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After covering the aspect of dimension of consciousness , it becomes very important to look at another aspect of consciousness which involves its polarity. It is my belief that understanding this aspect of evolution of consciousness is a vital stepping stone towards comprehending the concept of evil and its manifestation in creation. This knowledge can also be useful in helping us understand the present state of human condition as well as various mythologies concerning ancient divinities of our world and their implication in shaping the history of humanity. This article is not meant to be taken personally since the purpose is to simply provide some universal principles which give a framework of understanding about issues of life. That is why I have chosen to stick with objective observations rather than engaging into subjective personalisations.

Like in all aspects of polarity, there are also only two directions in which consciousness can polarize: in a positive or negative directions which are also known as good and evil path, right hand and left hand path, benevolent and malevolent path, Christiac and anti-Christiac path etc. But these terminologies can sometimes be very confusing and misleading, and that is why many esoteric cultures nowadays are beginning to use more technical vocabularies such as Service To Others (STO) and Service To Self (STS) because they are a lot more expressive and descriptive of the situation. Let us first begin by defining these two expressions:

Positive Polarity or Service To Others (STO)

This is a metaphysical orientation of the soul where one advances through assisting others in their evolutionary advancement. The fundamental principle of STO is to preserve freewill and balance in the system, and thus to maximize the richness of the evolutionary experience for all concerned. Beings who follow the STO path come with an awareness of the unity of all life, thus they advance themselves by also advancing others. They are selfless servants of the divine will who serve the entire creation by expanding their consciousness and freewill in balance with the expansion of consciousness and freewill in others. They have transcended the predator/prey dichotomy and thus they seek neither to dominate nor to be dominated by others.

Negative Polarity or Service To Self (STS)

This is a metaphysical orientation of the soul where one serves the self by exploiting and manipulating others, reducing their freewill to increase one’s own. STS beings serve only themselves to the detriment of the entire system. Their progression is therefore proportional to the digression they cause on others. They increase their power at the cost of suppressing the freewill and consciousness of others. Because STS beings have no connection with the divine Source, they are therefore compelled to do whatever it takes to survive and protect their own individualities without consideration of how this might affect others. Thus, they lead a predator/prey existence because of their “eat or be eaten” attitude in life. This explains their constant need for conquest and domination of others selves in order to maximize their own survivability.

STO versus STS status

- Both positive (STO) and negative (STS) beings have love but express it in different ways. STO beings have a selfless love which flows outwardly for the benefit of all, but STS beings have a selfish love which flows inwardly and is only meant to benefit the self and those associated with the self (provided they are seen as an external extension of the self).

- Both STO and STS beings serve the Creator but in two different ways. STO beings radiate divine light to all and worship God in creation, but STS beings absorb the divine light for the self and worship God as the self.

- STO beings are more involved in exploring the infinite diversity of forms, but STS beings are more involved in reducing everything to the uniformity dictated by their own perception of reality. Creation is multiplicity of forms but entropy is sameness or homogeneity of forms and expressions. Thus STO is a creative path while STS is an entropic one.

- STO beings concern themselves more with the liberation and perfection of the soul, preservation of freewill, proliferation of knowledge and wisdom, as well as others transcendental ideals, while STS are more preoccupied with the harvesting of resources, and the preservation of their livestock.

- STO beings follow the law of non-interference, and that means they can only help others by "showing them the door" but will not force them to walk through it, but STS beings are more obsessed with controlling others and imposing limits on them. Thus STO beings can give guidance to others while preserving their independence, but STS beings can also offer help to others but only with the purpose of subjugating them by creating in them a perpetual sense of dependency on the help.

- STO beings value spirituality over physicality, respect the freewill of others, and serve Creation in the name of freedom, truth, and love; but STS beings value physicality over spirituality, undermine the freewill of others, and seek to impose their own laws in creation by using force, deception, or manipulation.

- STO beings use technology only as a mean of facilitating certain tasks, but STS beings are totally reliant on technology for the advancement of their individualities and collectivities because they lack the discipline of mind to do so. STO also occasionally use technology to help others but STS extensively use technology to control and restrict the lives of others.

