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What do you think of the influence of the stars on Human Life ?
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(07-27-2012, 09:23 PM)thegroup Wrote: What do you think of the influence of the stars on Human Life ?

[Image: cluster-of-stars-in-the-universe.jpg]

In astrology, the stars are related to the events that happen or will happen in a person life on earth.
The ancients astrologers used to read the earth and people's stars to say what is going to happen at a giving time of our life; This is how ancient astrologer found where and when baby Jesus was going to be born.

The more it's close to your planets the more it has an impact in your live. Their state also are important, as a star is bright, bright will be something in your life. I'll leave the lesson of stars for now and will say something I believe to be very important to know about the stars.
First to understand that, astrology is a system of knowledge, the Galaxy is also an other system, a Human being is also an other system, Atoms again an other System...
And all these systems are the same system, I mean what you find in one of the system, you find it in other system as well.
so we can understand a lot about humans by studying astrology or the vise-versa.

Then this is what we find: In our society which is an other system, our father is the sun, our mother is the Moon, then brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles are all the planets of astrology; Now who are the stars? well the stars are exactly those we usually call "Stars" on TV Smile. It might seem funny I know, but it's true.
This is just a way to explain that the stars are those who are seen the most important among the people (planets) in a society. But of caurse in a white society (the society that contains all the truth seekers, masters and what have you, the star is Jesus Wink ) .

Then here, you can start to answer to the question:
What is the influence of stars in our life. I guess we all know how stars you see on TV influences people a great deal.
if you can go in the space of our galaxy, or simply look up in the sky at night, you should see the stars shining, and planets don't. Although they appear to be small, Stars shine and they look beautiful.

Now let's go further more, the sum of all the stars you see in the space is the Causal body of physical Universe.
Yes it is right there! for those who wonder how does the causal world in the physical world look like, just look up the STARS.
When something spectacular happen in someone's life, people say "Hooo that man was born under a good star"
The causal body is in relationship with the physical body, in our solar system, the physical body is Earth.
then what happen in the stars happen on earth, since there's a connection, just like there's that connection between the Tv stars and the people who watch them. There's Nothing that is ever created on earth that did not exist already in the stars. That's why the stars of astrology influences our life.

A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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At night, when I look at the stars,
I wonder what life’s like on Mars.
Our Galaxy’s large.
By the way, WHO’s in charge?
And WHO created pulsars?
Milky Way can seem quite bizarre
As we gaze at it from afar
Other galaxies too.
I have to ask WHO
Devised the fabulous quasar?
Andromeda, now there’s a vision.
I wonder WHO made the decision,
In four million years
It could all end in tears
With one almighty collision?
The explosion of each supernova
Comes when its lifetime is over.
They say every sphere sings
But WHO made the darned things?
There are those who would credit Jehovah.
As a youth, when I looked at the stars,
I used to try counting for hours.
‘Til I learned there’s a trillion,
Or even a zillion.
Then I found out about cars.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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