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Religion IHHO is simply a class roomEv

I, also, am sometimes amazed by what I write, dear friend. Sometimes, the things that I write become clear in my mind, just at the time of writing. Therefore I conclude that in teaching me things that I seek to know, my spirit guides enable me to share their knowledge and wisdom with others. That, dear Lizard King, is a task laid on some of us by our own pre-incarnation choice.

You ask for my comment on the following;
Can we then live this life as an illusion? Forever changing the frequencies around for anything we do not perceive as truth? If we start doing this then we would be stuck in an endless loop never getting to a level where we are able to progress.
I have not yet understood this idea of this life being illusory. I stub my toes, hit my finger with a hammer. Illusions? I can see the bruises, I feel the pain. It is in my memory. Those things are this lifetimes realities.. I no longer kick the table leg. I no longer put my thumb where the hammer will strike. I have learned, I progress. 
It is said that time is an endless loop. I envisage time as an infinite series of endless loops through which we pass in our progress. Maybe, just maybe, somewhere in one of those loops, there is the point at which we may, individually, if we have progressed to an appropriate status, be able to step off into an unknowable continuum beyond anything our presently limited human intellect can comprehend. At that stage, the fate of the dying universes we perceive whilst in this life will no longer be of significance to our, then, consciousness level. That could perhaps be a few million or a few billion years hence. 
If there is an illusion, it is not life. TIME is the illusion.

L & L 
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Time is the illusion.
Yes indeed!
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