- STS is only concerned with control over all aspects of self and others. It also believes that by imposing its laws on others, it is helping the universe to return to the One, thus it thinks its action is a service to others. But true STO sees creation as inherently limitless and thus it is not concerned with determining what is “good” for another.

Polarization factors in individuals

In our current human condition, we are all STS by default, due to our genetics and environment alterations causing it to be so. However, we are not all evolving in the same direction and thus some individuals or collectives are more STS oriented while others are more STO oriented. Notice that at any stage of development, any being can use its freewill to change its current polarity if it feels like it does not resonate with that polarity anymore. However, the more advanced a consciousness becomes, the more pronounced its polarity status will manifest and the more difficult and challenging it becomes for it to switch polarity. Among the factors that polarize individual entities either positively or negatively in our current 3D environment, there is sexuality, wealth, power, knowledge, fame, etc. Let review how some of these comes about:
  • Sexuality: some individuals use sexuality as an intimate mean of expressing pure love to another person, and this help their consciousness to polarize positively. But others use sexuality as a mean to express their inner perversions or to gain power over others. Since in this case the other partner is solely seen as an object of self pleasure, this will also polarize the consciousness of the one (or of those) involved in a negative direction. There are also many other individuals whose sexual lives does not polarize them neither positively nor negatively due to certain energetic blockages.
  • Wealth: most (not all) individuals who become very wealthy do so by using and exploiting others to their own advantage. Many among them will also become very selfish and self-absorbed and this essentially orients their consciousness toward an STS path of development. But there are a few others wealthy people who let their wealth be an asset to effectively assist those in need in a more practical sense. If their benevolent actions is selfless and truly comes from the heart, it can help them achieve an STO status.
  • Power: there is nothing that can easily and quickly polarize people in negative direction than power. Human history is full of political figures who have left a trail of destruction behind them and a legacy of blood and tears to many. Those individuals have decidedly taken a negative or STS path of evolution. But there are a few others who, despite having the power, have chosen to use it in order to advance STO ideals in the world. Those individuals have essentially polarized in a positive direction.
  • Knowledge: there are many individuals who, once they become very knowledgeable in certain area of life (i.e. science, mysticism, occultism, esotericism, etc.), begin to see themselves as special human beings and start viewing other “average” people with contempt and even undermine their humanity. Their “superior” knowledge inflates their ego and becomes a dangerous weapon serving negative agendas. Those people will advance negatively despite them believing otherwise. But there are also many other very knowledgeable individuals who have put and continue to put their knowledge at the service of human advancement rather than working for its ultimate destruction. I think here of people such as Albert Einstein whose great knowledge combined with simplicity and humility of their lives is something that I find very inspiring and motivating.
  • Fame: fame is another factor which can quickly spoil even a person who initially started with the most inspiring STO ideals and turn him/her into an STS candidate. It takes a lot of courage, self renouncement and inner discipline to be able to resist the enormous pressure which fame can put on the ego. That is why even many gurus or spiritual masters who initially were genuine divine servants, have ended up becoming STS leaders who exploit their naïve followers. Many people believe that Jesus was famous in his time, but I find this to be very doubtful. Even if he could have been famous, he certainly would not be like the power monger Jesus advocated in many Christian churches today, and who is essentially an STS leader.


It is crucial to understand that individual or collective entities can progress in two different ways: either positively or negatively. This means their consciousness can advance to higher positive or higher negative dimensions. This is something that many people find difficult to understand because the general belief is that any being, group of being or whole civilization that is very advanced in knowledge and awareness must essentially be a positive one, and that it is only negativity which keeps people in ignorance and illusions. But that is an absolutely wrong and dangerous belief because negativity is NOT the cause of ignorance at all! The mere fact of people having superior knowledge of things or advanced awareness about life does not guarantee that they will be positive. It only means that their consciousness level is (positively or negatively) more advanced than others.

The same thing applies to off planet extra-dimensional beings who are currently involved in this world: despite the fact that they appear to be a lot more superior to us in many (if not in all) aspects, this does not necessarily mean that they are all positive and benevolent servants of the divine will. Many of them are pure STS entities whose barbaric agenda about this planet is horrifying to contemplate. So whether individually or collectively, there are among those extraterrestrials 4D STO (fourth dimension Service To Others) and 4D STS (Fourth dimension Service To Self) beings, 5D STO and 5D STS beings and so forth. The only difference is that unlike us human beings who are forced to live together despite our metaphysical differences, those extra-dimensional ETs who are positive do not mix at all with those who are negative. They prefer to function in separate confederations according to their respective polarities.

