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Spiritual growth & personal development.

Spiritual growth & personal development.

As you can notice this is what the forum is all about. PD.
I’ll give my understanding of it and it would be great to read your views as well.
Your view could be more understandable to other members.

Personal development is a self education, a discipline, that’s where the word disciple comes from.
I define a disciple first of all as someone who educated himself to live in a particular way, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Nowadays personal development seems to only happen in the physical world. We develop our body more than we do with our mind; while development should occur in all level of our being. Every parts of our beings should be developed, educated, disciplined. For example, You know how to walk physically, then teach your soul how to walk too.

we can understand why most of people do not develop their mind and emotions, simply because they were not told it was possible. But we all know and cannot deny the existence of thoughts and feelings, because we deal with them every seconds of life. And some have even identified themselves as to be thoughts and feelings and so they suffer from them.
It makes sense to me that we should develop not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, because thoughts and emotions are part of ourselves, you feel pain when someone hurts your body, same as you feel pain when you are hurt emotionally. we’ve learnt how to avoid getting hurt physically, then why shouldn’t we learn how to avoid getting hurt emotionally? our mind part and emotional part will not take care of themselves. We need to treat them with care just as we do with our body, because the truth is that they are bodies too, but let’s keep the bodies story for later topics.

Is this a religious matter?
Not necessarily, because you do not call it a religious practice when you wash your body, give it food, give it proper body language, build muscles, etc… training your soul to do the same shouldn’t be called religious matter, for me it just a normal thing every human being should do for their own development sake. It doesn’t requires us to be from a particular religion or spiritual community to do that.

Why should we develop ourselves?
Simply because development, evolution is nature. You look around you, you will notice things grows, develops, nothing remains the same. Development is everywhere, a view from the sky over the nature show a green color, this is because green is a symbol of evolution. And this does not only happen physically but also mentally and emotionally. even if you refuse to develop, nature does not care, you will still develop, that’s a low of the nature. You will find yourself in situation where you will be pushed to learn, to behave, to think so you can grow. Your body doesn’t also care about what we think of evolution, it will still grow too, your body will not be the same from 5years old to 60years old.

Now you would ask, why must we worry about developing our body and soul if they will eventually develop any way? We develop consciously to avoid growing in pain. Let me take an image to explain this:
You are school boy you are meant to become a doctor, your parents send you to school to study, if you listen to your parents and your teachers and study your lessons, do your homework, pass exams, you are a happy boy, you move from one class to the other with joy, you get gifts from your parents and teachers, you receive rewards, you grow with happiness, no pain.

now if you say, No I don’t want to be a doctor, I don't want to go to school and don't want to pass exam; then you will live a painful childhood life, as your parents and teacher will become some kind of enemies to you, they will beat you, they will force you, you won’t receive gifts, no holidays for you, you repeat classes, you still learn and grow but because of a punishment stick in your father hand. You grow with pain and fear.

Development is a low an intelligent human do not neglect because he knows he will live in pain if he/she go against it. The error is to think that we can escape it, no we can’t we are all meant to because true Sons and daughter of God. We all came from God, and to God we are all going back, the path to God is the same to everybody, only one road back to God. Those who willingly take that road, follow it with Joy, and some other are simply forced, pulled by nature in that road.
God is said to be patient, he has eternity, well that means we could spend an eternity fighting against the low of development, which will mean an eternity of sufferance. And those who have accepted to develop themselves, who do not wait for nature to drag them in difficult places to remind them of development, those are ahead of time. So some among us human are advanced people, kind of like a human of the future(when all is perfect) living in the present(when all is worse).

