Studying the Orphic Egg of the ancient Greek Orphic tradition recently, I was pleasantly surprised by its similarities to the Shivalingam in Hinduism.

The Orphic Egg is considered the Father or creator of all the Greek gods.

The Shivalingam in Hinduism is also considered the cosmic egg from which sprang forth everything in the material universe, including the gods, at the time of creation, and they will all return back to the Shivalingam at the time of cosmic dissolution.

The Prajapita Brahmakumaris consider the Shivalingam as representing God Shiva as an incorporeal point of light, and the Father of all the other gods and sentient beings, and the same as Jehovah, Ahura Mazda, Allah, Waheguru in the other monotheistic religions.

Like the Orphic Egg, the Shivalingam is often depicted with a serpent wound about it.

It is possible that there is a common link and origin to these traditions.