Also, we must come to the understanding that unity and cooperation between groups of entities can also be achieved by other means different from love. So it is quite possible to have very advanced negative societies or civilizations whose unity is only maintained by threats or common interests. For instance, take a look at the United Nation; although it can act as one single organized body, we know that the various members constituting it are not motivated by mutual love at all! Big Grin Finally, we must make the necessary effort to deprogram our minds from the religious programming which continually tells us that those who are engaged in the negative path are doing so because they are lost or because they are blinded, for that is also an extremely wrong and deceitful belief. The truth is that those entities in our world who truly choose the STS path of evolution (i.e the Illuminati or any other supremacist groups) are fully aware of their choice and firmly believe it to be the best way of serving the Creator. In fact, they also think of and view those who choose the opposite path as the one who are in error.

Rather than being misguided or un-evolved, these negative beings (whether humans or extra-dimensional) are highly evolved but in an entropic fashion. They have great knowledge and wisdom concerning how to serve the Creator within themselves at the expense of the Creator within others. So they feel neither shame, nor guilt or remorse concerning their evolution choice or the way it may negatively affect others. If there is anyone who might be lost at all, it is those individuals who remain un-polarized and whose ways of life swing back and forth between positive and negative direction. Those are the real victims of circumstances because their consciousness is still undecided about which direction to take. And since Cosmic Intelligence does not allow anyone to perpetually stagnate, it periodically send them catalytic events such as wars, natural disasters, enslavement, or anything that can help give them a “kick in the butt” and challenge them to make the choice. Our world is imminently expecting one such nasty kick which will be of global proportion and which will precipitate us toward an either more positive or more negative reality field, depending on how we shall deal with it.

STO and STS expression in collectives

Polarity expression is not limited to individuals but can be extended to collective structures as well. There can be groups, societies or systems that are positive in nature (i.e. rural communities) and others that are essentially negative. Since in our current human condition many of us live in negative social or political environments and are compelled to function in various STS systems on a daily basis in order to live, it is very important to be able to make the difference between what is STO and what is not, so that we cannot be made to unknowingly support a cause which is actually the opposite of our ideal choices. Notice that a system is a different thing from the individuals who compose it, although it influences them in a significant way. So a negative system is not entirely composed with negative individuals and similarly one can find negative individuals in a positive system, although their number will definitely be small. In STS structures such as the military, the corporate organization or the ecclesiastical order of certain powerful religions, freedom of expression is TOTALLY absent. Your freewill and right to individuality is denied and you are required to unquestionably believe and go along with everything your superiors tell you, no matter how awkward it is. One cannot find any better expression of pure STS mentality in this world than there.

In term of social organization, STS naturally tends toward the hierarchy with internal competition for resources and power. Those in the STS status consider control of others to be of prime importance, and so they always attempt to create an environment of threats and enticements in order to keep their inferiors contained and maintain the prevailing power structure. Although all self-focused entities only want to do what will be of service to themselves, they are still required to live with others only for survival sake. Thus, the only way for societies with many STS members to function effectively is through strict rules and control mechanisms. No one can be trusted to do anything for the benefit of all unless the person is forced to do so under strict rules and surveillance. But in STO societies, everyone willingly cares for everyone else and does things for the best interest of all. There is no need to impose controlling measures for people to work collectively because everyone automatically gets it and things run smoothly between members of the society. STO societies are stable and self sustainable but STS societies are unstable and perpetually rely on new inputs for its survival. Those who had the opportunity of living in countries such as Argentina, Germany, the Soviet Union, or South Africa in the recent past have retained a vivid memory of how real STS systems can be implemented on a socio-political level and so they should have no difficulty in explaining about their modus operandi.

