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Sleep and Death

Sleep is a small death. when we sleep we usually get out of our body and enter the astral plane and during that time our physical body purifies from impurities it went through during the day. I call it small death because we came back to our physical body, while in the big death, we get out our physical body and we can't get back to it any more.

Everybody sleep, that means everybody do get out of their physical body when they go to sleep. we simply don't talk about it because we simply don't remember what happens when we are out there. There are many reason why we don't remember our life in the astral world when we sleep, and among them is that the cosmic intelligence designed this for our own protection, the cosmic intelligence knows how evil we can behave if we were conscious during our sleep, as just imagine anyone could go there consciously, he/she would simply profit of that world to accomplish all the things his lower nature will urge him/her to do. and because the world is full of selfish people, most people would simply use the astral world to do evil to those that they do not like in the physical world.

Unfortunately bad witches found a way to get there consciously to do bad to people, they transfer from a generation to another rituals that activates their consciousness in the astral world to serve demons. Rules can be broken here, OK, but there's a price to pay to that, the thing is if you activate your consciousness that way, be sure the risk is you enter a lower astral world and things are even worse for you when you start to break all little rules in the astral plan, all the little things you should not do, especially to spire on someone, to go to someone's home without his permission.
So by default our consciousness is shut in the astral world, and our subconsciousness is active. If you manage to go consciously in the astral world without going through some sort of wired witches rituals, then it's OK, that simply means you've been allowed by the cosmic intelligence to access that world.

It also happens to find yourself in that world consciously by mistake, this is usually in cases of a serious car, plane train ... accident, or coma, or some toxic drugs ...
a sudden change of physical state that shut your brain down, while your subconscious did not even have the time to take over, will leave you conscious in the other world. that's why all those who die from a sudden accident find themselves in the other world perfectly OK, not knowing that they are dead.

Human beings exist in all plan of existence at the same time, and he has a body to live with in each of that plan. and he is meant to learn how to use them and know how to work in those plans. So it's not bad at all to go in the astral plan consciously. it's simply dangerous to go there unprepared, impure. because the risk is you land in the lower astral world, and believe me you do not want to land there.

Hell, is a symbol of what is lower, when you say someone on earth (our physical earth) lives a low life, you mean he lives a lower life, he is poor, he suffers, he has problems of all sorts, so we can say he lives a hell, right?
well Hell also exist in the astral plan and in the mental plan. I mean the same way there's a lower life on earth, there is a lower life in the astral world and in the mental world. you are rich you live paradise, you are poor you live Hell, well the same goes in the psychic matter, if you are poor spiritually, you will live a Hell life when you enter the astral world , and if you are rich spiritually you will enter a paradise when you go in the astral world.

There's also a lower mental world, but I'd rather talk about this in an other topic.
When someone dies, he goes to a place which is according to his life, if he is poor spiritually, he goes in Hell ( lower plan) if he is rich spiritually he goes in Paradise ( higher plan). Let me explain this a little more:

The moon is the symbol of the astral plan. now what do you notice, it can be divided into 2 parts, a dark part and a bright part, the dark part is the lower astral plan ( Hell ), and the bright part is higher astral plan.

what about about the duration, the time each part takes in a month, we know they take about (almost) the same amount of time, well that explains a truth, that earth has a astral body that is half impure and half pure in other words, earth has a much higher life as lower life (hell and paradise).
But because most human have either more impurities than purity, they spend more time in the lower astral world when they die before they move on to the higher astral world. Nature explains that to us, for if the wax moon and the full moon duration is not always the same for every month, the same the duration people spend in the lower world not the same. Great spiritual people move on faster from the lower astral to the higher astral when they die before they simply do not have so much of impurity on their astral body, and the duration is like no time, and seems like they move straight to a higher astral plan. I guess this is where the Religious concept of Hell and Paradise in Christianity came from.

To move from one plan to another, we die from one body to live in an other. that means, you die in the physical plan to be born in the astral world, and so you die in the astral world to live in the mental world, and then you should die in the mental world to live in the causal world ( this is where your spirit starts).

we should then understand from here, that it is not always sure to find a dead person in the astral world, as depending on how his spirituality was, he might have already moved from that plan, or died in that plan already, and is living in an other higher plan, it's then an not sure and sometimes useless business to try and contact the dead's in the astral world, because what you will contact could be their last astral copy of body.
Yes we still need to die after when we are physically dead. the body we take when we die is still a matter, although not visible but is truly a matter and any matter dies, so based on how much impure it is, it will take that time to clear from all that impurity before it can die and move to another world.

To die is a Divine expression when you know how to. It is only here in the physical world that Death is seen as scary thing. To die is a symbol of purifying oneself, to die is to clear oneself of ones impurity, so as to be re-boned again, as a new pure being.
Now you can consider 2 types of Death, a spiritual death and a earthly death.
You can either die by becoming so pure that you evaporate up in the other higher worlds. or you can die by becoming so impure that you fall down on earth.
Spiritual beings in the higher plans die in a bad way to come and be born on in the matter, on earth, and we die in a good way to go and be born among the angels and God. I guess that explains the fall of Adam and Eve in the book of Moises.

Dying is a sacrifice and will always be. even when we fast, we kill germs in our stomach and blood, beings in our organs are dying, just to get some purity. Even getting Virtues is about killing the vices which is an other important sacrifice in order to gain our sanity.
Some has to die so others can live. in other words, our lower belongings must die so that we can get higher belongings.

If you stop being conscious in one world, you become conscious in another. and in nature, it is also well explained: If you empty a bottle of water, that so called empty is filled with air. and we all know that air is more finer than water. so water was replaced by air.

If you stop something from going one way, it will find another way out. for example,
did you know that the sexual energy react that way, when it doesn't find a way out, it goes back up the spine, until it reaches the head( the brain), and notice that it doesn't go up there in the form of sperms, but rather in more subtle form, I mean in the etheric form; because that's the only way for it to move through the spin and the Chakras channels ( Linda and Pangala).
Also did you know that when you are hungry and you don't eat physically, your beings will eat in an other way, your invisible bodies will start eating, feeding from the astral energies and mental ones. that explains one reason why we should sometimes fast.

So the more you purify yourself, the more you are dying in a Divine way, getting closer and closer to the spirit.
and the more you are becoming impure, the more you are dying in a bad way, getting deeper and deeper into earth, the matter

Love and light to all.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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That is a lot of important information you just put there. You almost summarize the whole metaphysical science in just a few words. Congratulation! Wink

Would you perhaps break down those ideas for us into different sections (any time in the future) so that we can be able to get one idea at a time?

One can also add by saying that the astral world is a VERY dangerous place for an umprepared person to take chance. So before someone get the crazy idea of venturing around there, he/she must think twice!! And even when you know what you are doing, should you find yourself in suspicious situations, DO NOT HESITATE TO RUN AND GET BACK TO YOUR BODY !!!! this cannot be emphasised enough.

I am also very interested in the phenomenon of earth-bound souls, that is, those souls which, after checking out from this world, refuse to go astral but keep wandering around trying to possess the body of another person who has a weak aura. I am planning about researching more about that in order to improve my understanding of it. Just in case you have some knowledge about it, we will appreciate if you can share it with us.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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