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Synchronization Mediation Group Meetings

Starts: 11-08-2016 09:30 AM
Ends: 30-12-2016 12:00 AM

Synchronization Mediation Group Meetings

Dear members,
To all those who joined or willing to take part the Synchronization Meditation. We've set up a skype group spiritual meeting. Each weekend. Smile

Date and Time.
Every Sat and Sun 09h 30 on wards, UK time.

Should you wish to join, please look up for "tenerifex999" on skype. You don't need to activate your video. I understand not all of us have sophisticated machines, and some prefer to keep their identity private Smile.
You can always check the calendar for this events, in case you forget the days of the meeting.

Meet you all there!

Love and light.
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thank you Admin it great

i started with the meditation you have given and it work!! it help me understand the flow, it is written very understandable,
and really helped me in letting go.

There is a person who really upset me, and through following what i learned in this meditation every-time the upsetting feeling
arise i just let it flow trough and let it go ( meditation this is not me, and let it go)

The person come to me and i thought here come a big fight! lol
But very nervously she came to ask help, some one she loved needed counseling, i was blown away

there is so many wonderful things that happened to me and i know it because off this group and what i learn here!

i thank the Creator God

blessings to all
Light, Life and Love
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Just in case some of you have wondered how and where I got the idea for the Synmed, I thought I should pass on to you the following which came to me nearly a year ago.


Now you all know I am sure that everything that happens in Heaven and on Earth is recorded. This is from Edgar Cayce, the American, so-called Sleeping Prophet. There is, supposedly, underneath the Great Pyramid of Giza, or under one of the paws of the Sphinx, a Hall of Records. In that Hall there is a record of everything that has happened, or has yet to happen, on Earth. The Akashic Records it’s called. They say that one day that Hall will be opened; by some special person; and all will be revealed. Now how can that happen? If there is someone there to open the place up and let us all into the big secrets, then there is still an earth, with people living on it, who are waiting to hear what is revealed. So it’s all still going on. So how can it be a record of everything that’s happened if it hasn’t all happened yet? Do you see what I mean? This is the sort of merry-go-round on which I sometimes find myself when trying to work things out.
Anyway, it seems that the stuff that goes on in Heaven is all recorded, because I was having a chat with St Francis of Assissi the other day and do you want to know what he told me? Well he said he had had another session with God, talking about this and that, you know. (I suppose God calls them all in from time to time so they can bring Him up to speed on what’s been going on around the Universe.)
Well he said he was going to tell me – verbatim - what God discussed with him. You know – like word for word. And I said to him, “How can you tell me exactly what God said to you and what you said to God? Have you got a super-power memory or something?” And he said to me, “Well you know we aren’t all that backward up here. You’d be surprised at the records we keep. Yes we keep a record here of everything that happens everywhere, every minute of every day. Of course I only do stuff in this Solar System right now. I’ll prove it to you. I’ll send you a transcript of our most recent discussion. Just Him and me there. No-one else.”
St Francis did warn me that I might find it a bit different from some of the other stuff he’s passed on to me from time to time. It’s not that he’s leaking secrets from Heaven, or anything like that; it’s just info that they think it’s time we on Earth should have.
It’s only fair to tell you that, since He last allowed us access to his private thoughts, God took a short holiday - in New York. He says he rather enjoyed slumming for a while but he did not have time to explore the suburbs and meet a few of the Suburbanites. He actually spent most of his time around the Bronx area.
So this is the transcript.