Unlike STS hierarchy which is based on the chain of command, STO hierarchy is only based on responsibility of service. In STS societies, members are divided into classes, and those who have won the power contest become the ruling class or elites and start giving the orders, making the rules, and viciously enforcing them. But in STO social order, the concept of elite is unknown and so any member can assume any public function according to his current merits. STO laws are only meant to regulate and harmonize the society but STS laws are meant to control, restrict and constrain those in the lower class and force them into submission to the elites. In accordance with STS philosophy, goals are continually sought in order to maintain and increase the power of the ruling class. But eventually, it comes to a point where most members of a negative society or civilization manage to "catch" up with the STS spirit and there are not enough naive people left to easily exploit anymore. When that happens, it will increasingly create a strain in the system and threaten its total collapse with internal revolutions or relentless social unrests. In that case, the rulers will find it necessary to engage in new conquest ventures so that more and more new recruits and slaves can be made, and so that the psychic energy can be drawn to feed the madness of the “power elites” once more, and thus postpone the collapse of the system. The story of the French revolution or the European colonization is a perfect illustration of this principle. The conquered or enslaved people will by necessity polarize positively (at least initially), but it is only a matter of time before they too assimilate the STS mindset they are constantly exposed to, and become just as negative as their former masters.

In all STS systems, control, manipulation and exploitation are the names of the game. STS systems are closed systems, and this means they have to take material and energy from one place to feed another. Thus survival and competition over resources, overpowering the weak and security measures for self preservation are essential features of life. Violence, warfare, and social unrest frequently arise as more and more individual members seek to rise to positions of power in order to become the new rulers. Since STS ways continually minimizes freewill in the system, it increasingly creates many imbalances in the system which eventually leads to its implosion. As the saying goes, evil really destroys itself! This is why there have been many negative civilizations in this planet (i.e. Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.) and in other planets (i.e. Deneb, Kantek, Mars, etc.) which have been completely wiped out without leaving any trace. We are currently facing a similar fate in this world should things be left to continue progressing the way they still do. Let us realize that for the past few hundred thousand years, there have been only three planets on this solar system that could support a physical life: Earth, Mars, and Kantek (also known as Maldek). Mars have been left desolated by a nuclear war that happened there between two rival groups of its inhabitants, Kantek has been shattered also by powerful energy weapons some 80 000 years ago and only remains now as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and the survival of the only remaining one (Earth) is still in the balance. So anything can happen even here if we are careless about what we do.

Trans-dimensional manifestation of polarity

We have all reasons to believe that polarity begin manifesting throughout the third dimensional (3D) level of existence of which we live. Because although all second level beings (animals) below us appear to more or less live by the STS standard, their negativity is mechanical and external to their consciousness. Since it is not based on a freewill choice, it is therefore not cosmically significant but is only a result of evolutionary need for survival. Even in our current 3D state, only the most basic STO status can be achieved. It is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to achieve a full STO status in this third dimension. The best we can do is to be committed toward living according to STO standards, and by pursuing this sufficiently, our consciousness may polarize positively enough and we can eventually transform into 4D STO entities where full positivity is possible. Likewise, by doing the opposite of this and sufficiently pursuing the negative mode of living, one can also graduate into 4D STS existence. But it is a lot more difficult to make it to negative 4D than to positive one because in this case one is totally on your one's own, without any outside assistance and must mercilessly overcome tremendous challenges. That is why most of those individuals who engage in the negative path never make it to superior grade after their demise here but they rather return back in 3D reincarnation loaded with huge karma to pay.

It is unclear how far the negative or STS polarity reaches, but many esoteric sources tend to agree that in this first cycle (1D to 7D) the fifth dimension (5D) inhabited by various demonic overlords is the last one that can retain negativity. So it is agreed by many that above 5D, negativity ceases to exist as a distinct manifestation of entities but is only expressed as thought centers. Thus, it is said that once an entity reaches a full 5D STS level, it must decide to either change its current polarity and graduate to 6D STO (after acquiring selfless love) or it stays that way until it ultimately implodes when it lacks enough quantum energy to sustain its life. This limitation of the STS polarity was an essential dispensation by the Prime Creator in order to ensure the continuity of creation and protect it from the destructive ways of the STS mindsets.
The way entities advance through an STS path is by the fashion of the Ponzi scheme which is a sort of fraudulent pyramid order. The more an entity provides new recruits and energy to its superiors, the more “commission” it is left with. Eventually, it accumulates enough commission to be able to make a step above in the pyramid ranking and increases its pool of inferiors to exploit. Newcomers to a group go through a huge fight to determine their place in the pecking order, often injured horribly if they are slow to adapt. This is similar to the way new prisoners are subjected to a bullying process by other inmates before their social status can firmly be established within the group. If they are weak then they can well be reduced into servants of the stronger ones, and if they were strong or smart enough, then they may get away with it.

