In the Soul reading 1, it was a straight forward reading, however, as we are accustomed to disruptions prior to us starting any soul reading, distant healing work or simply meditating; it became apparent some interested parties (entities) inadvertently drew our attention prior to the actual soul reading and needed to be taken care of first. This is another exercise in using your intuition again as one’s awareness may be stretched into different areas of the metaphysical realms of entity releasement, visualizations to assist healing work and removing energies.

The session started with brief description of the person (soul) requesting the reading.
In this experience, with dual aspects of male-female equally balanced, this is why the name (*****) is given, as it applies equally to the female and the male. The name has been given for the vibration that it provides at this present time.

Then some added information was given… There is an energy that is affecting the shoulders, more to the right hand side of the shoulder blade. There is a tension that is felt from time to time and this energy will require some assistance, and it is recommended that this be done at this time, prior to the rest of this reading.

Derek: Now, Di, as you become very aware of the energy, feel it, sense it. If it could talk what would it say?
DI: “It does not wish to speak. “
Derek: What is your purpose for being there?
DI: “It’s causing a stiff neck.”
Derek: And why are you with (*****) at this time?
DI: “There were many belief systems to be absorbed.”
Derek: And those belief systems that were to be absorbed, whose beliefs are they?
Di: “Others”
Derek: Yes.
DI: “It is time to release them.”

Derek: Right.
DI: “This energy is causing not only tenseness that is felt from time to time, but what some would term a stubbornness, or a stiff necked approach to certain things that one has adapted as belief systems. There is a negative impact felt that has also been a positive impact in line with the duality of this soul, but it is time to free self from that which is holding self from progressing further beyond that which has been chosen at this time to complete, undertake, to experience.”
Derek: The energy that is there at this time. With our assistance…
DI: “If energy is applied to this area it will dissipate as if there is an evaporation, as one would see water evaporating into the air. This releasement, this form of releasement will bring the desired effect.”

Derek: Now sense the energy being directed through me through my hands, to that back, to the shoulder area at the back of the neck.
DI: “And for the soul, for it to be drawn into the crown chakra, and to be drawn down into that area, so that one provides the energy to leave and the other assists with the drawing out, the evaporation.:
Derek: And we ask for the highest of the Christ energies to transfer in down through the crown chakra, down through the throat area chakra, as I direct my energies from the front, through the back, creating a direct channel, and we ask the Beings of Light to be there to assist this energy to be released and drawn out, to be taken into the Light if it wishes to go, or taken to another area where it’s appropriate for it to be.
DI: “Some deep breaths and inhalation and expiring the breath would assist.”

Derek: Okay. Now with each breath, expand your being (*****) and send this energy as if you are breathing it out through the back, through the back area where the stiffness is each breath, feel it coming through and out the back, visualizing this beautiful column of light coming in through the crown, down to your throat, and out through the back and asking all the muscles and the cells of your body to assist also to release this. Feel the expansion of your being.
Di: “It is necessary to ask for the cellular memories also to be released at this time.”
Derek: Yes. And ask the cellular memories to release whatever they’ve got, to be transmuted and transformed. Let the muscles and the cells go back to normal functioning. And when this is complete, expand your being and your light that’s within yourself, your own spark of light, filling that area now around the back of your neck and the shoulder blades. Also, accompanying this expanded feeling and your lightness, the peace the tranquility also assists, reclaiming who you are, reclaiming your being, as this is your body, this is your energy field, this is domain. Only the highest and the truest vibrations from God-Goddess-All-That-Is may come to you. You radiate only pure light. This is your body, this is your energy field, this is your domain.
DI: “Yes. There is a shift occurring at this time. It is suggested that the subtle bodies be directed now to realign perfect.”

Derek: Okay, now, (*****,) as you become aware of each of the subtle energies that surround you, the physical body, asking the physical body to be totally in line, shall we say.
DI: “There is an area immediately below the heart. Energy has been stored at a conscious level in this experience…”
Derek: And that feeling…
DI: “A feeling of hurt”
Derek: That feeling of hurt.
DI: “A feeling of hurt and abandonment. This is what has caused the physical to become out of line, alignment with the other subtle bodies.”
Derek: And that feeling of betrayal and abandonment, that feeling there below the heart. If it had a color, what color would it be?
DI: “Dusty pink”
Derek: And that dusty pink, if it had a texture, what texture would it be.
DI: “Thick”
Derek: That thick, dusty pink, if it hand a temperature, what temperature would it be?
DI: “Lukewarm.”
Derek: Lukewarm. And that lukewarm dusty pink feeling, if it had a weight, what weight would it be?
DI: “The weight of the world.”

