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Quote:This is the third of a series of philosophical insights in review of the book titled : Spiritual Development Enlightenment of Life written by Daniel Verkerke and published in 1989 by the IFMAO
The key to ones own individual power lies within "Belief" and "Emotions". Belief, a subject defined in previous chapters, is equally important to emotions, which are our greatest spiritual powers. Although every person has emotions, most do not realize the true significance of them and do not analyze them beyond the simple acknowledgment of feeling angry, joyful, passive, excited etc... As a matter of fact, how many people do, for example, even realize the change of heart rate, lactic acid level, metabolism and breathing pattern within themselves with each and every emotion? Some may, however, become consciously aware of an increasing strength, power and tolerance of pain when extremely angry, or being instantly fully awake and excited when suddenly jolted from a tired and / or relaxed state.

Emotional powers go beyond the physical being. As we begin to discover our emotions and their individual powers and start to analyze and study them we will soon detect each ones strengths (positives) as well as weaknesses (negatives). In order to develop and balance ourselves we may employ the aid of the " Emblem Theory", which illustrates the balancing and counterbalancing of opposites.