Where do emotions and desires come from?
Emotions and desires comes from our astral body. As you may already know, the astral body is an invisible double of our physical body which we use when our physical body goes to sleep. Yes because our consciousness never sleeps, it continues its life even when our physical body sleeps or dies. When we are using our physical body during the awake state, I mean during the day, our astral body is still in us melted in physical body like sugar in your coffee. Our astral body stays active at all times in us during the awake state providing emotions and desires. All emotions and desires we have during the course of the day comes from the astral body in us. So although you may not have never seen the astral body, you know how it manifests. When you are enjoying something: music, a beautiful scenery, a book, sex, a movie, an creative activity. That is your astral body manifesting. And the astral body most important food is the orange energy. The stomach of the astral body is the sacral chakra (Refer to http://www.myspiritualgroup.com/Thread-D...RAL-CHAKRA )

The official science says that emotions are produced by the brain Smile. I love the official science, yes I do, it teaches me a lot. But because it ignores the metaphysics facts, science will talk nonsense sometimes Smile. On behalf of the initiates, I confirm that the emotions and desires don't come from the brain but from the astral body. The brain is nothing but a receiver of astral body vibrations, the brain only replicates the emotions happening in our the astral body. If ever the connection between astral body and the physical body is cut, the brain won't be able to replicate the emotions which are happening in the astral body. Anyone who can astral project (or OBE) will tell you that he/she is able to experience emotions out of his/her physical body, while this latter is sleeping and feeling nothing. Some of astral travelers saw beautiful things and they felt great emotions of joy. Some others saw monsters like creatures and they felt fear. Some others had sex in the astral world and they did feel pleasure, some others took part of greater creative spiritual activities and listened to cosmic musics and felt much greater love, joy. During that whole time out of the physical body, physical body is lying sleeping in bed feeling absolutely nothing, probably just snoring Smile. The day we die, it will be like when we sleep. We will leave our physical body and definitely continue having emotions and desires because again the owner of those things is our astral body( which doesn't know death) not our physical body.

love and light to you.