of thoughts (mental body) = mutable type
So if for example you are Gemini then you have a mutable cross in which the mind (thoughts are more active and strong) are dominant. Or if you are Capricorn, then you have a cardinal cross in which actions are dominant (physical body is the most active and strong).

[Image: 2u8x9xx.jpg]
With a careful look at that zodiacal image above, you can see those 3 types of the cross of destiny that master Jesus meant. Everyone can find his cross in that zodiacal image, and see what kind of qualities and weaknesses each brought with in this incarnation.
Here are few more example.
If you are Libra, your cross is : Libra - Aries (your vertical line of the cross) and Cancer- Capricorn (Your horizontal line of the cross).
If you are Leo = Leo-Aquarius (Your vertical line) and Scorpio-Taurus (Your horizontal line).
I'm sure you can find for any other sign.

And you can notice how each of those crosses are made of 4 elements.
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius = Air
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius = Fire
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn = Earth
Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces = Water

So I can summarize the whole story like this:
cardinal cross (Ethereal and physical body) = Arias (Fire), Cancer (water), Libra (Air) and Capricorn(Earth).
Fixed cross (Astral body) = Leo (Fire),Scorpio(Water),Aquarius(Air),Taurus(Earth).
mutable cross (Mental body) = Sagittarius (Fire),Pisces (Water), Gemini (Air), Virgo (Earth).

Each one of us is born at different time because we've got different achievements and weaknesses from our past lives. So if you are Gemini for example, you have qualities and weaknesses in your inner Air (The mental qualities and vices of a Gemini), in your Fire ( 'The ethereal virtues and vices of a Sagittarius ), in your earth (The physical Virtues and vices of a Virgo) and in your water ( The astral virtues and vices of a Pisces) However the element Air (The mental activity) which is your zodiacal sign will be dominant.
And of caurse, there are also the position of planets at the time of our birth to take into consideration to find out exactly about our weaknesses and strengths but it would be the whole astrology science to talk about, so I'd rather stop here.
There are more to tell about the cross of destiny, like the fact that that cross has both lines: horizontal and vertical line, the vertical line of the cross is a positive polarity (Male) and the horizontal is a negative polarity (Female), and how the balance of the positive and negative energies can create a solid square on which a triangle can be added; and what Jesus dead on the cross symbolizes. That can be a great food for thought for those who like thinking.

To conclude, we deal with all the 12 forces of the zodiac in a life time, but 4 of them will be remarkable in our life; and depending how much you controlled those elements, you are exposed to other forms of the elements in the next life, this is how we change crosses, we carry different type of crosses each life. Our weaknesses are responsible of our sins. The control over them means the control over our fate. To take the cross and follow Christ, also means to recognize our weakness, to admit that we have them, to know, then to deal with them, to control them in order to create the balance.

[Image: dh8rc2.jpg]

Balance is a center to look for
Justice create balance, since justice is balance. Balance is made of a straight line that has good things at its right end and bad things at his left hand. That line is also found as a symbol on the human head, which are the ears. Both ears are linked by that line, the arms which are the active form of ears also are symbols of that balance when they are lifted horizontally. See, this is why our ears represent wisdom, so they are associated with air. In our ears happen the balance of air, of sounds at the center. When you listen to music with speakers on on ears, you will notice that if sounds at the right and left ears are equal, the music sounds will appear to come from the center of the head and not at the end of ears. There's even physical organ at the center of the head, the pineal gland at exactly the level of ears, that also helps with balance (But seems that doctors still have to discover all the possibilities of that organ), it even correspond to the crown chakra which brings the conscience to the center. And in our inner world, that center also exist where letters, thoughts sounds are balanced, where the right judgement is made, a judgement beyond good and bad.
We sure have already the left side of our soul overload , now we need to add enough good on the right side of the balance line to create the balance. When the balance is created, our consciousness will find itself at the center. From the center, we see everything equal, nothing becomes right, nothing becomes wrong. Nothing becomes neither good nor bad. From the center we can see things as they are, that's where real judgement is found.

