I've been advised not to say too much about such topics, but I'll see how much I can hold back. Smile
You are also welcome to add in your own opinion and experience about the topic.

This topic concerns all of us, unless you were born without a sex or never felt any sexual desire. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable reading as you go on this thread, my advise is you stop and jump to another thread :Smile . Joking :Smile  Just trying to scare those who take the act of sex and the sex organ as the worst of sins. :Smile :Smile . OK enough let's talk about it. If you've heard of sublimation of sexual energies, that's because there are greater spiritual benefits in sublimating them. I'll tell you why and how.

What is sexual energy
This is among all other sorts of energies in the human body which manifests at the sex organ level. Yes that sexual pleasure, tension, sensation. That urge to want to make love is exactly the sexual energy. This energy is present on all humans. We don't always know it. We only mostly become aware of its presence when we get aroused. Many grew up with the knowledge that to have a sexual urge is evil or demonic. It is only true if you don't know what to do with that urge, if you don't know how to give it a proper direction. True if you don't know, you maybe feeding the hell in you and around you. But now the truth should save you.

One of the most important reason why sexual energy get involved in spirituality, is because it is a key to a rapid spiritual progress. Take this like the most valuable raw material. It's a bit like petrol. When taken from the ground and cleaned, it can be used to run machines and cars. In human being, the chakras are those machines, those cars which the sublimated sexual energy can make run. Behind that seminal liquid  of men and women is hidden the powerful energy which can be transmuted, changed into a various quality of energy which some can completely and actively awake the root chakra, some others will awake the sacral chakra...  The truth seeker in the path who feels like struggling with his sexual tensions, his sexual urges should see the urge as a gift, as a blessing instead. He/she should take advantage of that manifesting sexual energy to transform it to a quality of energy capable of changing his life. As for awaking more and more chakras in the most consistent  way, you become more and more conscious. Aiming to reach the supra consciousness is something we should always put in front of our goals in spiritual life. 

The sexual energy can be sublimated to such a level where it is now called "OJAS", it is such a fine, subtle quality of energy, that it rises to the head, to nourish the brain centers. Therefore many functions of the body starts to work at their most effective way. We can observe to a person sublimating his sexual energy a quick growth of hair ( especially the head and the beard), a quick growth of nails, smooth body skin and shining eyes. A good body health as it starts to fight effectively against bacteria and some virus.  Because of this, the sexual energy was once in the past associated to the famous elixir of immortality  mentioned in the Alchemy. 

[Image: kundalini.jpg]

Besides its power of rejuvenation and consciousness expansion (chakra related),  the sublimated energy on the body creates a magnetic field which the spiritualist uses to bring ideas to the concrete world. This is something many don't dare pay attention to. If the sexual energy of men and women combined can bring a spirit in the concrete world. Accumulated sublimated sexual energy can also make your ideas come true in the physical world. The power of humans to give birth doesn't only end at the procreation. A human can become so magnetic and electric all together to the point where he/she can bring an idea, a project in his head come true. Because that sublimated energy is the matter needed to realize thoughts. That energy is the cloth which your thoughts need to wear so people around you can see it. Without it, creativity on earth becomes absent. Just look around today society, in science, in medecine, in arts... and count the number of creativity, discoveries made compared to the past. It seems like all we are doing today is continuing improving already discovered things. It is possible that we have lost this great secret

Again in the past, some mage, history speak of a Solomon for example, even went as far as to have 700 wives, not so they could waste their sexual energies, or having unwise sexual intercourse anytime, but so that the presence of all those women around him could form such a great magnetic field of energies enough for him to realize any of his plans. Today most women don't know what they are capable of. Those who do, do make great changes to this world, the rest just contribute to evil ideas of evil secret organizations. The truth is women are the key to the future as they are they only capable of bringing here on earth the most perfect entities, the most perfect souls and spirits. Women has the matter which gives body to souls and spirits. Men has a great power to create an idea or even an entity.

One day, man and women will gather and create beings not through sexual intercourse, but through the thought and words. The man will think, the women will say it and a body will be formed in nature. Sounds like a myth isn't it. Anyway... this power of man and women takes its origin way back to the comic level, where at the beginning, God the father had the perfect idea of a universe creation, and God the mother give a body to that idea. Did you maybe think that God the father created the manifested universe? Nope, God the mother made it possible. God is both male and female ( meaning electric and magnetic energies), but to create, he becomes more magnetic. Like image of God, a human has both electric and magnetic energies. Man can rise his magnetic energies to make his dreams come true, and woman can rise her electric energies to made idea and give birth to them. 

Know that it is harder for the man to build up magnetism than for a woman to build up electric energies. This is why whenever invested, a woman make great spiritual and psych master. With enough sublimated sexual energy man or woman can observe his/her project come true. Sublimated sexual energy in man brings more magnetism, and in woman it brings more electricity. You can observe that people with sublimated sexual energies seems to attract the opposite sex towards them. If you are man, women will unconsciously look at you and approach you. Same for a woman will start the same effect on man. If you've played with magnet in your childhood, you can remember that the biggest magnet strongly attract all little magnet. You can associate the idea. Thoughts are mostly electric and matter is mostly magnetic, and each need each other to create. 

