After reading a post about Different Religions, I thought I should share a book my Cousin - who is a pastor - told me about.
Turns out I also have the book in my book case. So I started reading it.
It has many things that have to do with different religions the world over.

It says on the cover - Everyone owes it to themselves to read this book.

All religions are put together, showing how one religion has taken things from other religions.

I think that it might bring all religions together, or cause a ruckus when each think that their religion said so and so first.

Frankly I don’t even know if it is available any more. Especially in the Bible Belt in South USA.

However I think one can learn a lot about human beliefs - how they started, why they believe such and such, and how ALL RELIGIONS share similar beliefs.

Since I just started it will be a while before I have an opinion.

The book was published in 1993 by The Truth Seeker Company

I have collected books all my life and buy those that ‘jump out’ at me in the book store. For some reason I bought this book around the time it was published, and forgot about it till my cousin told me about it a couple of weeks ago.