Derek: The weight of the world, that weight of the world and dusty pink, rewind that movie of time back to the same feeling another time, and at the count of three you will be there. 1, 2, 3.
DI: “I’m watching a butterfly. It is soaring upwards and someone reaches up with a net and brings it down and catches it, and I know it is going to be used as a specimen and pinned to a board, for its beauty, and left there to die. And it sickens me. “
Derek: And that feeling. That feeling of the butterfly being captured as a specimen. In that feeling, there’s a decision that you make at that time, a decision that’s affecting you now, at the count of three, you’ll know exactly what the decision was. 1, 2, 3..
DI: “Lack of trust.”
Derek: Lack of trust.
DI: “The one that I trusted and knew my sentiments in that incarnation, knew the sensitivity would be offended and coaxed my company to enjoy an excursion into the countryside. And this occurred in my presence. A butterfly symbolizes freedom, and the freedom was taken away. And owing to the sensitivity of the nature in that incarnation, the trust was broken. This person has known men in this present incarnation and it has brought many lessons of trust issues. The greatest lesson of all is trusting self once more and giving self permission to trust self and to trust others as one trusts self.”

Derek: And in that incarnation, where this trust was broken, the decision that was made, about what happened, how is that decision affecting you now, in this incarnation?
DI: “Lack of trust. Of trusting one’s decisions. It has stifled the laughter on occasions. The joy that one experiences seeing a butterfly in flight, the symbolism of that creature, has caused the inability for the soul in this incarnation to aspire to those heights of joy.”
Derek: When we go through an experience, it also helps to assist us in many ways. And there was a gift at the same time you took on this challenge of the trust issue, there was a gift given to you, to assist you in certain ways also. I’m going to ask your Higher Self to assist you, to let you know exactly what that gift was and how that assisted you. 1, 2, 3…
DI: “Forbearance.”
Derek: And now that you are aware of that, look at how forbearance has helped you now, what other gift were you also given at the same time. You see…
DI: “Tolerance”
Derek: Yes.
DI: “The ability to remain steadfast.”

Derek: Do you know, without this challenge you accepted, in this incarnation, you wouldn’t have been able to develop the tolerance, the forbearance as much as you have. In God’s miraculous way, he’s allowed you this opportunity in time to look at this from a different perspective, how it’s allowed you to grow, to expand your consciousness in different ways, can you give yourself permission now to release that, to love yourself, to be able to trust yourself, to be able to trust others?
DI: “Yes.”
Derek: Can you extend blessings to yourself for going through that? Can you send love to that butterfly who acted as part of your challenge, who was the example for you to set all this in motion?
DI: “The butterfly, it is seen now that the butterfly represented both the perceived joy of witnessing that freedom, and it is showing the butterfly still carried on after it was impaled, it still had the freedom that was overlooked at that time.”
Derek: It also still had the beauty when it was sitting on the board and being an example to others.
DI: “Yes.”
Derek: It served it’s purpose well. Can you forgive that other person in that lifetime who was the instrument of capture?
Di: “Yes.”

Derek: And now, as you become aware of the energy below the heart that was there and had the weight of the world on it, and if it had a color, what color would it be?
DI: “Gold.”
Derek: That’s your special gift, because you see, at the center of your being is pure gold. You are pure gold. There is that beauty within you and it’s shining forth.
DI: “As a reminder to self for whom one is, and the heights to which one can ascend, it would be beneficial for an adornment in the shape of a butterfly. Whether it is worn or kept in a special place, every time the soul sees a butterfly or a representation of a butterfly, it will bring great comfort and inspiration. It will assist in moments of challenge”
Derek: Doesn’t the butterfly signify something else besides the great beauty and the freedom, isn’t it a creature of transformation, one existed on the earth and was transformed into a beautiful creature taking flight?
DI: “Yes.”

Derek: Realize as you see this butterfly you also know there is a transformation within yourself so you can now see and trust yourself in a different perspective a different light, take yourself lightly shall we say?
DI: “Yes.”
Derek: See that freedom and sense it. Allow that sensitivity to assist your bright and beautiful light shine.
Derek: Now, Diana…
DI: “And the soul wishes to express thanks for that assistance. The soul has been connected with those who are assisting with this reading at this time and in other incarnations. There is a strong bond. Although we haven’t met in this incarnation, the bond is there. It is a connection to the soul group to which we belong. And there is much that this soul will accomplish, in this lifetime.”

Derek: The first question that was asked was to comment on which previous lifetimes are most relevant to this one.
DI: “The one that has been shared at this time (re the butterfly). It was having effect upon the physical and thus it was necessary for the alignment of the subtle bodies with the physical.”
Derek: Now that that physical portion of the body has become realigned, with the release of this stored energy, (*****,) I wish you to visualize, feel and sense the mental body becoming totally in line and at peace with the physical, functioning at its utmost doing its most efficient work, feel that mental body lining up perfectly and in harmony with the physical. Feel the strengthening of the physical as the mental joins it, as you acknowledge both parts, the physical and the mental.
DI: “The physical expression (*****) at this time when receiving these words, if the soul would sit consciously and if necessary move the body slightly in each direction in order for this total realignment to occur, she will be inspired how to move, and will feel a great relief as the physical comfort spreads over the body.”

