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Because we are in September, I thought:  What a great time to speak about the forces which keep balance in life! The sun is entering the zodiacal sign of Libra from the 23rd of September.Time of the year when hours of the day and hours of the night match. When time and seasons are balanced. For being a symbolic language, astrology speaks for everything in the universe. Taking that into account, I'd like to take you beyond the astrology view, to discover other forms of Libra and the secrets it holds. So brave yourselves Smile! Sit down comfortably...grab a cup of tea (I suggest you grab two)...put on some nice music... and let's go visit the cosmos, shall we. Smile

There is a balance on earth, in the human being, in the invisible worlds... Even if nature will not allow a perfect balance, because that would mean everything freezes, paralyzes and stagnant in all areas of life. I'll elaborate further about that shortly in this thread.  Most esoteric and spiritual sciences have acknowledged and spoken about Libra, the scale of the sky: In Tarot, in Kabbalah, in Yoga system, even in our modern official science like biology, and physics. And it's presence can be noticed everywhere, because it's at the base of creation and allows evolution. A force without which, life as we know it would be impossible. 

[Image: balance.png][Image: libra22.jpg]
Astrology has giving the symbol of a scale to the forces of Libra. That's well done, since Balance is actually made possible thanks to a scale. Okay not our modern forms of scale. I'm speaking of those old scales which have two platters. Those scale used to compare weight of two objects on each side of the platters. Also the element associated to Libra is Air. Possibly because air can easily influence the scale. Those who are not familiar with astrology symbols can think of the air element as the intellect, or simply your reasoning ability. A lot of your inner balance depends on your way of thinking, on what and how you think. You may create a tornadoes and clouds of dust within you ( meaning a lot of doubts and worries),  just by the way you think and destroy inner cities. Or you may maintain such a beautiful weather within ( meaning the a clear mind), if you can blow a calm balanced air to your inner beings.

Wherever you hear element air used in astrology, think "mental activity". In astrology you will find the element air also associated to Gemini and Aquarius signs. That also means that people who are born under those signs are very active in the mind, they are beings of reason. But compared to the all other elements, air element seems to find an important role to play in Libra. No other element would have been a perfect much for Libra. Or think about it. Can fire (heat), or water(cold)  establish balance? Watch kids; When they hurt their arm for example, their first reaction is to blow air on the arm. Or see how the kid slowly calm down when his/her parents blow air on their arm. They progressively stop crying, order is establish, the kid feels better. Interesting isn't it ?

Don't leave astrology alone in the sky, learn to make use of it in real life. So far I've not used astrology to predict the future, I find that area useless. However, I'm forever amazed by what I discover when I explore the secrets it holds. Libra or the scale in heaven and the influence of air on that scale is a universal reality. For example, air element is presented in you as the reasoning skill. And It requires a good reasoning skill, a good judgement to bring a certain balance. You need that ability to put things on a scale ( meaning to compare them). Then If the scale is too unbalanced, you can apply a fix to bring some balance on the scale.

[Image: libra2.jpg]
It's even because a good judgement (or air element)  is needed to bring balance, many palace of justice use the symbol of "Lady of justice". You surely know this statue of the lady who holds a scale with a sword in court places.

[Image: Goddess-of-justice.jpg]

 This statue speaks to the judges of earth. The judge should work accordingly to the laws of cosmic scale and the cosmic sword of lady of justice. The sword is the symbol of authority, it's also the ability to cut any matter right in equal half, and that, my friends, it's only possible with a good judgement. it takes righteousness a good adjustment skill to cut anything right in their right half. Unfortunately it is not always the case in our courts of justice ? Poor human judges, they have chosen to take such a difficult task. Many of them are clueless about the cosmic scale, about the cosmic justice. But hey, someone must pay the bills.

Anyway... as you can see, the scale is a symbol  of adjustment, therefore is also a symbol of justice. I guess both words have something in common haven't they? ( adjustment, and justice). Our lady of justice statues in the courts is the personification of the concept of adjusting wherever there is chaos. Wherever there is no agreement, or where things are totally unbalanced. But our lady of justice is not the original personification of the cosmic justice. The oldest personification of cosmic justice was found in ancient Egypt as a woman called Maat. Maat was presented as a woman with  wings  on each arm or with ostrich feather on her head. Feather or wings reveals the ability to freely move in any space and so related again to air element or thoughts. She could foresee the future and was the deity of justice.

