I would like to start this with a paragraph I wrote few years ago on the thread called The influence of the moon
Quote:A huge Fire doesn't know evil.
Is there anything bad for a huge fire? No, for a huge fire, everything is good, it takes anything with great joy. Even water can make fire rise even more. And we have all seen that. The next time you are in front of a big fire, ask it what it thinks of evil; Throw at it a poison, a bullet, bad tomatoes, anything bad, it will reply " Hmm, that's good, I need more, give me more of those". Many people read in holy books , that God is like a Fire. But how many have meditated about that to understand what it really means. I read this from the physical fire. Call me crazy, fine! at least initiates know what I'm talking about. But you cannot deny for example that fire loves dead dry branches of trees, and you cannot deny, that those branches make cracking noises few seconds after they are thrown to fire, then the fire gets bigger, fire feeds from all those dead branches. Why? Because fire is finest matter compared to the dead branches, So anyone who have managed to purify his matter (his nature), who have made of his matter the finest, doesn't see bad things (dead branches) as evil. All the insults, all the criticisms, all the difficulties of life can only make him even stronger spiritually (fire getting bigger). In the eyes of God, we are the dead branches and God himself the biggest fire. The cracking noise of the branches in fire explains the pain, the sufferance of those who purify themselves to become later like God. Because yes, anything bad that goes into fire, must become like fire. That's one of the advantages of personal development, it increases the inner fire to the point where we get so hot that evil has no more effect on us; The spiritual fire protects because evil cannot touch fire.

[Image: Large_bonfire.jpg]

In that paragraph, I wanted to display one of the important lesson which nature teaches us about fire.
Fire in nature says that he is the strongest at barring all kind of pain. He says whatever you throw at me, I will swallow with pleasure, and if you want it back, I will give it back to you in its brightest form. The laws of nature are truthful and consistent, fire is the first example which tells how is to be the lives of who/what will become like a fire. No matter where you go in the universe fire will act the same. wherever fire is found, it acts the same. Whether it is found in your body, in your astral body or mental body, it acts the same. Even among the spiritual beings, among the ascended masters, among the gods, it acts the same. The fire we have here on the physical world is just a copy of all other kind of fire we can find in the invisible world. The appearance, the look may differ, but the property, the life of fire, the action and response is the same. This is why with a good observation of nature around us, comes the understanding of the spiritual nature.

Fire is positive polarity type of energy. This is why I'm using the pronoun "He" for fire. Fire has the property of giving away. It is not good at keeping. And apparently this property makes him even richer. Why? because it is supposed to give away always, nature automatically fill it so it can continue giving away. The best example is the sun which never stops giving away its heat and light, and for billion years it hasn't reduced in size. On the contrary, should any change happen in the sun, it will be the sun growing bigger. This is simple laws which govern the entire universe. Things of the same kind act the same. Even in our body, there are elements which represent fire. They may not look like the external fire, but we recognize them by their proprieties.

In the human body, the heart and the solar plexus represent the fire. The heart and the solar plexus work on giving away in the entire body system. While the heart gives blood, the solar plexus gives away the colored energy. So one gives heat(blood) and the other gives light (colorful energies). See how the heart keeps giving away blood to all areas of the system. And it is actually because it is giving away every few seconds that it urgently receives more blood. Think about it, as this law applies to us too. I mean if you decide to act like a fire, if you start giving away to people around you, you will naturally be filled with more so you can continue the work.

[Image: 14ltug3.jpg]
Now like you already know, the biggest external fire in our solar system gives away heat and light. The heat of the sun comes from its core, its center, from the inside of the sun. While the light comes from the peripherals of the sun. And this applies for all fires of the universe. The body heat comes from the inside, while the energy of the body is all around the body. Did you maybe think that energy fill the cells from the inside? No, the energies enters the cells from the outside. This is so down to the world of atoms. From the center of the atom comes the original heat, and the electrons around it produces light. And energies enter the atom from its outside. And if you we explore the inner world of a human, you find out that his astral body, the body we use when we sleep or when we die, also contains a fire. The fire of our astral body is not an organ but is represented as a desire. Without which the astral body cannot function. Yes the petrol of our astral body is the desire and emotions. The desires represent the heat of fire, and the emotions the light which goes with it. The strongest of desire in the astral body is the sexual desire. Which in comparison to external things corresponds to the sun fire. The sexual desire is the heat, while the emotions, the pleasure produced is the light which initiates desperately want to guide towards the head (by the 3rd eye).

Notice that there is no life without fire. There wouldn't be life on earth if the sun wasn't. There wouldn't be life in our body if the heart didn't beat. There wouldn't be life in our astral body if we had no desire, no emotions at all. Note that people who loose the fire of their astral body, meaning who loose interest in everything, tend to suffer from bipolar/depression disorder. Because there is no more fire in the astral body, the person may be drawn to end his/her own life. This is how far important and necessary fire is everywhere in the existence. Now the mental body, fire is manifested as an idea. The heat comes the knowledge and the light becomes wisdom. Without fire in the mental body (in our mind), the person is mentally dead, stupidly and even craziness can be observed.

