I have been going through a lot of struggles seeking for job and accommodation. I therefore decided to go back my fathers house in my hometown. But I had a terrible dream about going back to my fathers house.
Please, I need help about interpreting the dream.

The dream is as follows: In my fathers house, I was going to my room when I saw one huge male lion standing there looking at a different direction. I stood in front of my door looking at it. The lion turn and saw me. It started roaring and coming towards my direction so I quickly entered my room and locked the door. The lion tried breaking the window whiles I saws some people and my elder sister happy and laughing standing right at where the lion is. My elder sister told me to come out because the lion will not kill me but upon looking at the lions roaring and actions I was afraid and decided not to come out.

I suddenly saw my self flying outside and landed peacefully on the ground. There were 2 people; a man and a woman who tried to persuade me to follow them, but i will not go. I did not want to follow them because I was thinking they hand wanted to hand me over to the lion. When they realized I was not going with them, they tried to use force and I killed the man in the struggle. I let the lady go because I see ladies to be weak and pity their weakness. I Left the woman crying for the dead man and I went on.

As I was going, I saw my self flying in the sky and when I looked down, I saw the fierce lion looking for me . Whiles I was flying and the lion on the ground, I by passed it behind a big tree that has been cut short. I then sat on a huge brunch of a big tall tree looking at the lion on the ground whilst it was looking for me.

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Here is my two cents about dream... the best to me is to ask yourself what dream means for YOU.   I believe in one sense we are all the characters in our dreams.

Question which comes up from reading your dream...

How is your relationship with your Father and other people in authority?  Are there issues you had with your father which are effecting your self-esteem and your abilities?

Who or what do you think the Lion in your dream represents?  ( your Father?)

Your issue with "woman" as a quality of your being,, also needs to be examined... are you as loving as you should be?  Is your fear of being weak being challenged?

just my quick take on dream... if not valid for you just let it go... and meditate more on meaning for yourself. Smile
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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I'm cool with my father but not in good terms with my mom  and sis?
Anyway, thanks a lot
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The Lion is the king of the jungle. He embodies confidence, high self-esteem, self sufficiency and over-all leadership.

The dream is telling you to stop being fearful. Maybe you are struggling because you are not being confident enough. Maybe you are afraid to of taking on a role of leadership.

This dream is telling me that you are going back to your fathers house to find sanctuary from the things that are holding you back. You felt safe in your room until the window broke right?

Is your relationship with your mother and sister weak because they have always tried to push you out of your comfort zone? You didn't trust your sisters judgement when all she was trying to do was tell you that the lion couldn't hurt you. It sounds to me, based on your dream, that what your sister was trying to tell you was that you are a lot better than you have let yourself think you are.

Two people approached you and tried to get you to follow them, but you didn't trust that they weren't going to make you face the lion again. Just the thought of facing the lion made you fearful enough that you killed a man, but spared the woman. Why are you so afraid of becoming the man that deep down you know you are?

You flew through the air watching the lion look for you? You are floating through life trying to avoid all the situations that the lion represents. Deep down you know that you are a strong leader. You know that you are self sufficient and don't need anyone. You know you have the confidence to conquer all. You just struggle to pull that out of yourself and into the real world.

One tree was cut, so you set on another and watched the lion. It's time to cut that tree too. It's time to come back down to the ground and realize that the lion can't hurt you, because you are the lion.

Hope that helps friend. Good luck to you, whatever you choose to do.
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Hello Ras Ajingo,

In your father's house, there is your father and his spirit, the lion. The lion represents him and his beliefs - strongly opinionated about certain things and determined to impose them onto you. You emancipated yourself and you do not which to be under his mental control (words might be a bit strong here). You locked yourself in your room, meaning that you avoided an altercation with your dad's mind and isolated you within yourself (this particular event could happen at your dad's house but not exclusively. It could be over the phone or anywhere).

Then, your sister (and some other people), not perceiving the stress caused by your dad's mental domination, asked you to come over - where he is - his house maybe (the real one)? You did not go but after making peace with your decision, you had two new arguments coming at you, to try to get you to rally with your dad's. This man and woman are the two arguments, one is more rational and one is more emotional. You killed the man, the rational argument and you left the emotional one behind. - the passage with the big tree that has been cut is a bit unclear - At the end, you sat on a big branch of a big tree. The tree represent a teaching institution and the branch is a branch of this teaching. You will learn from this institution and be a part of it. From there, you will still have this relationship with your dad.
Please, do not take my words for it. If the interpretation (or part of it) is correct, you should feel it, it should resonate with you. If it does not, do not let your brain try to take over and just leave it.

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