[Image: 220px-El-pesado-del-coraz-n-en-el-Papiro-de-Hunefer.jpg]  [Image: download.jpg][Image: maat11.jpg]

Maat was said to regulate the seasons, the stars and the actions of mortals.  She brought order where there was chaos, especially during the moment of creation. She was the body of the concept of  good judgement, of harmony, of balance and justice. Ancient Egyptians gave priority to this concept and it even became a moral principle to them. The symbol of Maat was found in the pharaohs thrones to emphasis the laws of justice and righteousness.  It's even said that the feather of Maat was used on the scale to measure the dead people heart weight. If the heart was heavier than the feather of Maat, that meant that the dead person's soul would reach the higher spiritual worlds ? Maat is force of justice in the universe always balancing energies so we may continue to evolve through time and space. Maat was is first known representation of the cosmic lady of justice.

Now when the roman and the Greek took over Egypt, new symbols were born. Maat was replaced by Greek and roman gods. Maat was now called Themis by the Greek. Until today, Themis is become our  famous "lady of justice" in the courts of justice. She may be presented slightly different from one court to another, but you won't miss the scale and the sword. However sometimes you will see her with a blindfold, sometimes not. And sometimes with the sun rays on the head? why? it's supposed to be the  moon symbol there on her head, but anyway... I'm not here to bring justice to our courts of justice right? The blindfold you will sometimes see on lady of justice is there to explain that justice is to be done without looking at a the person's status in the society, or without taking into account the person's wealth...

[Image: Statue-of-Themis.jpg]

When we hear Libra in astrology, we should go further beyond the limited description it is giving by traditional astrology. If you look further you find it everywhere where it becomes a universal scale. Libra is the Maat of ancient Egypt, it's the Themis of the ancient Greek, it's our "Lady of justice". And like all the other symbols, Libra is a lady. And ruled by planet Venus ( which is another feminine energy). Yes, just so you know, a very old astrology actually also used to put a lady in between the zodiacal scale of Libra. Please do your research. 

[Image: ladybalance.jpg]

Then, why always a lady? you will probably wonder. And I would reply, why would it be a man? I've spent much time in the symbolism, and I've not found a consistent association of man to the concept of intelligence and wisdom. These latter are female forces up above in the heavens. But below in lower worlds, the intellect and wisdom become male forces.

Libra is the same scale force which brings balance in our body. Doesn't astrology say that Libra corresponds to our kidneys? And what do Kidney do?  They maintain fluid balance and regulate minerals of our blood. They are really essential as you can see. Your body would collapse without the work this wonderful organic scales. Then why shouldn't we should think the same for the cosmic scale.

Libra is the 7th signs of the zodiac, situated between Virgo and scorpion signs. Perfectly positioned to bring balance between the two opposed signs. Meaning between the sign of life, of health and well being ( Virgo) and a sign of death ( Scipio ).  And please  also look inside Libra itself. Isn't it said that Venus rules Libra and Saturn is exalted in Libra. Why would such planets happen to be strong in Libra. Astrologers should find this very interesting discovering! Look, Venus is presented as a young lady full of life, and full of pleasure. And Saturn is always that angry old man ready to cut the stupid people with his scythe ?  Venus therefore represents life, and Saturn death. They are therefore opposed signs on each side of the the scale (of Libra). And they have Libra to balance their forces.

[Image: venus.png]  [Image: images-2.jpg]

The scale exist to balance two opposed forces. Positive and negative forces, good and evil, right and left , strong and week... The scale is found everywhere there is a presence of  two opposed forces. The scale exists to hold their hands like a  parent holds the hands of his/her children ( The daughter on the left and the boy on the right ). The force of Libra came to existence together with the opposed forces. It's impossible to imagine a scale without those two platters anyway.

The kabbalah speaks of those two forces of Libra as the two pillars of the tree of life. The pillar of severity and the pillar of mercy. And in the middle you have the pillar of harmony, also called the pillar of balance. On the left are female forces and on the right male forces.