So fellows, it all depends how we want to develop. You have a free-will, you can either develop yourself or refuse to. If you choose to develop yourself, mother nature and all her acquaintances will help you and give you gifts as you go. If you refuse to develop yourself, mother nature will force you to anyway, but believe me, you do not want her to deal with you, she has a special way of teaching, sufferance is the only way for stubborn people.
I wish we all take the self-development path.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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This post has a profound meaning. Definitely, it is good to indicate that we will have to learn our life lessons by all means whether we like it or not! the only option we have is how we choose to learn: the hard way or the soft way. As for those who wish to stagnate spiritually, mother nature has an unspeakably harsh solution in store for them! Thanks for pointing this out.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Two thumbs up Krya!
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Well said and very true
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Nice post!
I always see nature as a living machine which manages to make us do what she wants from us. Evolution is compulsory, it is just so natural Smile

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Krya, thanks for reminding us that rebellion is of no use as far as evolution is concerned and that we have to learn to co-operate with nature in this matter, eventualy learn to love it and finally become beings of love like God - the supreme and final goal for any creature.
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Reading someone’s autobiography recently, I came across a saying that ‘religion
is for those who don’t want to go to hell; spirituality or spiritualism, is for
those who have been there.’ Think about
it for a minute. I wonder how many would agree with that.

For myself I would have to admit that, at different times throughout my
life, I went through some quite difficult experiences, both physical and

From observation, I would guess that the same is true for many, many
people. In childhood, naughtiness is one thing but, sometimes that naughtiness
can deteriorate into deliberately bad behaviour, with a view to obtaining
favours. For others, perhaps the same favours can be secured by good behaviour.
Then one progresses into adolescence, which can be a time of agonising choices
and decisions; a time when perhaps the naughtiness of childhood translates into
badness and even downright wickedness, as one experiments with life. Maturity
brings maybe greater understanding of how life works, but still each individual
follows his or her own pathway, with or without a proper grasp of the ultimate consequences
of their actions.

However, at some time during that progress, most will reach a point
where questions will not go away and answers have to be found. Often, perhaps
usually, the impact of religion on an individual’s early life will depend on
family background, then later, the educational environment. Later still, the
influences experienced in the big, wide world of wage-earning; the social
setting and suchlike.

For some, it seems, life appears to consist of pleasurable enjoyment,
without too much responsibility or concern for the future. For others, perhaps
less fortunate, life might be a struggle amidst poverty, deprivation, even

It seems to me that it is among the latter group that the naturally
enquiring mind seeks answers to all sorts of questions concerning social, moral
and religious behaviour; whys and wherefores on questions about human life,
from conception to crematorium or cemetery, as the case may be; and sometimes even
what came before and what lies beyond.

Perhaps that saying I quoted is rather superficial and not really
adequate, for surely, between those two classifications are the ‘don’t knows’
and the ‘don’t cares.’ Are they the ones
who reject religion on the grounds that either “it is all humbug,” or “it is
run by those who try to control us and they are not going to control me?

And as for spiritualists, well they are either off their rockers, or
they work for the Devil.”

For myself, I think the Spiritualists have got it about right.

But then, I would say that, wouldn’t I.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Physical Evolution vis-a-vis Spiritual Evolution
In some of my earlier posts, I have already referred to my interpretation of the Divine Plan, in the context of our relationship with our planet. This is that the prime function of humanity in incarnation is to evolve in parallel with, or concurrently with, the evolution of Planet Earth.
The more I have studied this concept, the more I find it is shared with many others. Not least of these is Gary Zukav. Gary Zukav is an American spiritual teacher and the author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers.
I can do no better than quote the following extract from his book, The Seat of The Soul.
“Our evolution, until very recently, has been as five-sensory humans evolving through the exploration of physical reality. That is the same thing as the pursuit of external power. Now we have crossed the threshold, we’re in new territory, a brand new domain. We are now becoming multi-sensory. That means we are no longer confined to the five senses. Now I use these terms because the five senses together form a single-sensory system and the object of that sensory system is physical reality. That's what it is designed to detect. As we become multi-sensory, we move beyond the limitations of the five senses and we now are evolving to a different mechanism in the exploration of physical reality. We are evolving through responsible choice of and with the assistance and guidance of non-physical guides and teachers.
We are spiritual beings, we have always been spiritual beings and we will always be spiritual beings. The difference is that now we are becoming aware of ourselves as spiritual beings and that is making all the difference.
The requirements for our evolution have changed. Survival is no longer sufficient. Our evolution now requires us to develop spiritually – to become emotionally aware and make responsible choices. It requires us to align ourselves with the values of the soul – harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life.”
Quote from Gary Zukav above:-
“Now I use these terms because the five senses together form a single sensory system and the object of that sensory system is physical reality.”