An other question that is, if we had past lives, how comes that we do not remember them?
Well, it's simply, we have a new soul for each life. When we die, everything goes. First our physical body, then later our astral body will also die, then later again our mental body also dies; That's how the memory is lost. And only remains the causal body (the body of our spirit). I know it's said that the soul never dies, well it's only true in the way that it survives after physical death, and it lives more years or centuries in the invisible world, but because the human soul is still a matter, just another form of matter, it will eventually dies, or let's rather say be decomposed. What meant to never die, is the Divine soul, our spirit, the true-us. That doesn't know death. The causal body is part of our spirit the closest to our human soul, so it watches everything we do on earth, it holds the memory of everything we've ever done in all our incarnations. The causal body also keeps preciously all the virtues, capacities, qualities, all the spiritual desires we've had in a life time, so when we come back on earth again, it transfers those qualities and virtues to our human soul. This explains why certain people are born with such and such gifts, and some others not. If we haven't developed patience in the past lives for example, it will be normal to display anger in this life. It's normal meaning it's not God to blame. If you are born with some psychic abilities, there should be no wonder to why you can do what you do without having trained for that. The inequality of human is then explained with the truth of reincarnation. A vice, a weakness is the proof that causal body doesn't have the corresponding virtue. The causal body doesn't save the vices we accumulate in a life time, it can't be affected by anything evil. It only contains and saves the good habits we've developed. So after death, the only things we really take with us are the virtues.

This current life time, is the result of what we have done in the past. Although we can't remember what exactly we used to do in the past. But our virtues or qualities can tell how we had possibility lived our past. The memory of every single things we did, is recorded in the causal body and in the akashic achieves , a sort of cosmic library where the entire past soul history is kept in details movie like images. It's said that some spiritual people can access the akashic records to read people's past lives. But it will never be easily granted. Our past lives are revealed to us sometime later in our soul development path, when the connection between the causal body with our soul becomes very harmonious; when that happens, a person can during a meditation identify himself with his spirit and see his past lives. It makes sense for a quite spiritual person to have access to that memory (since he/she bear it), rather than a normal person full anger, lowers desires and bad thoughts to have access to it. Because imagine that such a person finds out that is wife is actually the one who killed him in the past life, or that his son was the most hated person of his past life or that his best friend is in fact the one who killed his daughter. Well only bad reactions can occur, he could commit murder. Now imagine the entire world with those memories; well, people would be fighting on every corner of the street, some would be short by unknown people, police man would be fighting against themselves; revenge , revenge and revenge would rule the world, nothing better.

We usually meet in our lives the people we were related in a past life.
We could meet people we ow, people we divorced in a wrong way, people to who we need to apologize. People who need to give back to us what we've given them in the past. The body we are given this current life is what we deserve, this body correspond exactly to the virtues and vices we developed in the past lives. But reading the physical body to find out what the person could have done in the past lives is not always accurate, especially not for fast growing spiritual people. The body takes long to change, while the inside can change sometimes faster, so the body will in most cases be late in revealing the current inner world of the person. So it is always not accurate to judge from the cover (body), it's rather better to look at his/her aura. However, someone who has restored harmony inside of him in the past life, tend to keep his face or at least his style (hair style, body structure, eyes, nose). The face we have when we rich high state of consciousness, doesn't change much.

When the union of our soul and our spirit is done, the grace of God is granted, and our soul becomes free of all karma and the reincarnation cycle ends. We become free and then we can decide to either come back here on earth to help others, or stay among the gods to rule other planets of the universe in another system, to represent God in other systems and take care of the development of beings in those space system or galaxies...

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Fascinating, thank you so much. The day that I excepted reincarnation as a possibility, was the day that I stopped being angry at God. I realised that I agreed to this life in order to learn the lessons I have to learn, and I accept them.
I do have a few questions. I once volunteered at a home for disabled people. Some of them were mentally handicapped, they basically laid there, and stared at the wall. They had o be fed and cleaned. And that was their day. Every day. I was wondering what the point was? What do they learn from this experience or where they here to teach others something. I sometimes entertained the thought of just putting them out of their misery, if they even experienced misery , I wasn't sure.. I could not get my head around that.. Needless to say, I don't go there anymore.
I have also wondered about world population growth and
reincarnation, but I think I found the answer within myself.. Please tell me if
I am correct. I think... when the universe were created, everyone were created
at the same time. Please bear with me, and my biblical background. But suppose
for a minute, the millions of bacteria, insects, fish birds animals, but only
one man, Adam. Then suppose, I was a tiny bacteria, and then throughout the
years/ decades reincarnated until I am now in human form. Could this be correct
or do I have a wonderful imagination? According to my theory, I would have
experience live in every animal form, hence should be more respectful and
understanding towards nature? Would my soul have evolved with every
incarnation? Oh goodness I sound silly, but that is my question.

