Spontaneous Astral Body Projection

Hi All. I have not posted anything in a long time, this will be my first therefore please bear with me with my spelling and sentence construction.
A while ago (actually a few weeks ago) I experienced my first true Astral body projection. I cannot say that it was my first obe as looking back, I believe I had already experienced a few brief moments of travelling outside my body. These experiences scared me though which explains why I had not had my first true projection quite earlier on.
That said, there is no words or thoughts or feelings that could explain my first experience. It was mind blowing and all other experiences after that was pale in comparison.
What seems to mystify my fellow travellers and alchemists is that I had this experience without consciously trying to trigger one and without taking any chemicals, natural or otherwise.
After my first big 'flight' and after I had returned to my body, I was able to initiate three similar 'flights' but was unable to go as high as with my first big 'flight'.
I have been trying to initiate this experience by choice and seems to have almost broken the barriers but have not quite been able to have the same travels.
Any advice or words of wisdom the Creator or the Gods may have presented to anyone in this room and meant for me would be appreciated.
That is if there is words of wisdom forthcoming. I hope so, I have a extraordinary source of energy locked up inside me and I now need advice and leadership and guiding hands and words....

Thanks All
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I understand how excited you must be for having experienced what seemed a much better astral projection, for describing it as your first true Astral body projection Smile
You say there is no words or thoughts or feelings that could explain my first experience. It is ok, because you can be assured that many like you, have gone through those experiences. So yes, I understand very well everything behind those words of yours "no words or thoughts or feelings that could explain my first experience".

Spontaneous astral projection can happen to anyone, that means if even the person doesn't take any chemical or natural drugs. This is because astral projection is a natural thing which happens to all humans when they go to asleep. Our astral body separates from our physical body when we go sleep. This has always happened since we were children. The only difference now is that you became aware of the separation process. You became fully aware, conscious of your consciousness out of your physical body. You became aware of it by chance, that is what we translate by spontaneous astral projection. You didn't provoke it to happen, you didn't mean to become conscious of it, but it just suddenly did.

Now although we all astral project subconsciously when we go to bed, it doesn't happen to anyone to become aware of the astral projection while our physical body is resting in bed. In order to become aware of it, some chakras must be stimulated, mostly the sacral and solar plexus chakra. Some people although following a spiritual path, praying a lot, meditating a lot... lived their entire lives without becoming aware of the astral projection during sleep, not even once in their lives. What I'm trying to say is that you must have stimulated some of your inner energies without you even knowing. Usually without using any drugs, it is the breathing related exercises which puts inner psychic energies in motions in us, but it is also possible although rare that your higher self temporally wakes up your consciousness while you are sleeping to make you experience what it judges is important for you know.

My advise, is since things have gone that way, you may now try and learn to develop that ability in a conscious way. Let it happen spontaneously if it does still. If your inner energies have really been excited a lot, you might even notice that this spontaneous astral projection will continue to occur every now and then, if this is the case, you will feel it happening violently as time goes, meaning whether you want it to happen or not at night. Sometimes soon after you close your eyes in bed, sometimes you will be paralyzed in bed in the middle of your sleep time, so your astral body may fly away. You will feel like you were being pushed to astral projections without your own will. Then if you get scared every time this spontaneous experiences happen, you will block the energies, and the experiences will stop. Yes fear blocks such energies. Understand that many who don't have such experiences are afraid of death, afraid of the invisible, and it is that very fear that blocks the energies.

You don't want this to happen always out of your control. If you agree, then the first thing you should do is to try and balance the energies of your 3 first chakras. Then you can successfully initiate your astral projections at will. If this is the way you feel you may go about it, I may give you some guidance by PM on how to go about it. And I maybe I can possibly come over to you in the astral world to assist you from there. But for any other questions around this topic, please ask from this thread, so whoever in need of the information may read.

I also want you to think of what you are planing to do once you master this ability. There is an intelligence behind the fact that all are not aware of their trips in the astral world while they are sleeping. If you come to do this, you need to make sure to make a good use of it. With such abilities, comes great responsibilities.

Also please consider other members replies to your question. As I'm aware some others may be as experienced as me. It is wise to keep an open mind, to leave a room for all other advises. Take from all, and come to your own conclusions. Those conclusions you make out of people's experiences and your own experience, are the only true truths.

Love and light to you.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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That seems pretty down-to-earth advice, krya. hahahaha

Smile Smile Smile

Sorry, I just couldn't miss that one. I know full well that it is a matter to be taken very seriously.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Thank you for your wise words. They most definitely have lifted the veil and made my vision clearer in some aspects.
These are words that I can follow to gain a better experience.
I have been told through numerology charts and other means that I am a natural healer and 'inspirer' of people therefore once I have mastered my travels, I would like to apply this to healing others in need. In what ever way they require.
I have not been able to trigger another experience therefore asking for your help on the astral level would seem pointless ? or are you able to assist without me being fully there ?
I would appreciate any advice or assistance.

Any coaching to help me get to the astral plane ?

Thank you for your time.
In love and light...

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First of all, sorry for the late reply. I was away in an area without internet.
So if you are planning on healing people from the astral world, that’s a very good, since it is even best healing when applied to the astral body of the sick person. And of course you will learn how to perform the healing from the astral world, but your intention is good. You will probably add up new tasks to yourself later, like helping those who have just died realized they are dead so they may move on, joining a messenger team sometimes called the human angels… Those are all valid reasons to want to master the astral travel.

The most important lessons of the astral projection are taught in the astral world. You truly need guidance when you are awake in the astral world, especially in your first days/months, to guide you on how to use your senses effectively, how to make slow, quick or instant move from one place to another. How to change vibrations in order to leave or enter a new dimension (subtle plan) … That is where you would appreciate some help from me.

Because you’ve had some spontaneous astral projections, that means you’ve somehow stimulated your chakras. That is good start. But you should learn to stimulate those chakras at will too.
Then if you may want to willingly astral project (at will). In order to do that you should learn to put your physical body to sleep while keeping your consciousness awake. At the beginning, make use of the morning hours to learn how to keep awake while your physical body is sleeping. Doing so will put you in a trance state. When in the trance state you can move your etheric hands, or other parts of your etheric body, we can set up an appointment for me to come over in the astral world to help.

If you need details in each of those steps, PM me. Certain things are better not be told in public.

Love and light to you.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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My return to these page are rare and very intermittent thus my sometimes delayed response. Apologies for that.
Again thank you for all your wise words and advice.

I may have gained some insight by your words as to the 'trigger' for my experience.

Prior to me going to sleep, I did do meditation that targeted my lower chakra and I also did not close my meditation session properly afterwards. This could have been the trigger but I will be experimenting a bit more and seeing where his leads me.
If I can initiate another experience myself, I will contact you and take you up on your offer to meet in the astral world. Thank you for that.

In love and light, may the grace of the creator and the power of the Gods and Angels bless you with clear thoughts and creative thinking.
As Bruce Lee has said in the past, knowing is one thing but knowing and applying takes it to another level.

Blessings to all.
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