 Our kidneys and lungs also are two for the same reason. One hold female or negative polarity energies and the other male or positive polarity type of energies and in the middle the result of their balance. In the yoga system, we are also presented with the same principle in the notions of Inda  and Pingla which are nadis or invisible channels  of our spine, located on each side of our back. On the left and right hand side, and through which the male and female type of energies flow. 

[Image: images-1.jpg]

The caduceus of Hermes is actually one more symbol showing the force of Libra. The two snakes turning around the vertical stick, are the two opposed energies of the universe. The stick or vertical line around together with the snakes  turning it, represents the scale, but also  the central channel (Sushumna) through which the kundalini rises while regulating both energies of the spine along its way up towards the head.

[Image: images.jpg] 

In numerology it's obliviously the number 2 which represents the forces of the cosmic scale ( the two platters of the scale). People who have the number 2 in numerology tend to avoid problems, and are forced to resolve conflicts around them. It's important to keep in mind that numbers in numerology forces and entities. So when you read a number in numerology translate as a force, as an indigence.  Numerology agrees that there must be 2 opposed forces to create balance. With one leg alone, you will either fall or won't be able to walk. We may not extract an opposed force from anything or we will be paralyzed and won't make any more progress. And so good and evil must be. Good alone doesn't create balance. It's both evil and good together which create some balance in life. This is very risky of me to say something like that, because only God knows how you will understand me and what conclusion you could make out of it ?  Hopefully a balanced conclusion Smile

I like the symbol of Yin young, because it contains both forces of the cosmic scale. The black and the white equally adjusted in the circle (the universe). It probably won't look nice and attractive if there was only one color in it. Don't you think so? I still think so. I've also seen this yin-Yong symbol in the tarot card called "la papesse" in french, or commonly known as "the high priestess".  This card is the second card of tarot. See, number 2 again. Coincidence you might think? I don't think so.

The high priestess card actually represents the number 2, Libra, the Maat, the lady of justice. And some people use the cards of tarot to play and tell fortune. While some other people can see through, lots of secrets of the cosmos, lots of mysteries and principles which they can experiment and verify in their own lives. The high priestess sits in the middle of  2 pillars (columns), and between these two pillars is stretched a mainsail which hides and forbids entry ( the temple of initiation).  Those two pillar represent the 2 pillars of the temple of Solomon, or again the 2 pillars of the kabbalah I spoke about earlier.  Or to put it simple, the two opposed energies of your spine column. The high priestess also holds 2 keys on your left hand and a half open book on her right hand. What does it all mean? The book tells us to learn. To learn and experience the opposed forces of the universe without which creation and life is not possible. The keys represents what we get after having learnt. The keys opens the mainsail so we may enter the sacred temple of initiation. And so you see there is a whole teaching in this particular card. The secrets of cosmic scale is told one card.

[Image: lesson11-03.png][Image: flat-1000x1000-075-f.jpg][Image: e39b2977918672e7546ac493468e6afe.jpg]

But note that nature speaks loud enough about the scale that we really don't need the high priestess to teach us about the forces of the scale.  Because unless you are blind, who hasn't seen the green color of nature? Green is the nature language speaking on behalf of the scale. Telling us that there is harmony, and balance everywhere in nature, for green is everywhere. Okay. Fine. Maybe not too much green anymore, since some criminals have decided to cut many forest trees to create an unbalanced life on earth Sad . But it is still symbolically the color of balance. Green is the color of plants or vegetables in general. Where there are vegetables there is fresh air, just like where is there Libra there is justice.

[Image: green.jpg]

In your body energies system, the heart chakra color is green, for it brings harmony and balance to your whole psychical being. You are likely to get unbalanced for not working wisely with the chakras, ( for example when the order of chakras activation is not so well respected), but you cannot go wrong with the heart chakra, this is the only safe chakra which doesn't go unbalanced. It provides balance. It's over activity will only bring further balance on the rest of chakras.  In a earlier thread, I mentioned about the 3 main colors which represent trinity: The red, green and blue. Actually graphic designers also know that those colors are all they need to create any other colors. In the esoteric science,  red is the negative polarity force. Blue is the positive polarity force. And the green balances red and blue ( like your heart chakra).