As you can see, I am a newbie... sorry for that, but I am eager to learn. I am Virgo, I have to get this right!!
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I find that you are asking good questions

I understand how sad it is to see people suffering or handicapped unable to help themselves. The question is what have they possibly done to deserve that. Because there is no consequences without cause. We are always responsible for whatever happens to us, good or bad things. Karma is reality and it is the only explanation to what happens to each and every one of us. Karma is cosmic justice, without it God will look so cruel. He sends people on earth, for some he gives a great body and lucky with money, and other he gives a horrible body and makes them poor. That’s not justice. The we have a God which does whatever he wants with people, a God which plays with its own creation, I wouldn’t call him God, since he would look so stupid and heartless to me. Smile

There is not much you can do to help the people who are paying for their cosmic debts. Because nobody can escape karma. One can only reduce the damage karma is meant to cause in one’s life. Purifying oneself and helping others is the key to reducing one’s own karma. So should you want to help people with huge cosmic debts, you should help them help themselves. Show them how to pay their debts. But of course for someone really handicapped and even paralyzed, it is difficult for him/her to go out there and help others, if not only use the power of their imagination to send love the world. That’s works just fine.

About reincarnation and the population.
In the bible it is told that people who died will only come back to live again on judgement day. That means for a Christian that one day all the dead people will show up on earth to be judge. Really! what is amazing is the Christian doesn’t wonder if all those billions of people will feat on the surface of earth, because so many people died since the beginning of life on earth, there won’t be enough space to host them all on that judgement day!

The truth is the same people who died in the past, keep coming back again and again in the present. And we will die and come back in the future to pay or live the good fruits of our past lives. That way, some come, some others go. And so on. That way the population on earth remains manageable and fare.

Then again the bible says that God only created Adam and Eve at the beginning of earth. If so, then how comes that the world later got populated with so many people, while there was only one man left after Adam, Eve and Abel died. That man was Cain . a male. But then it is said that Cain went and made a family. With who did he make love?? Well, then there were other human like forms on earth except Adam and Eve family.

The truth is we were billions and billions of atoms at the beginning. Few of the atoms united evolved to become minerals and stones, many of those minerals evolved to become vegetables, many among vegetables evolved and became insects and animals, many among animals united with the souls of sons of God (Adman and Eve form beings family) to become humans, now few among humans are uniting with more powerful invisible spiritual beings to become super humans, masters, divinities. That explains why we have more minerals and stones and earth than vegetables, and more vegetables than animals, and more animals than humans, and more ordinary humans than super humans, more super humans than spiritual masters and divinities.

So yes, you are right in saying that we were all created at once. And that we've gone through all forms of beings before we became humans. Some among us are still there in the form of minerals and vegetables or animals.

Love and light to you
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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An amazing post Krya,

I had a question on this: Since you said last that we can decide to come back to help here. Is it then possible to get more karma and break the connection with the higher self? Or will the virtues of the spirit be mostly in control? And also will they mostly come back again without memory?
I loved to read every moment of the post! Very interessting and thank you for sharing the knowledge.

Blessings and love

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Those who have broken the chain of reincarnation, those who are no not obliged to come back here on earth but who with their free will choose to still come down here will still face the laws of earth. Whoever decides to come down willingly accepts to the terms and condition Smile, which are the chances of getting dirty.

Nothing which comes on earth remains 100% pure. The reason why souls come back in the lower regions of the universe, like the physical world, it is because they are impure. Now if a spirit decides to dive into the matter, that spirits must accept to wear some impurity to work on. Those are the terms. And think how some bright angels got dirty and turned into demons for having preferred to stay long in the lower regions. Even in the history of Master Jesus ( Assuming his historical aspect is real), Jesus also faced his lower self. He had doubts, he was sometimes confused, sometimes wanted answers, like it was the case when he knew he was going to be killed, he cried of fear , For few minutes He prayed God to spare his life, then the next minute he quickly said to God "He went on a little farther and bowed with his face to the ground, praying, "My Father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me." But the next seconds he goes " I want your will to be done, not mine".  This change of mind in Jesus was the presence of 2 consciousnesses in him : the lower self and the higher self.