Unlike 3D STS and 4D STS entities who still live in societies despite their negativities, demonic entities (5D STS) live almost separated from others for most of their because they want to experience themselves as God by living in their self created virtual universes undisturbed. The only time when they can consider leaving their solitary lives is when they run short of quantum energy and seek to steal it from inferior life forms. Since they are very energy stingy, they only rarely materialize their own bodies unless it is absolutely necessary for them to do so. They prefer to use the bodies of those entities of lower dimensions (2D to 4D STS) they can possess in order to accomplish what they want and therefore save their own energy. Occasionally, they can also form alliances with other fellow 5D STS entities in order to lead a crusading army of 4D STS beings and provide them with their superior wisdom so they can carry out their assignments and conquer other planetary worlds and assimilate them into their respective galactic empires with them as despotic rulers. This world of ours is currently facing one such urgent threat of full assimilation by various negative forces which have been meticulously planing since many years now with a firm intention of securing this planet and annexing it into their respective territories.

Reviewing the concept of good and evil

Those who feel like they can’t cope with the information pertaining to polarity, and its ramifications within our current planetary drama, often retreat into vehement denial or into the comfort of religious beliefs which provide them with an illusory sense of peace. But the fact is that our current human understanding of what life is or of what good and evil entails is mostly very erroneous and misleading because it is based on the subjectivities of our own wishful thinking. The fact is that what may be good to one person or one group of people may be evil to another one and vice versa. In order to comprehend polarity more clearly, we need to make a constant mental effort by raising our minds to a transcendent vantage point where we can be able to see things more objectively. Reality simply is what it is, regardless of the labels, assessments or perceptual filters we individually or collectively assign to it. So whether we are aware of what is currently happening in this world or not will not change anything until we begin to take appropriate and responsible actions for our individual and collective survival.

For those who wonder whether God will possibly allow those evil forces to take us out, It can only be said to them that from the divine point of view, the current planetary drama isn’t any worst evil than all the previous ones such as the extermination of native Americans or Australians so that ''good Christians" settlers could have living spaces to dwell, or the various others atrocities that humans have been committing against each for the entire history of this planet. From above, it is only seen as part of the lessons of life. Only this time around, the new comers have an even bigger and nastier plan which will definitely cause permanent and irreversible damages should it be left to succeed. So while we are still waiting to see who the future owners of this planet will be, it is best for us to stand still and start acquiring as much knowledge as possible and to become as spiritually developed as possible so that we can begin to take control of our individual and collective destinies and participate in its making.

Real Positivity and Real Negativity

The understanding of what STO or STS polarities are cannot be reduced to our conventional code of ethic because it is above it. That is why it is a mistake to judge the polarity status of all entities according to our transient social, political, religious, or scientific standard. Negative aliens beings are also thoroughly familiar with our religious anticipations, scientific expectations, and psychological weaknesses, and can very easily pander to our insecurities and wishful thinking by offering us stunning scientific knowledge, religious answers, political unity, and the promise of global peace and prosperity in exchange for our unquestioning obedience to their dark agenda. If we can be made to willfully make such an agreement, then the human soul matrix will be permanently locked into negative frequencies, with zero chance of escaping. At this point in time, we are still living in a mixed STS and STO world, so the possibility of soul development and ascension are still there. But in the few decades to come from now, things are expected to change sharply either in positive or negative direction. The New World Order that is being advocated by various occult groups nowadays is actually a project for a global totalitarian STS system (politically, socially, religiously, spiritually, etc.). Should it be successfully implemented, then the possibility of achieving soul growth in this planet will become close to impossible.