Moving up in the worlds beyond the lower nature, we find the original aspect of fire, found in the causal and buddic and atmic bodies. From this point, fire is the combination of love and light, I mean love and wisdom, which is respectively heat and light . However, in the causal body there is more light than heat. One can say that the causal world and our causal body has a sun/fire which emanates more light than heat. That means it emanates more wisdom than love. But the buddic world is the opposite of the causal. Here is found a fire which emanates more heat than light, meaning more love and wisdom. And our atmic body emanates equally wisdom and love (light and heat).

It will be interesting to also talk about the relationship water has with fire, maybe in details in another future thread. Where I will show how water actually is another version of fire. The difference is that they both are moving in different directions. If you really pay attention, water moves fluidly as fire, Fire is fluidly moving up, while water is fluidly moving down. Now whatever moves down loses heat, cools down and change state, while what moves up gets hotter. Air is special, it doesn't move up or down but is balanced, and so it is neither cold nor hot by default ( in general). And so some desires/emotions can be compared to water in certain instances. And with the help of some astrology notions, we can see in details what is what. But well, I'd continue in another topic, let's not mix everything in one. Smile

[Image: suppression.jpg]

Anyone who trains him/herself, who tries or makes the effort of giving away love and wisdom, becomes a fire. Which no evil can touch. He/she becomes the wonderful person who warms people around him/her with love. And who lightens people with wisdom.

Let the power of fire manifest more in each and everyone of us, for the sake of mankind.
Now, are you feeling warmer? Smile.

Love and light to all.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I find this very interesting, and think this information is very powerfull. I don't understand why this type of knowledge is not more popular because it can be defined as the real free energy.

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OMG! Man, you will not stop blowing me away with your posts Smile.
Very Very interesting indeed. Thank you.
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love it !
Light, Life and Love
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Lovely post! Was wondering what would seeing a intelligent flame mean during meditation (outside of your body)
Kind of freaked me so sent it away
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Hi krya,

Had another look at this post from 04.21.2016; discussed it with some of my classes and the following is a summary of their responses.

Fire doesn’t know evil. true, but it doesn’t know
good either. Fire, like any energy is neutral, it’s the way in which it is used
which defines its purpose. Fire is all consuming, fire will consume anything it
comes into contact with, and unlike the other ‘fluid’ energies it doesn’t flow
away, or diminish, it grows stronger the more it consumes, this is why it is
the most dangerous element with which to work.

Fire is the most creative and destructive of all
the 4 magickal elements, only earth can contain it, and water subdue it, but
air will sustain it.

It was fire that gave the ancients power, power to
make things, items of peace and war, tools and utensils, but unlike water and
earth they could not tame it. Fire is a wild and free energy, it knows no boundaries
and cannot be contained. It can be used, but it must be fed. Consider a forge,
steel can be melted in it, but if the fire isn’t fed with combustible material,
it will cool and die. Fire exists by consuming other matter, and changing its
energy and vibration; none of the other magickal elements do this; they are
what they are - Earth, Water, and Air.
Fire can change them all, and use them all to sustain its own energy. Water can
destroy by its presence as, we can drown in it; we can be buried by earth; the
absence of air will kill us; but fire can destroy the physical part of us
completely by consuming the 3 other elements of our makeup.

The fire element is burning continuously; unlike
the fire in the hearth it cannot die. Enoch was taken by angels and shown where
the elemental fire burned incessantly. Obviously there can be some element of
doubt with regard to Old Testament writings, especially as some of Enoch was
changed by Pope Gregory 13th, in particular chapter 16, v1-3. but Enoch remains
the most enigmatic and interesting of all the prophets because of his
connection with Angels.

My observation would be that they have tended to consider the physical aspects of fire. Later I will encourage them to open their minds and look more carefully and deeply into the metaphysical implications. Perhaps you would be kind enough, as a teacher, to give me the benefit of your comments.
May I say I would welcome input from others too.
Let Love and Light Be.

Greetings Shweta,
I was struck by your response to this post by krya.
I am prompted to pose the question: Does Fire, an element, have intelligence? Can there be an intelligent flame? Even in meditation, can a flame be endowed with intelligence?
L & L
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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As I can see that the thread has emerged again and I understand the reason. Thanks to Moon Bear Speaks and Krya. I had read in one of the oldest and ancient book of spirituality that we are made up of five elements -earth (physical body), water, air , fire and then space(Supreme) . Closest to the Supreme or the second highest state is fire. All the energy forms are extremely pure and a powerful being can use/manipulate them according to his/her will. The good being will create and maintain balance with the help of these elements and the bad being will destroy everything by making these elements horrendous. By meditating, one will understand these elements and hence the power within. I do not want to believe anything until I experience it and thus I did not give importance to this until I experienced it.

