For those who already astral travel, and who keep exploring new possibilities in that plan.
Here are some tips I confirm to be efficient.

How can you get back to your body very quick?
You are far from home, or don’t even know where you are and how to get back in your body.
The usual way to get back is to simply think of your room, and you are there.
think that you are moving your physical fingers and you will wake up.

In some cases due to fear for whatever reason, you might not be able to get back to your body.
you are like paralyzed or panicking. Here’s something that found will wake you up no matter what the situation.
fly very fast up in the sky. I mean from where you are panicking, decide to go up, to fly up,

Go up very far non-stop, as if you were trying to break the speed limit. Before you even reach the space, I mean before you even get out of Earth. The speed will cause such a dizziness, and such an uncomfortable feeling that you will wake up just after few seconds of discomfort.

How to last longer in the astral plan close to the physical world.
If when you get out of your body, you don’t last long and usually go bad quick in your body.
It’s because you either are entering the astral plan close to the physical world,
Or you simply don’t have enough experience yet to bear the new plan you are entering. But no matter the reason
It’s because you need more energies to stay longer.

So here’s a tip: just before you go in the astral plan, or just after you enter that plan, do some breathing exercise to get some energies into your being.

You know how you do it in the physical plan. Now here’s how you can quickly get energies in the astral plan:
you stand up and you stretch, just like you do when you wake up in the morning feeling tired.
I found that stretching is such a great ritual, it’s a universal language to say that you are weak and that you need strength.
even animals stretches. So stretch as soon as you are out of your body, and as you stretch, think that you are withdrawing pure astral energies from the astral plan. Feel that you are now filled with energies as you finish with stretching.

Now compare how longer you last in that plan than you used to before.