Since many independent sources seem to indicate that we will soon be dealing directly with some powerful new comers in this world, how then can we be sure if they will be the positive or the negative ones? Well, one thing is for sure is that their difference is certainly NOT due to their physical appearance or their intellectual and psychic or mystical capabilities which can be quite similar for both STO and STS entities depending on which dimension level they are all from. The only way to know their respective polarity nature is to intuitively read and scrutinize their intents rather than to simply rely on what they tell or show us. Whether aliens entities are benevolent or hostile depends on whether they foster an expansion in our freewill and awareness or if they seek to undermine these and disarm our sense of discernment with various mind control tactics.

Real positive beings have the ultimate effect of making you more of who you truly are by elevating your perspective and clarity, whereas Impostors produce an effect that is suppressive of awareness rather than supportive of it. When dealing with a negative entity which deceitfully presents itself to you as an angel or as Jesus or the virgin Mary for instance, you always get the sense of being entranced, numbed, hypnotized and submerged; your ability to reason clearly becomes overshadowed. But if you encounter a real STO entity, you will be strengthened, illuminated and greatly inspired, yet at the same time, you will keep the clarity of your mind and you will be given the freedom to decide if you wish to do something about what you are told or not. The bottom line is that any being which feels the need to present itself as the Lord, the Master, or the Messiah, etc. and to use this implication of rank to control, manipulate or deceive others is coming from a spiritual polarity which is the opposite of pure, divine, Christed love, no matter how sublime it looks or what knowledgeable things it says. So what we need is to sharpen our skill of discernment and our sense of intuition in order to tell the difference. It is a great mistake to rely on our eyes and ears only!

The unbroken unity of the One

The Prime divine Source from which everything emerged is beyond the duality of polarity. This Source of all existence is where the first duality comes into being. From a cosmic standpoint, both polarities are therefore necessary and represent two opposing forces by means of which the process of reciprocal maintenance of everything existing proceeds. Both forces are entirely independent, and in their manifestations, have always and in everything, evolved within their own properties and particularities. The principle of freewill, at its various levels of manifestation, mediates between these two principles and maintains balance in Creation. The two fundamental forces of creation (positive and negative) flow in entirely opposite directions: ascending and descending respectively. From God’s perspective, evil has no independent existence but is only an illusory projection of the Godhead wanting to know the opposite of its own will, and that is why it is wrong to think that God fight evil because he does not. The two polarities are only two different ways for the One to experience itself: either as an infinite and eternal existence (positive path) or as a finite and temporary existence (negative path).

But ultimately all there is shall return to the Creator in one way or another. Those on the ascending path return to him as whole entities upon which cosmic energies will reemerge, and those on the descending path return to him as dust upon which cosmic matter will be produced. The cosmic call on all humans is to choose either one or the other path. We should therefore hold no hostility toward those who prefer to follow the negative path of evolution. Let them exercise their freewill to express their preferred worldview of externalized hierarchy as they wish and propagate their anti-christiac persuasions to whoever wants to listen. But at the same time, it is important to make it clear to them that we also reserve our right to follow our desired path and that we intend to do so independently of them, and without being reduced into their preys. In order to accomplish that, words alone are not enough. So it becomes important for those who prefer to follow the christiac path of evolution to increase their dissuasive power by acquiring all the necessary knowledge and spiritual maturity, for this is the only way to effectively build natural defense against all unwanted intrusions.

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Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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I love the presentation of this article, as you have made it easier to understand some concepts. But what I would love to know more is how could evil entities (or as you say, STS) manifest their negative love? Also, since you say that they too serve the Creator, in what way do they do it?

Anyway, thanks very much to this piece of info.
"To love is to be".
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You are welcome Michelle. I only derive pleasure in sharing my little understandings on the subject, even though I shall at no time assume it as exhaustive. This article was only my poor attempt at providing a condensed view at a reality that is rather large and complex in its nature. Let me try to give a bit more detail on the matter.

The manifestation of negative polarity in the consciousness of sentient beings is not as what most people think, namely reckless creatures (usually called demons by some believers) whose sole aim is destruction. It is rather a state of being or a way of life which is devoid of genuine compassion, empathy, trust, understanding, humility, respect of freewill of others, and all those qualities which create balance and harmony between entities. This however does not mean that Service-To-Self or negative entities have no desire of progress and prosperity. Much to the contrary! Because if anything, they want it even more than positive entities. The only problem is that, contrary to positive or STO entities, negative entities want to achieve that elevated status AT THE EXPENSE of others. They don’t really care about the way their actions, behaviours, or ambitions affect others. In fact, they are only forced to live with other entities by necessity because no person can successfully live by himself/herself.