This is where I would like to make the starting point of a shared adventure into spiritual reality.
Shared? you may ask. Yes, because when we are working with other-dimensional energies, combining our efforts is stronger and more effective than working alone. It is true however, that many have already travelled alone. The pioneers, if you like, to continue the metaphor.
I suggest that the era has dawned when many more of us are becoming involved in this transition into the realisation of our true nature; and progressively this will escalate into the ultimate transmutation into wholly spiritually motivated beings whilst still occupying a physical body. What this effectively means is that instead of being physical vessels for what we term the Lower Self, having only a notional awareness of Higher Self, we will, still as humans, carry a near total awareness of the combination of Lower and Higher Selves, thus becoming truly Spiritual Beings. Concomitant with this evolutionary phenomenon will be the appropriate desuetude of some of our physical attributes.
Now I had never come across that word before. Desuetude, I find in my dictionary, refers to the condition of not being used any more. I suppose it means that some physical functions will become redundant.
I think it is only fair to tell you that a few days before writing all this, whilst talking to another member of my congregation, I went out of body and verbally described seeing just such a state of affairs.
Whilst the human race is undergoing this evolutionary change, our host Planet will be experiencing a parallel mutation. Right now, I have not been given any indication as to how this will occur, but I have envisioned ideas that it will involve substantial climatic changes, wholesale extinction of species within the plant and animal kingdoms as these become redundant, as well as extensive reconfiguration of the land and seascapes. ALL OF WHICH HAS HAPPENED BEFORE.
Let us go back to meeting our non-physical guides and teachers, to use Zukav’s words.
If we are to engage in such a journey, then we need to prepare ourselves; we need to understand the nature of what we are about to do. If it were a physical journey of exploration, venturing into unknown territory with unknown risks and dangers, then we would make suitable preparations; arm and protect ourselves against such potential dangers. The same holds for any journey of exploration, even, perhaps especially, a spiritual journey.
Thus our first task, our duty even, is to ensure that we make suitable preparations. Before I go any further, am I preaching to the converted here? Do you protect yourselves in a positive and effective way, perhaps following a given routine for the purpose? Something you have learned in development classes or suchlike?
For those who use no such protection – Your first question might be; protection against what? I am sure you know what I am referring to here Opposites, yes? Strong/weak, Good/bad. Favourable/unfavourable. And of course, Light/dark. I guess all here have an understanding of the latter. In our current context we see Light as Good and dark as bad. So, spiritually, we seek to engage with the Light in a positive way and to deny the dark any strength or effectiveness.
In terms of protecting ourselves, we can work on two different levels. By levels I refer first to our third dimensional level; the here and now. To do this we use our psychic ability to construct, by the power of the mind, a wall of energy around ourselves. We visualise this psychically-constructed, protective wall or sphere of Light. For spiritual protection we go to the fourth and higher dimensional levels, invoking the help of angelic protection; perhaps having awareness of, or even communication with, our Guardian Angel. Now we are working at the level where the Will of God is known. We ask our Guardian to provide the same measure of protection at the level of Higher Self, but still encompassing us in the Divine Light of Holy Spirit.
Once this concept is grasped and understood it takes far less time to execute than to describe. There are extensions to this practice but this is sufficient for our immediate purpose.
If we are going to work in our exploration and understanding of spiritual reality, then we need to release or remove ourselves from the physical reality. The simplest way to achieve that release is through the relaxation of our five physical senses.

Preparing for this sort of seriously deep and meaningful meditation, for me, entails the use of creative visualisation, best accessed through a measure of closely controlled breathing and relaxation taken from the teachings found in Hatha Yoga. Or something similar, if you already use this sort of thing when preparing to meditate. No Lotus positions or standing on the head required; just the usual “are you sitting comfortably.”
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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