Some of those who have reached that freedom over reincarnation, come be born like everyone else, they have to go through the same life issues like everyone else. The moment they enter a baby body they are wiped of their awesome celestial life memory (which they can sure retrieve later when they've reestablished their inner spiritual state). They will have to study and make mistakes like everyone else before they realize their potential. It is said that some of them even make a personal sacrifice by taking few peoples burden, people's karma. And that before even being born. Because they have the necessary quality to overcome the pain of those karma and to purify the matter (impurity) which caused the karma. They accept to take people's sufferance, which often result for their lives being miserable, some of them would end up being homeless people in the street, but they are the right people to bear the pain, and to turn all those impurities they have into pure gold; they are true alchemists ; trying to help the matter to evolve and to purify quicker. So yes, their spirit will be in control, they will intuitively know how to deal with the hardest problem in life, because they are old souls who have already gone through much of that. 

Some of them also come back not to take people's loads, but to teach or to heal those in great pain. Here it depends on the qualities of the free soul. So from time to time, wise free soul, clairvoyants free souls, healers free soul come down to give some help to humanity. 

Now if you think about it, it becomes clear that free soul coming down here can add karma to themselves, since they would be making few mistakes. Nothing is 100% karma free on earth; When you get free of it, you get out of here . But I doubt there will be a break of connection with the higher self. When the union between the high self and the lower self is already made, nothing can break that union. This break of connection with the higher self is temporal for the free soul on earth. With the right effort they manage to reconnect . Note that karma doesn't prevent anyone's spirituality. You can reach high levels of consciousness even when you have karma. Karma is not impurity. Karma is consequences of impurities. Impurity however is the showstopper :Smile , Impurity  will slow your spiritual evolution and can add you more karma.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I was lightly reading some of the very insightful posts, which turns out were from the past talking about Karma.  It seems they were very focused on Karma as only a negative force in Humanity and which is something to overcome. 

Personally, yes and no---I see Karma as a Universal Law of action with is constantly seeking an energy Balance.  Karma can be so called positive ( moving toward Soul growth) or more negative  ( selfish attached oriented activities causing pain and suffering for oneself or others).   Sometimes done unconsciously because person isn't aware of Laws.   And then the one's done consciously against oneself or others,  those hold a heavier energy imbalance which eventually must be balanced out also.   As was said the ways of how the balancing of our negative karmic load can vary within ourself and in the world. ( if one is dealing with more group and world karmic forces - which also exist on a larger playing field)

We are creating or putting into motion Karma forces by every physical action, emotion and thought we are creating at Every Moment.  And the more we are aligned to higher Will... the more our karmic predicaments can be balanced out ( some say paid for).

We can mitigate some of the negative Karmic forces in our life by trying to live in Harmony with the Present, be as aligned as we can to higher forces within us and do positive deeds to help others, compassionately giving off positive emotions and thoughts to help others.

We are all works in progress.

just my two cents.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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An amazing post , sir . It has given me much needed clarity regarding this subject .
I have a question : Some people go through past life regression to heal past life trauma or to know their soul purpose . How can this be explained that only very few people get access to this kind of therapy to heal ? Are the scenes we see in regression are real or It signifies awesome creativity of our own mind ? Or when it’s time to release from that particular debt we came across regression and it’s all planned in our soul path ?
I have been through my own share of confusion regarding karma, past life , it seems a recurrent theme of my life . I will be obliged to know your perspective on my questions.
Thank you .
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(06-10-2020, 10:29 AM)AnamikaS Wrote: Are the scenes we see in regression are real or  It signifies awesome creativity of our own mind ?

In his book 'The Power Within', British psychiatrist Alexander Cannon wrote that the evidence on this score(reincarnation) is too strong to be dismissed: 'For years the theory of reincarnation was a nightmare to me and I did my best to disprove it and even argued with my trance subjects to the effect that they were talking nonsense. Yet as the years went by one subject after another told me the same story in spite of different and varied conscious beliefs. Now well over a thousand cases have been so investigated and I have to admit that there is such a thing as reincarnation.'

It also appears that in past life regression case studies presented by Dr. Brian Weiss , same sequence in terms of memories are observed in different regression sessions in the same subject, and this shows that these are not products of imagination as such but follow a sort of orderly progression.
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Evil is an extreme manifestation of human unconsciousness. - Eckhart Tolle
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