Self - control is usually associated with self - discipline, which is true only to a certain degree of human development.
    The self of a man is defined by  the sum total of the thoughts in his mind. When the thoughts are reduced to zero man's personality seizes to exist and his divine self comes into play. Thoughts being man's creation present before him a grosser view of reality in the form of material existence. We are the makers of our own destiny. Our thoughts are the cause out of which the circumstances in our lives are the effect. Through meditation this by-product of man's mind is gradually reduced to one thought and that thought is transformed into feeling. Then the constant mental gymnastics come to a stop, duality disappears and the infinite reality of the creation comes into being. That in turn changes the circumstances in our lives towards promoting and speeding up our spiritual transformation.
    At this stage self-control means the divine self is now in control, because through yoga we have awakened it. Up until now the divine self in our heart, being subdued by the ego, was dormant or inactive. From now on it is our inner guide. Immersed in divine consciousness the seeker acts intuitively under the guidance of the heart with no thinking involved. Thus he brakes the chain of cause and effect and  like a hot air balloon soars to infinite spiritual heights. He is now liberated. Through regular practice of meditation he has kept his ideal always in view and earned his freedom from the bondage of the senses. 
    One may wonder about  the difference between an ignorant and a liberated man, because on the surface they both look the same - they don't think. But the first is unable to think clearly, while the second uses his thinking to achieve the highest goal and then gives up this ability, for he needs it no more. Like a passenger who leaves the airplane behind, because he has reached the destination. The ignorant  is a slave of his senses, he is an embodiment of confusion. The free man has mastered them, beyond any possibility of fall and is an embodiment of his inner reality. Between these two extremes unfolds the entire human drama in various degrees of manifestation.     
   Thoughts come from the desires, doubts and fears, which our heart secretly harbors. They solidify into habits, traits and tendencies creating the character. To reduce them the seeker can be helped by an accomplished human being, similar to inexperienced climber who is in need of a rope thrown down to him by an adept.  
    The yogic transmission is a spiritual life line pulling us to higher consciousness and it comes from someone, who is at the pinnacle of human evolution.

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