I take these lines from kyra's post "the biggest external fire in our solar system gives away heat and light. The heat of the sun comes from its core, its center, from the inside of the sun. While the light comes from the peripherals of the sun. And this applies for all fires of the universe. The body heat comes from the inside, while the energy of the body is all around the body.The body heat comes from the inside, while the energy of the body is all around the body. "

I agree with Krya. As my body is going through transitions , I am understanding the deeper meaning of the earth, water and air within my body. Recently, I discovered that heat does generate within our core and spreads throughout the body and you can actually witness the light and you will see the difference on your face. Earlier I was experiencing cold feet and extreme chills during and after meditation. But, after that I experienced this warmth. I just wanted to understand what it was and I got to see this thread. It is still too early to proclaim anything and I want to go ahead with my progression until I achieve the right knowledge. But One thing I gained from this experience is that fire is the most powerful state of any body and as Krya said in his post "Fire in nature says that he is the strongest at barring all kind of pain. He says whatever you throw at me, I will swallow with pleasure, and if you want it back, I will give it back to you in its brightest form. The laws of nature are truthful and consistent, fire is the first example which tells how is to be the lives of who/what will become like a fire."

It takes up your power, will/desires/ and will return it in its brightest and very huge form. If one throws evil to it , he will receive evil in a much bigger and horrendous form and if one throws/offer good , he will receive the greatest power. Your fire connects to the fire outside your body and this chain continues until it reaches the highest limit depending on your practice and caliber. It is difficult to tame the fire element and it requires lot of practice and dedication. What I learnt from my experience that it the expansion of your own inner heat and energy. Your core fire makes up your aura that expands and once you learn to create channels , you are ready to connect ,exchange , receive and send .I also understood that how one can create channels and I am still practicing it so do not want to write much until I get a concrete form of it . Sometimes it is very exhausting. Needs lot of concentration, patience and determination. But I am moving ahead as per the guidance I receive during meditation.

When I was in school I studied in physics that " when an atom receives energy, its electrons move up to the higher shells as the energy is stored in the electrons. This changes the structure of the solid and allows atoms to move freely in liquid state (water in spiritual terms) . When more energy is gained , the atoms change their state to gas(air) and the electron in this state become so energized that they escape the shells of the atom. This hot state of matter called plasma, comprises of highly energetic free electrons and ions." I also studied the endothermic and exothermic reactions related to ionisation and electron affinity. Since the universe is surrounded by the cosmic plasma , and our cells are made up of atoms, the science does explain how we exchange energies with the surrounding. I can now relate it to the macroscopic organisms. Nothing is miracle, every happening has a cause that ,sometimes ,is not understood properly.
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Thank you Anushri for responding to my post. Yes I returned to the subject because, as I mentioned, I have recently introduced discussion on the elements to the three small classes I run in my area. To have your contribution to the discussion in this way enables me to widen the scope we can cover in a way that would not be possible for me without a great deal more research, especially as my education leaned more towards the 'classical' subjects and rather neglected the 'physics' to which you so adequately refer. Clearly, your schooling, combined with your esoteric and metaphysical learning and practice, gives you a profound knowledge and understanding which, at my age, I have little hope of achieving. However, to each his own. I tread my path with love and wish you joy on yours.
This is, I suppose, the aspect of MSG that has held my attention since I 'chanced' upon this discussion forum just a few months ago.
Of course, I also reiterate my appreciation to krya, admin and the others, without whose dedicated efforts such a site would not exist.

Let Love and Light Be
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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I love this tread, do not have a lot of knowledge , but this is how i see it, live give me positive and negative , and it all enegry and what i try to do is, except it as it is, and use it for my fire, lol. like the negative is fuel for my courage and faith and pranayama and so is the positive fuel for my gratitude and thankfulness, but like i said i am still very new to the spiritual journey so forgive me for my limited insight
Light, Life and Love
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Hello again Gerhard,
We shared some stuff back in March on the thread RE Healing – First Hand. Good to see you posting again.
You are obviously aware of the pathway on which you have embarked, although you describe your insight as ‘limited.’ Don’t put yourself down, man. Why are you visiting this site? How did you get on it in the first place? You must have been looking for something. You may not have found it yet, but you have plenty of time left, even in this life.
Going back to my posts on RE Healing, you may recall I was in my 60’s before I really got started. When I look at the progress in the spiritual development and awareness of humanity since then, I can see that, if you really open your mind to the thought “Anything is possible,” you will look back later to these days and say “Wow, what a journey.” Enjoy!
Moon Bear
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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