[Image: wpc-oct-2012-6-magnets.jpg?h=1174&w=1567&la=en]

How does the sublimation happens.
So you can see that the sublimated sexual energy heals your physical body, expands your consciousness, and gives body to thoughts. It is important to understand how the sublimation works, so you may come up with your own methods, on how to do this. It all starts at our sexual organs. At the sexual organ level, the sexual energy is nothing but row. It is nothing really spiritual. When you start to feel the urge, that is the period when the energy is ready to be transformed into something purer. Take the sexual urge or tension you have, like water boiling for too much heat. And what happens when the water has boiled at 100C, it evaporates, it changes into air, it therefore becomes something more subtle, lighter. And if you observed yourself, I mean if you ever felt that urge, you can see that it senses really like boiling water at the sex level. If you let it boil, if you hold on that urge, that sexual tension, that sexual energy will start to evaporate, to change into  an orange vibration level  energy. You will know it has changed to orange energy because you will feel electric currents, or waves of chills running from your belly ( from the sacral chakra) towards up the rest of the body, This is something that woman can understand more, and I will explain the next part of this thread. 
[Image: 4635-20-25IP1.png]

The sexual energies naturally take about 2 weeks for the regular person, before it reaches the point of sublimation. Once all accumulated sexual energy is transmuted into orange type of energy, the person feels great joy, this is due to the sacral chakra now filled with some orange type energy. Should I remind that the sacral chakra provides joy, happiness, the pleasure of living when running normally. One more sign you get when the sexual energy is transformed is that your sexual tension, your urge is finally gone, you are released and left with a great pleasure. Once the sublimated energy is part of the sacral chakra, it  will start to reinforce the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra if these later are weak. This action quickly empties the sacral chakra itself especially if not enough sexual energies were transmuted to it. 

Now if you wonder why the just transmuted sexual energy is split into 2 to serve the root and the solar plexus, well it is very simple. And I promise you already know why. Energies of chakras are different in vibrations right? Each depending on its vibrations will emanate a particular color. A chakra can only maintain its energy color level when its parent chakras are not empty. If you've played with colors, you will understand easily that the parents of the orange color are the red and the yellow. So for the orange to be maintained in your sacral chakra, you need enough red from your root chakra and enough yellow in your solar plexus chakra. Check this image below and tell me you didn't know the answer... Smile 

[Image: PSM_V04_D434_Red_blue_yellow_color_mix.jpg]

Orange is made of Red and Yellow. That also means for your knowledge, that our seminal liquid contains both energies. When sublimated, our red energies and yellow energies will strengthen in order to maintain the orange. Orange in your chakra system shows the level of energy of your root and solar plexus. When in your life, you start to maintain more joy moments, when you start to feel like everyday problems hitting on you don't hurt you anymore as much as they used to. When listening to spiritual music or beautiful melodic music you get chills of joy. When Joy becomes a substitute to sexual pleasure, then you may say with confidence that your sacral chakra has started to maintain the sublimated sexual energy. 

Since the sexual energy is naturally transformed after few weeks, religious practices like abstinence, or celibacy were put in place. Abstinence or chastity have their true meaning in the sublimation of sexual energies. If this is not the reason, then abstinence becomes a very painful experience not to do.  Why would you want to abstain if you have no intention to sublimate the energy. That energy is meant to be used, to flow. It must either go down (out of you) or go up ( in your blood stream and chakras). If a person blocks this energy, he inevitably suffers psychically and even physically ( health issues). However even  the one going for abstinence or chastity, should understand the process so he/she may get full benefit of this.

So in this thread I spoke of what and how sexual energy sublimation process. Time alone can sublimate the sexual energy while keeping decent spiritual level of emotions. But There are also other methods which were put in place to quicken the sublimation process. Let that be part of the next thread.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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So this is a wonderful presentation of facts and how this is able to flow through all humans. Nice to remember these facts and I'm happy to restart my practical Applications towards a higher degree of creation and manifestation. Probably don't need a partner for this training.

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Thank you Master Krya for this lesson and the beautiful way you explained it.

In my personal opinion only, I do not know if this was a good idea to put it out there for every one, I think we have a responsibility with what we share, and that it does not harm, and this spiritual practice is also one of the hardest practices and cannot easily be controlled.

In my experience, and on my level this energy was far too powerful, before I started this I was on a place where sexual desires was something of the past, and did not really trouble me, but when I started with this something’s happened, and I think it will help people to know what to expect.

Sexual energy must flow, if you keep it or try controlling it, it can and will come out, and not the way you planned, so I think it wise to have a escape plan if thing go wrong or if you can’t hold out any more

What is going to happen is you will stop sleeping and or struggle to fall asleep. Like really struggle

You will get very frustrated.

This energy will work on your consciousness, and this is, the animal pull in you, that will want you to act unconsciously, I felt like something was actually pressing on my consciousness, like a physical pressure on the brain and mind, it like something eating at you.

I will bring old vices up, not only as sexual stuff, but other vices will serves.

