(10-20-2019, 01:40 AM)Skytiger Wrote: I don’t need fixing.

I want to be able to post, without being told everything I post is wrong.

If anyone needs fixing it’s the one following my posts and telling me what’s wrong with me.

He should think first about his own problems.

I will no longer talk to him, or read anything he writes.

I would appreciate all the stuff he has added to my posts in this thread be removed.


Hi Skytiger,
sorry about that. And I do understand how you feel, because I would probably have felt the same in your boot. But you are much patient. I've seen it. Please do not loose the quality. 
So instead of applying what you asked for ( removing his posts), I'd like us all rather to make an effort to forget and move forward.  Unless I'm reading wrong, but the last message of شem:dru:vid::: seems to have shown peace and love. I would very much like to see it that way, not any other way please. 

I will just ask admin to achieve this thread. It's gone way beyond out of topic anyway.

Love and light to all.