I am Berengar and my way leads me here. I have been following the spiritual path with full consciousness since 8 years. They passed very fast, as it makes me very happy in the most moments.
Due to the requirement of my heart, there are many projects that I bring to life.
One is to emmit divine love, called Yamura, to give stillness and strenght to people. To achieve this I have created my own homepage lichtbringer-reiki and changed my prices to being fair. The sense for the lucky user is going to be to set himself free. The path becomes more clear and the way opens and now one can walk, step by step, blissed.
Another one is to use the power of silence and let it sing/speak through me. To make this wish possible I have turned active on instagram with YamuraChristLove, a nickname used by me in several forums.  Also I run the youtube account HeimdallLichtbringer.
My main goal of joining this community is to continue with whatever makes me and everybody else happy. (or possibly can do so)
If I can ride the wave once, it is going to support me in my dream like a network that comes together.
The aim of all this hobbies is just to be myself, with pending little too much hope that it once goes off and I receive payment for my offerings.
So if you want to book me on my Homepage feel free to do so. Support of any other kind is also very welcome. For example you can check that my youtube, instagram numbers rise on each level, post my songs somewhere etc.

Thank you very much for reading