You attraction to the opposite sex will increase, and temptation will come, you can even act out of character.

Yes you will have a lot more energy, and that can make you aggressive.

Before this practice know and understand your chakras, if one chakra is block, it can maybe opened, but if not your whole esoteric body can go out of sync.

This energy must be used with only the greatest of respect, it more powerful than a human, and if you are not well prepared you can get yourself in serious trouble.

This is not for the new spiritual person in my opinion, if a person cannot follow a diet, this is not for him. Keeping a pure mind-set will become hard, your hormones will change, and so will your feeling and thinking, if you can’t separate from them (feelings and thinking) and understand you are not the thinking or feelings, it will take over your consciousness.

To get sexually aroused, will release a lot an endorphins, (good feeling hormones) that nice feeling and you will not want to let it go, and you will need to.

To transmute this energy is also no easy, if you did not transmute before, do not start with this, try maybe something easier.

Another problem is to find a partner, but I work it alone, so can’t really say much about this part, lol.

Hehe, but I love the teaching, and hope this little part help.

Thank you Krya
Light, Life and Love
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Thanks for sharing your experience, Gerhard.
Also although this topic is well known by most truth seekers, it is true we can't say everything about it publicly. So I'm doing my best to hold back as much as I can. While still trying to help whoever out there needs to understand this.

This is an extension of an existing topic posted by John_ly years ago USING THE POWER OF SEXUAL-ENERGY. I suggest the new reader to have a look at it too.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Hi Krya.
Thank you for you explanation. I now understand lot more about sexual sublimation and it benefit.

Although, im not sure I understood your meaning of a "wise sexual intercourse"..
You also said something like : some women dont know their real magnetic power.

Could you explain further more these two subject please?
 - S  
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(04-20-2017, 01:44 AM)lunabee Wrote: Hi Krya.
Thank you for you explanation. I now understand lot more about sexual sublimation and it benefit.

Although, im not sure I understood your meaning of a "wise sexual intercourse"..
You also said something like : some women dont know their real magnetic power.

Could you explain further more these two subject please?

What I meant by unwise sexual intercourse is when the couple just burn out their entire sexual energies reservoir through many ejaculations. Unless it is time to have a baby, it is not wise to waste such an expensive energy, which should be raised up the body to water the lotus flowers of the garden (the chakras).There is nothing wrong with sexual pleasure when some methods to draw it up the body is used. A wise sexual intercourse refers to a sexual intercourse with sexual energy sublimation in mind. That’s the kind of act where both man and woman manage their energies, sending them up instead of down out through ejaculation.

Usually people confuse everything; they take pleasure/orgasm for ejaculation, while it is the latter that actually burns out/empties the pleasure. But, well, it takes a bit of exercise to be able to separate/differentiate orgasm from ejaculation. We understand the reason why this is not always done in general is because people of our current world are not educated that way. 

And Indeed most women don’t know their natural magnetic power which man would need lots of training to get. Yet again those woman who do still need the presence of man to use that power. Woman in the presence of man can make the things she says come true quicker, in few days or months if she knows how. Some ignorant woman use this power unconsciously/randomly (or by mistake) when they get emotional and start saying things. They actually can curse or bless in the most powerful way. 
It will not be right to tell you openly how woman can use this power, because such knowledge would be very dangerous in the head of some bad woman. So all I can do is explain the laws, and let the wise woman figure it out.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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It is good to spread awareness, but , it is wise to share the knowledge only with the deserving! Thanks for keeping the secrets for the benefit of all. It is believed in many religions that" women are the cause of all evils " Tongue.. Silly ..

Either they did not understand the Female energy correctly or they understood the power and feared that it would someday dominate / overpower them. So they made every effort to dominate women, bring patriarchy in power, created superstitions, developed misogyny, burnt women alive saying they were "witches", defamed and killed women rulers.....list goes on. They disturbed the very crucial balance which resulted in the ill consequences which we are suffering today also. One thing they forgot in their Ego, is that , feminine energies do not dwell in women only, they are present in men also. If you remove this energy, the person will be devoid of love, empathy, creativity, emotions, etc...and will turn into ruthless, brutal being.
I have witnessed the immense power of the Feminine energy. Please do not consider me a feminist ; I am not saying this because I am a woman. I am saying this based on my experiences and studies/research. And I absolutely agree with you ,Krya , women can easily invoke energies and can give shape to a thought , but, men have to strive hard to get there. Not every man understand or support this truth. Thanks for understanding it!
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Thank you Anushri for commenting.
"women are the cause of all evils " Smile  Yes I've heard that many times. Smile
See, when people don't understand what a feminine energy is, they call it "Evil". I think ignorance should be called "Evil" Smile

Anyway, I guess it's been said enough on this thread for anyone to be aware and be careful.
At this point, I'm hesitating to say any more, as It will only get deeper and dangerous for the public.
We've come to a consent feeling Smile

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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nothing dangerous has been said. just further more beautiful understanding!

now this subject can be closed
Big Grin
 - S  
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Closed perhaps, but I trust not deleted, as I am still struggling with a full understanding of the subject and will wish to return to it from time to time, just as I do with others.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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