There is also a deep esoteric understanding involved when one states that negative beings too have love and serve the Creator in their own fashion. You see, there are really two ways of serving the Creator: either by obeying him (following his will by serving the entire creation) or by emulating him (living like him by not feeling accountable to anybody). Both ways can help an entity advance and return faster to the Creator but in opposite directions. The first option guarantees a permanent and eternal life, while the second option is temporary and provides only a finite life. The most tangible manifestation of STS mentality in our world is demonstrated by the lifestyles of drug lords, blood-thirsty politicians, elite rulers, corporate magnates, and various other kinds of psychopaths who don't give a damn about the well being of others. They love themselves and their families (which they perceive as only extensions of themselves) at the detriment of others. They do not necessarily hate other people as long as they still perceive them as tools or assets at their disposal. That is what is meant by negative love: the act of associating with people only for the benefits you get from them, and rejecting them as soon as they have nothing to offer you or liquidate them if they become a liability to your interests.

An entity (or group of entities) which serves the will of the Prime Source is always in touch with the stream of life and will have no wish or desire to interfere with the life of another. But an entity (group of entities) that chooses to serve only the self at the expense of others will increasingly limit its connection with Source and will eventually cut itself off completely from the vital cosmic current. It will continue to live (or reincarnate) though only from the reserve of soul energy it had BEFORE it severed it connection with the Source of life. When that reserve of life energy is depleted, the entity then will make an unconscious return to Source, desintegrate and permanently cease to exist. Positive entities too eventually return to Source, but they return in conscious way and re-emerge in the next cycle to become planets, stars, galaxies, etc. Even at that stage an entity may still choose to change its polarity to negative and it will eventually become a comet, a black sun, a black hole, etc. which will also eventually desintegrate (dead stars, exploding black holes, ...).
In order to avoid or postpone their ultimate desintegration, some (not all) negative entities choose to steal life force from those they can subjugate. This way, the entities will continue to live at the expense of their victims who might even end up depleted in life force and consequently cease to exist. It serves their best interest to allow their victims to continue living so they can use those victims to recharge their life force from Source for as long as possible and then take it from them. This seems to be the role of many established religions in our world: to feed hell with the light collected from heaven by ignorant believers (the milky cows). This may explain why most religions do not promote a genuine awareness that can lead to spiritual empowerment. As long as one has less knowledge about one's condition, one remains essentially vulnerable and will be incapable of defending oneself or breaking free from one's oppressors. But we can choose to do better by seeking the light (as religion recommend), while also acquiring the means of securing it and using it to help us evolve instead of draining it to malevolent entities. Once we become spriritually emancipated, it will allow us to become independent entities, free to follow our chosen path of spiritual evolution.

Advanced negative entities are of higher frequency but of lower vibration than us. This means they have knowledge but they lack life (which they came to take from us). Basically, this act of stealing the life force from others beings in order to extend one’s own is the hallmark of most STS entities. It is the idea behind vampirism. It is also the root cause of all military or spiritual conquests, whether the ones made by humans or those made by non-human entities in this or any other world. Some species in this galaxy (like the Reptillians), have become so successful in their conquest adventures that they have come to believe they can perpetually extend their livelihood by stealing life force (or soul energy) from other less advanced beings in the Universe, and therefore achieve eternal life in such an entropic manner. They may have the following mentality: “I have become like God, living forever but without answering to anybody”. Of course, that is only a wishful thinking which is a main characteristic of all negative entities.

This mentality is uncalled for and cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged. This is why other positively evolved beings feel compelled to intervene and stop the progress of negative conquests throughout the Universe by empowering potential victims (less evolved beings) with the necessary spiritual knowledge that can help them shield themselves, resist, or emancipate themselves from the negative controls of those cosmic thugs. However, they cannot force their help on anybody for that is contrary to their spiritual protocols. The victims must ask for help, deserve it, and be willing to learn from it so they can protect themselves from such unsolicited intrusions.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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