[Image: chakra.jpg]

Now what can we take out from this science of life? We may remember that we need to accept the existence of opposed forces : positive and negative. And not to be afraid of them since the scale, the Maat, the Libra is always present working on balancing all these forces. If we don't accept the existence of both forces, we could be fighting against one of those essential forces. That is not only an impossible fight but it  would also demonstrate more our human stupidity in trying to fight with those natural forces. Everything in nature agrees with those forces. And somehow human are the only beings who seem to know better by fighting with them?  Many religions were born to fight evil, as if God needed their help to destroy evil. Some other bizarre religions out there are fighting against good in the hope of bringing God down, because, as I was explained they believe that God is the cause of their miseries on earth?  Poor God, always misunderstood! All God wanted is manifests and be known by dividing himself into 2 opposed forces. Now its human beings who not able to understand those forces are complaining. I say we don't understand both forces: evil and good, because we are struggling to figure what evil is. Evil may only be understood if good is properly understood.

Think about it. Evil cannot be truly defined. It stays relative. In our spiritual meetings, I was once asked the question: "Krya we know we should not do bad, but give us some examples of doing bad" ?  I was unable to answer that. Why? because what you think is bad is not necessarily bad for other people.  It's even so with nature. What we think is right and good is not necessarily good for nature, and vice versa. Many things which happens in nature: The volcanoes, the tsunamis and the earthquakes,  destroying people's houses, separating families, killing man woman and CHILDREN. NO!!! That cannot be said to be good to human! But nature doesn't care what you think. Because it is doing good according to cosmic laws. It is bringing back some balance without which we will not all continue our lives on earth. When a human enters the jungle and he is eaten by the wild animals, would we say that the wild animals did bad? No, wild animals are just blindly obeying the laws of the jungle. You are not supposed to be there. It's not balance for you to go and live in the jungle, just like it's not balance when wild animals are kept in cages in our cities.

I meant it when I said that nature brings some balance only. Because it doesn't  bring a complete balance. Nothing is completely balanced yet, that moment of the assistance is probably still to come. Anyway if complete balance should happen, we would all go back to the original state of things. Back to how things were before creation. We would reintegrate into in God. Complete balance is perfection. When complete balance happens, the cosmic scale won't need to be anymore. Meaning the number 2  will vanish as well. No duality, no male, no female, no good, no bad, no good, no evil. no darkness nor light. Just the number 1 and 0.  And in the number one is no manifestation.

 According to the Zohar, All of the Hebraic letters ( which should be taken for divine forces) were used for something during creation of the universe, and the most important of all was the letter Beth which corresponds to number 2 (second letter from right to left) . But Aleph which corresponds number 1 was not giving a task in the process of creation. Because it was meant to a different task: It is the mystical force of action behind planets, behind our human actions.., it remains invisible and none-manifested. Okay. Maybe I just love God's creation a lot, so I wouldn't wish the number 2 to stop existing. So let what we call unpleasant and pleasant continue existing for they allow creating.

[Image: ab4b8a1b7a8aa9048db8fc3a2d295bfd.gif]

Every one of us needs to keep balancing a little their scales, whenever there is either too much good, or too much bad. Isn't that what nature does all the time to keep things going? When it senses that there is too much good, it brings some unpleasant weight on one side of the scale, and when there is too much chaos, it brings a little weight of comfort on the other side of the scale in order to balance a little. But at the same, still keeping some percentage of unbalance. It's important to realize that there is not perfect balance in nature yet. I don't know about you, but I get the sense that something bad is about to happen when there is too much happiness in my life. I know something bad is on the way. I've observed this so much that I don't miss it. 

When I see kids paying and enjoying too much, laughing, throwing things, I'm already sensing something wrong is going to happen soon, and I start looking everywhere around the children to see how I can help. And it usually ends up with one of the kids crying, because they either fall, or something fall on them, and it's the end of happiness right there. I'm pretty sure you've observed this too.  The laws of scale so found everywhere. One moment you are smiling because you are sliding on the good side of the scale of life, and before long, you find yourself angry or discouraged because you are now sliding on the bad side of the scale. I may not have mentioned it, but that second card of the tarot I talked about earlier  also bears the explanation of of the slide effect. That's explained with the moon found in the high priestess card.

