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Sensibility - Opening to the divine world.

Sensibility - Opening to the divine world.

When you work with chakras, when you stimulate them more regularly for months. They start to react, they become alive, and then they open up, like does some flowers in the nature, opening to the sun light stimulations. This opening of chakras goes along with the opening of our consciousness, our consciousness expands more and more and we become more alive, meaning more sensible. Life and sensibility goes together. The more something can sense, the more it is alive. Sensibility can also be the cause of miseries, of fear, of sadness for some beings, especially for the human race. But it can also be reason for why developed beings are happier and delighted. Then how comes some beings suffer for being sensible and other beings delight from it?

Many will agreed with me that the Supreme Being, who we refer as God would not suffer from anything. Does it mean God has no sensibility at all? It would not be correct, otherwise how would we explain our own sensibility,  how comes we as living creatures happened to be sensible. Where would our sensitivity come from? Would we have forged sensitivity by ourselves? No, so for being a copy of God, we have inherited his sensibility. The more we get closer to becoming perfect copies of God, the more we become greatly sensible like God. So our sensibility increases as we grow up spiritually. Which also means it faints out the more we stay away from God. That’s Clair, God is the most sensible. Yet it doesn't suffer, it doesn't experience the pain we have here on earth. If it is said that God knows everything, aware of all that happens in the whole universe, it is actually because of its sensibility. So sensible that it knows (experiences) spiritual beings happiness, human beings pains, to the most elemental sensations. It knows it all, it is the most aware of the universe. But it is never  affected by what it experiences. Despite what the religious may believe,  Neither our happiness nor our  pain may shake God. Nothing of what we do can change its state. We may therefore neither please nor make God sad, nor make it angry or Jealous. Yet it (God) remains the most sensible. How? because it is positioned at the center of the universe, where it cannot be moved, influenced by anything around. 

Creation expanded in a circular manner, I mean the energies which formed and gave shapes of all things ran in a circular manner. That energy emerged from a center called God, and around that center all things turn. All things turn around, all things move, but the center does not. The center is always fixed. Everywhere in the book of nature it is so. The physical laws also demonstrate it. Check for yourself and you will see that if you create a circle-like appliance, everything in the circle may move, but the center will not. Have you seen that beautiful toy called the spinner? 

[Image: r0_13_650_380_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg]
[Image: basis051.jpg]

See how the circle is turning while the center remains fixed. And this is such in all areas of life. All true centers are not affected by diseases and chaos around them. This law goes even within our soul, where our astral body ( our desires and emotions) is the center of our lower nature (lower ego). Our thoughts and physical actions all turn around our emotions. I mean our lower nature is mostly driven my emotions and desires. The sun which is the center of our solar system also remains fixed while all the planets forming circles around it turn around it. 

So although sensibility can be a scary thing to have, for it can make us see and feel how cruel people around us can be. That should not be a reason enough to not want to become sensible. Because there is indeed a sensibility level which let you see and experience more things without being affected by them emotionally. That sensibility is found at the center. The closer we get to that center, the better. It is the only way to remain sensible while keeping ones happiness. 

Make no doubt about it, the stimulation of chakras and their opening will open your consciousness to new dimensions experiences. You will see, hear, feel, and even touch the so called invisible things. You will taste love with your tongue, smell intelligence and see wisdom. What was abstract will become more real and solid to you. This is what those who have worked on chakra don't tell us, because we won't believe, because it sounds like some child dreams. Smile Well maybe it is one dream worth to have, because it comes true. It only takes to become more alive to awake our sensibility. If we cannot sense, see, feel, hear the forces or entities which surrounds us, it is not because they don't exist, it is simply because we are not sensible enough. Things such as love, wisdom, justice, kindness patience are forces surrounding us all, but not all are open enough to sense them. It is however advised to live the spiritual life in order to become sensible to the spiritual reality. Otherwise sensibility becomes just a nightmare, something which lets you hell. We become alive in order to live God, to eat God, to drink God, to touch and smell it. It is the only reason why we would want to become more and more sensible, to feel God more. Without that purpose, it is maybe better to remain a walking dead. Smile

God and a stone have something in common. Smile No, I'm not gone mad. Smile, Both are not affected by pain. The difference here is that the stone has no sensibility, and God is filled with sensibility. The stone is not capable of sensing, while God is all senses. One is empty of life, and the other the total opposite, I mean filled with life. Some people prefer simulate the life of stones, reducing their sensibility, feeling less and less so that the pain of this world doesn't affect them. Yes there are human stones in the society, people who feel no remorse, no regret, the tough ones Smile) . And they are proud of it. I wish they could understand how much they are missing for refusing to become more sensible. The stone, like God, is fixed, but become it doesn't sense, it does not truly live. The plants are an extension of minerals and stones which have decided to live more, to sense more, to become more aware, so they feel. Insects and animals sense even more (pain and pleasure), as for humans sensibility is higher, humans are able to sense some more subtle energies coming further dimensions, that's why they can experience some joy feelings which animals cannot experience. But humans should not stop there, they can experience higher and higher realities, because their whole being structure allows it. And chakras are the key. Be not afraid to become more sensible towards the spiritual reality, as it is  a way to come to experience God. 

Love and Light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thanks for this great post Kyra.

If i may add, This sensibility gained from the opening of the chakras is a great gift but also a responsibility. In my experience, the ability to sense is not only enhanced around you but also within. you are able to feel the negative and/or positive energies within your spiritual body. This is the responsibility of maintaining the chakras. With this knowledge you truly begin a higher level of the spiritual path and if you were to revert back to "the rock" mentality it would be at great personal suffering. The opening of the chakras and increased sensibility completely changed my life. It is a beautiful gift but also a responsibility and life changing step of maturity especially if you are less experienced with life and surrounded by those who are similar, in other words, young people/generation.
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Thank you Jesse for your addition to this thread.
It is indeed to the person responsibility to make sure that sensitivity does not ruin their lives.
The spiritual person working on his/her chakras should obviously go at it wisely.  We just don’t go on and activate any chakra for the sake of becoming more sensible.
Like some chakra should not be activated prematurely. By that I mean, some work of purification is needed before or in the actual period of the activating .This is to avoid any unwanted, unexpected results. Without enough cleaning of one psychic life, of the soul, the activation of most chakras is guaranteed to make us sensible to more negative forces than positive ones. And which is not the best experience. But if we involve purification in our chakra activation work, the result becomes a bliss.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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