As far as I have understood John's post, he is speaking about money "thoughtform" , not 'money'. Money is not the evil, it is the thoughtform that is creating the problems around the world. For many people, making money has become the ultimate goal, by hook or by crook, keeping the ethics or moral values at stake.This thoughtform makes a person think that the more you have money , the more comforts of the world you can achieve and more power you can have. And as we know, this thought is nothing but a delusion and for some it is hallucination. Money and power are being utilised on making weapons, counterfeit medicines, edible items, food, fake medical and spiritual practices and treatments and on many other evil practices just to gain more money, power and comforts (an example of the LOOP). The basic rights of human beings (food, education, health, house, right to live respectfully and happily, and the justice )are being affected and compromised now just because of this thoughtform.
The gap between the rich and the poor seems to be increasing everyday. We witness inflation in the market. Instead of having a peaceful life, people are running after money, making their life more chaotic. If we understand how to control this thoughtform, we would be able to restore the balance. If the Rich and the Capable start defeating this thoughtform and utilise the money and the power they have on the eradication of the evils and problems of the world, we all will witness the positive change. Though the changes are still happening, but the progress is rather slow.
The Knowledge and the Awareness of the Truth have to work together to make the difference in this planet. We have to understand how the entire cosmos functions because we all are part of this and everything depends on our (entire mankind)efforts.
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I would like to begin by thanking everyone for bringing up, or should I say, for “resurrecting” this old thread which I nearly have forgotten already due to so many things I have been involved in for the past two years or so. Now let me try to elaborate further on the subject:

johngefnir said:

OK, Interesting thread. On the relevance of nasties i.e bugs and biting insects etc, they all have a place in both the evolutionary cycle and the food chain. Remove something from the environment, and it will eventually damage something else, but if we are to agree that there is intelligence behind creation and not just random accidents, then everything is thought created, that being slightly different to a thought form. Thought forms are weak and transient, thought creations are semi-permanent and stronger.
I come from an esoteric study background, and among other things run courses on visualisation, mainly with regard to meditation and pathworking, but the techniques can be beneficial in the physical sense too.
Look about you, everything you see started in someones imagination, the car you drive, the chair you sit on, even you and me, we all started in someones imagination.
If you can imagine it, and then visualise it you can create it! We are all made in our creators image, so we are all at least demi-gods in a sense. We all move down the Qabalistic tree of life from Kether (ultimate potential) through Binah (understanding) where through force we receive form.
Elementals are thought created beings, we create them all the time, mainly they are weak and shadowy and soon disperse, children, with there unfettered imagination do it all the time, imaginary friends etc. but when they grow up and no longer need their imaginary friend it again fades away, back into the magikal elements from which it was created. Elementals, if consciously created are for a spesific purpose, and when the purpose is fulfilled they cease to exist, but if, when one is created the purpose was not specific, or if some thing prevented the being from completing its task, it will continue to exist more or less for ever. These beings inhabit the lower astral, and observe the behavior of humans,and try to emulate them, after a period of many years they may begin to develop an intelligence, perhaps that of a monkey, but they can never have a divine spirit as they are not part of the divine creation. It is these beings which are most commonly communicated with via a ouja board, and they can be very dangerous if they are allowed to enter our world, they can attach themselves to people and cause many problems, they are also very difficult to send back to the lower astral. there is a Chinese saying, 'when you are confronted by your demon, look into the past to when you created it, then enter its world and destroy it, if you allow it to enter your world it will destroy you!'
These elemental beings can also be created and used in curses and other occult works.
Most 'ghost hunters' come into contact with these beings as often the ghost hunts are in places of dubious atmospheres, e.g, old prisons, asylums, workhouses etc. where the inhabitants were not always of sound mind, and almost certainly were giving off negative energy and thoughts.

Dear johngefnir, I appreciate your take on this subject, and which, to my opinion, seems to globally align with what is being said in this thread. What I don’t seem to comprehend is your apparent obsession with words. Words are simply ways of conveying ideas to the outside world. But Ideas (spiritual or intellectual) belong to the abstract domain (i.e. the invisible world). So part of our spiritual or intellectual evolution is to focus our attention on the true substance of things expressed (which are universal and eternal) instead of getting stuck with learned wordings and terminologies that may be confusing and actually vary from tradition to tradition and change from generation to generation.