Yes there is a moon symbol in that card. And not any not any moon. Not the full moon, but the moon with horns. Those horns are precisely the other symbolic of the scale. On those horns your life will slide up and down. The moon is always been the star of change. You can blame your mood changes to the moon?  When you are in the good side of the moon, the bad side of mood is activated and calling you to join the bad side. Yes, bad and good, evil and good, week and strength, full and empty attract each other.  Doesn't male and female attract each other. They do in the human life, but they also do at the psychic level, and at cosmic level.

[Image: horns.jpg][Image: horns2.png]

Here is an example of opposed energies: Virtues and vices. Like male and female, vices and virtues attract each other. When you have too much virtues, you attract the attention of vices.  And the opposite is also true. When you have vices, virtues are invited to come try bring a certain balance. We've seen criminals who manifested some sense of altruism in difficult times, when they were experiencing too much bad side of the scale. Opposites forces always attract each other. The same types of forces do not attract each other.

What if I said that the so called angels and demons do attract each other. I won't be wrong about that! It's the laws of nature which agrees with me. And do spiritual masters really attract each other?  Do intelligent people attract each other? No they don't Smile. I've seen it. It's rather the disciple and masters who attract each other . The stupids and the genius who attract each other. Masters find no interest in communicating with masters, because there is no natural exchange.  Both are full, no one is empty. Even if they pretend to look empty when they meet, they fake it. There is no attraction, no exchange between them for they are same polarity. Sorry! but it's just so.

Now even if things cannot be 100% balanced. We should just keep balancing our scales. Don't let too much weigh on the bad side of the scale, nor too much good on the other side of the scale. For too much of anything is not balance. Though we should also not be afraid to experience a bit of the unbalanced scale from time to time, because it makes us think and pushes us to review our lives. This way we are not stagnant in our evolution.

People who are too comfortable (with no unbalanced) in their lives don't usually bring anything to the world. I let you do your own observation, but to my view, our most greatest genius who left great fruits on earth were all unbalanced people. The greatest spiritual beings may also be considered as unbalanced for they spend too much time in their head, always meditating, visiting the sky, though they are also the ones who spread positive energies around in the world. Some of them just forget sometimes to come back to earth from time to time to interact with people, to dance a little,  to take jokes., and to welcome a little bit of dirt ?  That means to shift the platter of the scale on the other side.  Put a lot of weight on the right hand side of your scale for a moment, and after some time, remove those weight, so the scale can balance a little. 
[Image: adc-85jzo121-8.jpg]

I think this is again one of the longest thread I've written. So if you've read the whole of it, congrats! Smile 
Hope it was helpful.

Let the Maat, the Libra or the cosmic scale balance the love and the light in all of us.
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just adding my two cents

Thank you Kyra for your wonderful post on Libra. 

Just wanted to add in many esoteric Tarot studies... Libra is connected to the 11th Major Arcana Card of Justice.. which image totally fits with many of your images of balancing Equilibrium and Harmony ( other Libra connected  words) of the scales and so forth you shared.   11 being reduced to a 2 you also get the close connection to the High Priestess as you were relating to Balancing between dualities and that symbolism is related to.   In the Paul Foster Case tarot card of Justice you see a woman Judge, seated with eyes open- upright sword of justice in her hand, - also balancing the scales between two pillars  ( two pillars of Kabbalah tree of life) etc.  The Zodiacal sign Libra is attributed to Lamed.

Libra is the Seventh sign,,,here the balance is between 3 and 3 ( two trinities one facing up another facing downward)

[Image: seven-symbol.png]

Justice Card below

[Image: 11-bota-tarot-justice.jpg]

The Autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is the start of LIbra and the middle point between the the Lower and Upper 6 signs of the Zodiac,, when doing meditations on the 12 days of Christmas ( each day related to one astrology sign) The Libra Point is New Year's Eve.

In Buddhism Libra's seeking harmony and balance can be related to "The Middle Way" ..
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Thanks a lot Aceofcups. That's great contribution.  Especially to see how the 11th Major Arcana Card of Justice brings us back to the number 2 and displays the same exact image as used in the high priestess. Wonderful!
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Thank you both for your contributions. Your post Krya, is very informative and true. There must be balance and harmony to maintain the life of the universe. We must accept and rejoice in everything, even that which we consider bad or uncomfortable. Some may curse the rain, others dance in it!
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