Spiritual crisis

Hi to everyone. I have just joined here, it's kind of an attempt to find peace because I've been battling with the dark night of the soul for 3 years now.
I can't find my tribe so most people around me just think I'm nuts now. I have a lot of questions but no answers, I just feel very spiritually lost and don't fit in anymore. I'm just in limbo surrounded by people that I can't connect with..
Awakening to the spiritual side was easy. Awakening to the matrix was very different for me though and still is.. Am I going crazy is my question.. Is this feeling normal or are they right and I'm the mad one???
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Hello Snapdragon,

Welcome to MSG! We are glad to have you here. If you have many questions, I advise you to use the search tool to look up some of the posts that have been shared in the group. This is a great repository of spiritual information and maybe something you are looking for can be found there :-)

IF you are feeling in Limbo and unable to connect that is OK. Or what I should be saying is... Your Not Alone... right about now Limbo is more popping than the Club!! lol joking aside. Many people are also feeling "similar" , it is true however that each person has a different experiences and circumstance but if you are feeling isolation in your environment I recommend you to look into your heart and by that I mean let your heart speak. If you focus on (well.. its more like feeling in) your heart and remain in a state of stillness (physically) eventually the heart will speak to you and show you where the love flows between you and others in your life. This is not a "love" of desire or need but rather the unconditional love that flows between people and holds the universe together. It will be a familiar feeling. Perhaps this will help your journey in some way if not than there surely is another way that is up to you to find.

Lastly, I don't know who "they" are... are you talking about that guy with glasses from the matrix that says Mr. Anderson o.O... But then again luckily the matrix we are in is an infinite paradox so there is no end nor beginning, that is to say, that all humans emanate from the same source and therefore are one universal entity or connected in spirit. So if your crazy then technically they are also crazy... Anyways, maybe what I am trying to say is you are not crazy and if you are crazy than so am I lolol.
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