Derek: And as the physical and mental join, the mental becomes more aware of the connection, as they join one, acknowledging each one, the physical body and the mental body. And now that that has taken place, allow the emotional body to join with the mental and the physical, giving the freedom for the emotional body to be able to express itself mentally, physically, to be able to enjoy the laughter, when necessary the crying, to give permission to express itself. The mental body has the wisdom to know exactly how to express itself as all three join together and become one. And as the physical, the mental and the emotional are totally in line with one-another now, allow the spiritual body to also connect all of them together, so that the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual are all one. And now, relax, see yourself as the one person, all aspects of self joined together. Okay. Di. Allow (*****) to be on her own at this moment, and if it’s appropriate for us to carry on with this reading...

DI: “Yes. To a slightly different format. It’s now appropriate to do the reading.

There is a most beautiful light surrounding this soul. There have been challenges. This soul is able to handle whatever is chosen to experience in this lifetime, with fortitude and with honesty. At a time in the future, a challenge may seem difficult, but there are three that have dedicated themselves to assisting with this challenge. It is very important for this soul to seek a divine inspiration as there is a need, a thirst, a longing to return to source when this incarnation and after this incarnation is completed. When the set path is followed, the enlightenment will occur. The experience will occur that will allow for the sharing, for the knowledge gained, with others, that would be what you would call a ‘spectacular revelation’ about self. About the connection with the God-Source and connection with all of those of this particular soul group. When the time is right, this will occur. The doors will open and although the path will be steep and narrow, it will be well lit with the most beautiful light, the light of revelation, for this soul is, indeed, a light worker, one that you would say, on this earth plane, is ‘of the highest order’.

And, although there is no need to return to the earth plane, because of the conditions that are automatically taken on in this journey, in this incarnation, to do with the physical, there is a need to seek out those who can provide the seeds, the encouragement, to set the soul once more on the path as light-worker. This young soul has not yet recognized who self is, although there is a sensitivity and a perceived sense of connection, not necessarily with what one understands at this time. The understanding will increase with the realignment of all of the subtle bodies, that has been shared at this time.

The inner knowing will surface. It is important to tell self in this incarnation to allow the truth to surface, to give permission to self for the truth to surface, so that the mission may be accomplished. Those referred to as the ‘The Three’ also assist this soul in this incarnation.

It is important that this soul recognize the inner promptings, the inner knowing, allowing the heart not the head to rule. In this incarnation there is a sense of urgency. There is a sense of impatience at times, there is a sense of intolerance of others at times, but this is only because of the inner promptings. The intolerance is of self, as one has not yet learned because, as one is still, shall we say, locked into the belief systems around which, though valid, sometimes hamper the purpose. The unconditional love … when exercising free rein giving permission to self, telling self that now is the appointed time to begin with the quest for commitment to unconditional love, full commitment to trust of self, the Three will assist when called upon. The Three will assist whenever the need arises and their presence shall be felt. It is not necessary to seek names, it is necessary to feel the presence from the heart, not the head.
Were there questions?”

Derek: Yes. She’d like to have a comment on her relationship with several of the following people and a comment, if possible on the lessons to be learned.

All lessons in this incarnation are ones of patience, tolerance, understanding, compassion, unconditional love, and when one accepts self totally, one accepts totally the other.”

Derek: She asks, ‘I am open to a loving and caring relationship/partnership. Do you see this for me in this lifetime?’

At the appointed time. It has already been predetermined this will occur.”

Derek: ‘I am interested in knowing what my soul purpose is in this lifetime. and what path I should follow or choose to pull the soul learning into this lifetime. ‘

Trusting one’s inner guidance will lead self in the right direction. It is suggested that the soul learn to recognize the signals that are given, setting up for oneself, the responses, recognizing the responses, and this is best done with a teacher of choice familiar with these things, with these procedures.”

Derek: Is there anything else that could be shared with her at this time?

With this soul, the male and the female aspects are balanced because of the path ahead. There is balance. There is merely required, acknowledgment and love of self. It is suggested that this soul practice in front of a mirror or a suitable reflection, seeing past the physical, accepting the physical, looking in the eyes until there is the ability to see the soul, to see self, and this will give in this incarnation the ability to recognize the divinity within each person with whom one comes in contact. In this way will the soul be able to identify the partner that the soul is seeking and who is already in the sidelines being guided towards this soul in this present incarnation.

Derek: We express thanks at this time for having this opportunity to share this reading with (*****.)

We also  give thanks and we extend our blessing to all of those assisting us in this incarnation and who will be assisting as the path unfolds. Greetings.