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Spiritual freedom


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I find citizens of every country struggling for political, social and economic freedom. The citizens claim that without these freedoms their existence is no better than animals; that these freedoms are the basic requirements for them to experience the joy of being human. I seriously doubt their proposition because I firmly believe that without spiritual freedom no one can in true sense enjoy the so-called political, social and economic freedom. Lets us now venture into the meaning of this Spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom can be understood as the ultimate freedom from the slavery of our senses. No matter how massive the material possession one might have in different forms of assets power and reputation, which he acquires by ensuring the so-called political social and economic freedom he shall still remain the slave of his senses and he can never truly be happy with his life and therefore he shall utterly fail to experience the joy of being human.

Now that brings us to the next question that how can we get this spiritual freedom.

Spiritual freedom essentially means emancipation from the sensual desires because it is this very desire which later on takes different forms like passion, anger, frustration, anxiety, jealousy and many more. All these are responsible for distracting a person and disturbing the peace of his mind. The starting point will be to constantly watch your mind and try to identify the surfacing of desires on the conscious plane of the mind. It is like this that our desires are already present in the subconscious mind in form of seeds and they periodically surfaces in form of a bubble in the conscious plane of our mind and then after some time the bubble bursts and creates a strong wave that makes our mind restless until and unless we satisfy that desire. At this moment we lose our reasoning power and self-control such that our mind gets attracted towards the sense object that will satisfy this desire. If the desire is very strong then it takes the form of passion and even then if it’s not satisfied, anger is inevitable and if one still fails to satisfy that desire then anger takes the form of frustration and depression in extreme cases. Thereby in this way, one loses all the mental peace which every one of us is constantly seeking. Before we can actually get through all this turmoil of wrong thoughts another desire gets ready to surface in the conscious plane and this keeps on and on throughout our life. Ironically though this phenomenon is constantly happening to all of us, most of us remain unconscious of this and we keep on blaming external objects for our misery and cursing the society for not providing the political social and economic freedom.

However the reality is that we are ignorant of spiritual freedom which is the precondition of experiencing any other form of freedom and strictly speaking if by virtue of self-control and strong willpower if one can stop the material desires from surfacing in the first place then one can experience true freedom from the shackles of the never-ending and transient desire of sensual pleasure. This is how one starts enjoying the fruits of spiritual freedom and then, even without the presence of other forms of material freedom, one can truly be joyful and expand into a fully fledged life.
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There is no such thing as spiritual freedom.  We are souls first who incarnated this human form for the experience of everything life offers, good or bad.  A soul wants to come here for that very purpose.  You do not achieve spiritual freedom when you are a spirit, or soul, or the universe.  Based on your writing, I don't think you realize that.  Part of the divine plan is to forget that we are souls first and for most of my life I thought I was a human having a spiritual experience, but when I figured it out, my entire thinking changed and everything in my life changed.
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