What is development?
Development in the esoteric science refers to the development of your soul. Precisely the development of the different subtle bodies which together form your soul ( the lower self). If you are called to develop them, that’s because they are under developed. And the reason why we want to develop them is so they can all be excellent representations of the higher subtle bodies of the spirit (of the higher self). In other words, should you wish to make of your soul a nice copy of your spirit, you have to develop each subtle body of your soul.

We are not talking about the development of all 7 bodies, but only the lower self/soul bodies (the etheric, astral and mental bodies). So only 4 subtle bodies need development. 

The spirit subtle bodies don’t need to be developed. Why you would ask? because they are already developed. Our spirit bodies are already perfect, they are spiritual, pure and free. So your development work is not at that spirit level, but at the lower soul level. Your soul is what needs development because throughout the reincarnations it has taken the wrong habits of trying to be independent from its true image (which is the spirit). This development is about re-educating the soul (lower self) to connect to the spirit (higher self). 

Thanks to esoteric science, we may work in a precise way. We can take care of each of our soul subtle body separately. This is different from the religious method where believers are told to simply do some random good actions in the hope of some spiritual progress. The lucky believers get some success. But most them don’t get anywhere. The goal of this development is to make the whole content of your soul to be dependent on the spirit. However, do not under estimate the difficulty of this work. The lower self is such a stubborn thing. It won’t let itself be changed easily. It will resist any change you will try to apply to it . And that is the main challenge in your spiritual journey: Your fight with the soul subconscious wrong doings.

What your subtle bodies consume as food allow them to either develop or to get worse.
To win this glorious fight against the lower self-wrong doings, you will have to study your lower self-weak points. What makes your lower self get bad or worse? What makes it so difficult to control. Why does it not obey the spirit, why doesn’t it not let go. Why does it stick to the same bad habits? Why doesn’t it quit and let the spirit take control? Well, it’s simple. It is because of the type of food you give to it: The type of thought, feelings/desires, and even the physical food you give to it. Nutrition at all levels, is what mostly strengthens your lower self.

The higher self is home of Virtues and the lower self is home of vices
The soul (or lower self) is gotten dirty along the centuries of its existence. That dirt is what we call the vices, the bad habits of the mind, emotions and will. A vice is nothing but the opposite of a virtue. The dirty version of the virtue. A vice is formed in the soul every time the soul refuses to do an action like the spirit would do it. Today most people’s soul has learnt to do things their own way. meaning not taking example from the spirit. This is how we’ve created vices for ourselves. This dirt like stains are difficult to remove. And the only way to remove them is to learn to trick the lower self, and wisely bring it to look up to the spirit way of doing things.

Working with the physical body
Like I explain above, the whole secret of working on all your bodies is knowing what to feed them with. For the physical body, just pay great care of what you eat and drink. Your physical body is more resistant to obey your spirit when it becomes too gross. Yes, I’ll be straight and clear with you. Too much body fat is a problem for your spiritual development. The body fat blocks so much energies transfer between the visible and the invisible. Also getting drunk too much is one more problem. So slow down on alcohol as it damages many brain cells needed for the body and soul communication. You don’t want to break this communication.

What you need to eat and drink is up to you, as long as you keep your fat level in check. Use all means at your disposal to keep a good fat level according to your age. Just keep a good balance. Don’t reach the point where you feel so heavy to even stand up because of the body fat. You may go opt to go for gym for example if you are in such a situation or simply play with your diet to cut down on fat a little.

Working with the etheric body
The etheric body needs serious care. Most people survive with very less etheric energies. They basically got used to living like that, with limited energies, but the etheric body should remain energized, full of life  so in return it may take care of the physical body. A constant lack of etheric energy causes a short life span, and above all, the laziness to accomplish/action, laziness to accomplish the will of the spirit which requires a lot of energies to execute. Yes courage, wisdom, love may pull a lot of your etheric energies to manifest in the physical world. So it is wise take a decision to work on increasing your etheric body, to make it strong enough to allow you to accomplish the will of the spirit. Ideally feed it with new energies every day. You may develop your etheric body in many ways. For a start, here is what you may do.

Try and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. When you rest sleeping, you actually allow your etheric body to absorb solar energies from the atmosphere. This is a natural way established by nature for the etheric body to recharge. Use it in your advantage! When you are awake, a lot of your etheric body energies are being used by your physical body; especially the brain.  Anything you do willingly uses the etheric body energies: Speaking, listening, walking, thinking about a difficult problem, jumping etc.

The second thing you do is to learn how to withdraw energies from the food you eat. Yes, any food contains solar energies called prana (the solar energies) which empowers your etheric body. Fruits which are the most exposed to the sun light. Apples, mangoes, bananas… preferably choose the ones which are fresh, with shining colors. Yes colors because colors are actually not physical but etheric. For example, bright yellow, red, purple fruits. The presence of colors in the fruit demonstrates a great amount of solar energies in it. Notice that when those fruits get bad, they lose their colors, which means their prana energies expire.

There is also a special way to eat in order to absorb the energies from food. The secret is in your mouth. Your mouth has natural tools of absorbing prana energies. Those energies are withdrawn from the top part of your mouth, and under your tongue. When you have the food in your mouth, do not quickly swallow it. Take some time to chew it enough. And above all, from time to time, you should stop chewing to breathe deeply. Take a deep breath through your nose and feel the air as it goes past your mouth. This attitude allows the energies to join your etheric body through the top of the mouth.

Now working with the astral body
The first work on the astral body, is to feed it with gentle feelings. To achieve this, make use of music. Collect all the best music you remember which made you feel so good emotionally. All those music which touched you, and which still does till today. Collect them and make a playlist out of it to listen every day. At least once a day, get into the habit of listening to your favorite music. Any type of music which gives you lots of good emotions. But the best choice of music would be those close to spiritual type of music.

The second thing is to reduce your meat diet. Yes, meat contains animal desires and emotions which do nothing but strengthen your astral body negative feelings and desire. In the end, you make your astral body development harder for yourself. However, I do not advise everybody to be 100% vegetarian, not everybody needs to be totally vegetarian ( and that's just my point of view) because meat also has some chemical elements which certain of physical bodies need. So to cater for your physical body and your soul, balance your meat consumption. For example, taking a break from meat every now and then for about one week or two, each month, during the waxing moon is enough to make this process work. I may elaborate the reason for the waxing moon period in a different thread.

Working with the mental body
The basic work you are recommended to do is to get used to feeding your mind with pure fresh thoughts. As much as you can, stay away from past and future related thoughts, because those are the biggest show stoppers of your mental development. Every day ( every 2 days, or at least once a week), find some time to read something new. The esoteric knowledge for example. Feed yourself with this kind of knowledge. Meditate upon it, reflect a lot upon this kind of topics. Don’t absorb too much of earthly problems, avoid spending too much time thinking about the sadness of the world. Rather fly up in the upper regions of your mind, think about the invisible things like, the soul, the spirit, the subtle bodies, the stars, the higher spiritual beings, freedom, perfection, love and why not God.

Love and light