GOD. Hey Fwankie, How ya doin pal? We ain’t had a chat in a while. What are dose cwazy Suburbanites up to dese days anyway? Dey gettin’ deir damn fingers out an’ helpin’ impwove deir enviwonment, ‘stead o’ all that cwap wit’ deah gardens an’ stuff?
ST FRANCIS. Well no God; actually they have come up with something even woyse, er worse.
GOD. Woyse, woyse? What could be woyse dan dat?
ST FRANCIS. Well Master, since you allowed Mr Ford to invent the popular model of the mechanical conveyance with the internal combustion engine, you know, motor cars and suchlike, they have been polluting your wonderful Blue Planet’s atmosphere with appalling emissions from the exhaust pipes of those ghastly engines. I’m sorry Master, I realise it was your idea to help them with their mobility, so that they could travel and intermingle and so on; but do you realise what dreadful consequences this is having for Beautiful Blue?”
“ And, forgive me Lord, but do you think you could just forget that silly way they talk in The Bronx and talk to me in my own language, Italian. Well perhaps, since this lot we are dealing with today are mostly English-speaking, I suppose it will have to be English. Such a beautiful, eloquent language don’t you think Lord? Now that was one of your better ideas – much better than that Latin stuff I used to have to speak and sing and say prayers in, back in the cathedral in Assissi.”
GOD. Okay, okay, I get your drift. Anyway, how do you mean, dreadful consequences? They can get off their butts, er, backsides, and see just what a wonderful place I gave them to inhabit. Learn all about the natural world and the rest of the creatures and plants and trees and suchlike that I put down there for them. I didn’t just give them cars either; I gave them ships and aeroplanes and those big mechanical excavators and suchlike. And how about the electric motor cars and the bio-fuels? Don’t you think that was another demonstration of my genius for good ideas?
ST FRANCIS. Well Lord I’m sorry to have to say, those are not really as clean as you would like. They have just gone berserk with all that machinery, magnificent though it may be. They have adapted your original ideas so that now they have lost all perception of your conception of working for what they get. In fact Lord, they seem to think that word work should be abandoned altogether. You’ve made it possible for them to devise things like telephones and computers that they don’t have to lift a finger to operate and they are becoming just obsessed by them; especially the young ones Master – they can even make them work just by sending their thoughts.”
“Talking about thoughts, I’ve been looking for the chance to have a word about this. I thought you originally meant the power of thought to be a means of accessing the spiritual planes, not inventing aeroplanes. (Well they think they did it. Most of them down there have no idea what you get your angels to do for them.) I know you cannot reverse this situation without - well, I suppose you would have to wipe most of them out and start again. Like you did with Mu and Lemuria and Atlantis and so on. But do you think that would be a good idea, Lord? After all, some of us thought you wanted the Blue Planet and the Human Race to get along together, and concurrently complete their evolution any time soon. If we have to wait for another form of humans to develop, (and you know how long the present lot have taken, what with forgetting who they are and why you put them here,) poor old Mother Earth is going to suffer yet another major setback. And you know, better than most, how long she’s been around. Look Master, I know you are the one who is supposed to be the brains in this outfit, but can I offer a suggestion?
GOD. I guess you have been down there enough times to have picked up on what I’m trying to do. How do you think we ought to take it on from here?
ST FRANCIS. Since you ask, Lord; How about we try and get some of the Suburbanites who are a bit more clued up, to forget for a while their own individual spiritual progress and get together to do some of the thought stuff, you know, the really high level meditations; the ones that can access the GOOD VIBRATIONS. Get some of the lower vibes re-processed by your Planet Earth and bring in the sort of energies that can influence some of those who haven’t yet woken up. Some of your angels have already been working on this with a few of them, over quite a few centuries really. But I have come across a bunch of them who seem ready to take on the really big stuff. You know, forgetting their earthly, human sides for a bit and getting really stuck into the spiritual energy and power to which you have given them access. Have you noticed Master that, although English was not my mother tongue, I never end a sentence with a preposition? But back to the matter in hand. I think they are beginning to realise that, if they take their human thoughts and aspirations, and agree to combine them into group meditations, in utterly selfless purpose, they can actually get this thing done. Maybe, together we can get them to clean up their act down there and become the Communion of Spirits that... well, yes, I know it was your idea all along. I’ll try and have a word with some of them for you – see if I can get something started right away. Well, perhaps not absolutely right away. You see Master; they have got into this habit in recent times of celebrating something they call Christmas. You know, when Mary did the virgin-birth thing so that Jesus could have a go at sorting things out. Well, He made a pretty good fist of it, didn’t he, considering he had to start single handed; and He had to walk everywhere, or get on that donkey He sometimes used. Hey, do you remember how He looked, with those long legs dangling down to the ground? I’m sorry Master, I don’t mean to ridicule your Son, but hey, you’ve got to agree... uh sorry.
Maybe all those new inventions you have given today’s Suburbanites were not such a bad idea after all. What with all that mechanical and electronic gear we could really get something going this time. You know, SPREAD THE WORD.
GOD. You see, Francis, I knew it would all come out right in the end, but Fwankie, you’se gonna have yo woyk cut out. Sorry Francis. Anyway, give it your best shot, will you? You know.
ST FRANCIS. Yes God. My best shot. And perhaps we should chat more often eh Lord. Let’s not leave it so long again.
See you around. Arrivederci,. Hasta la vista till we meet again ‘Byee.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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