There is only one spiritual truth about spiritual reality but this truth is expressed in different systems in order to customize its secrets to the various cultures and traditions existing in this worlds. For instance, the feeling of two people loving each other is the same everywhere but it is expressed differently in Oriental, Arabic, African, or Western traditions and customs. However, those different expressions do not change the actual meaning of love. It stays the same no matter how we think of it. Similarly, there are many esoteric traditions that all express the same spiritual truth. So if you have studied the Hebrew system of Kabbalah, it doesn’t mean that that is the only authentic esoteric system. Others have studied the Taoist system, the Hindu system, the Buddhist system, the Sufi system, the druidic system, the Rosicrucian system, and many other systems that exist and have existed before. They have all come to the same understanding because all those systems are different ways of interpreting (or decrypting) the same spiritual information. Trying to assert that only one system is authentic and trying to impose it on others is and has always been the source of many conflicts, wars and genocides in the bloody history of this world.

As far as thoughtforms are concerned, it really doesn’t matter if one calls them elementals or whatever other names because after all, none of us has seen them directly, although many of us have felt or seen their effects. The bottom line is that we (humans) think and feel. And as we think about something persistently and invest our strong emotions in it, this will unavoidably produce an energy configuration (or thoughtform) corresponding to the type of thought and feeling that was put in it. As soon as they are created, these thoughtforms have the potential to evolve and adapt according to their respective natures. The thoughtforms that are directly created by adepts are simple automatons because they are entirely programmed and controlled by their creators. For example, the Jews mystics of the Middle Ages were often feared for their magical ability of creating creatures known as Golems. Those Golems (manifested thoughtforms) were used as dangerous guardian pets and they could become visible or invisible as needed.

Of course, all thoughtforms (whether positives or negatives) are second order beings and they do not have any knowledge or any direct connection with the Godhead because they are the creatures of creatures. Their existence derives and depends on us (first order beings) who created them, which is why we should be wise to create only the thoughtforms that can be beneficial to us because otherwise we will be overpowered by them and be doomed to dig our own graves. All diseases are caused by parasitical thoughtforms, which is why it is not irrational to state that organisms such as germs, mosquitoes and other bugs that cause diseases must be the physical embodiment of various parasitical thoughtforms since they simply do not fit into the plan of a loving Creator.

Finally, I want to say that I am ONLY talking about thoughtforms here and not anything else (such as nature’s spirits). Therefore, any other parasitical attachments one may get from discarnate humans, demons, or negative fourth dimensional beings is a different thing from attachment by thoughtforms, for the simple reason that we do not create those ones. They already exist on their own. But thoughtforms are created by us, and we can have a full control over them if only we know how to do it. The gift of creating thoughtforms was given by Cosmic Intelligence to all sentient beings in the universe so they can use their thinking capacity and their given freewill to create the condition of reality they wish to experience for their own growth and development. In fact, the difference of cultures and ways of life we observe among people or nations of this world is a direct consequence of the type of thoughtforms that each one of them has created for itself and which shape its reality and view of life.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Is there such a thing as a mental/psychic procedure designed or devised for the purpose of transforming and sanitizing the pathological personality of an undesirable thoughtform?


Yes there is such a procedure. But it requires a strong commitment and sustained willpower. As this is known in many spiritual traditions, any negative energy can be transmuted into a positive one. For example, whenever you begin to feel enraged about someone, and you IMMEDIATELY change this feeling into serenity and peace of mind no matter how irritating the situation is, then the more you do this, the more the negative thoughtform you have created will begin to change and become positive, so that all curses will be transformed into blessings. The key is to get a proper emotional management by not granting our negative emotions the opportunity to grow and negatively charge the thoughtforms we create but rather to quickly replace those emotions with the positive ones and the thoughtform will automatically change as well. The result will and can only be beneficial.

But is money our enemy? Since money evolved, one could almost say, naturally, out of the need for a more efficient method of barter and exchange, within a progressive social order, the indicated problem seems to be not so much the pathological personality of the money thoughtform, as the pathological greed, selfishness, hatred, competition, elitism and so on, to which you refer, John-Ly, that have arisen within the human ethos or character. The clock cannot be turned back, so it seems we are stuck with the money monster.

Money per se is not the enemy because it is neutral, and it is not what I was trying to attack here. In fact, I am probably one of the last people in this world who can adopt the catholic philosophy which kind of say “money is evil, so love poverty give to the church all your money and remain poor in order to gain the kingdom of heaven, so that we (the priests, the bishops, the popes, etc) can afford to live in scandalous luxury”.

At this point in time, nobody can really say that he can dispense of money. Even monks in the deserts need money to acquire some basic necessities of life. Just as the last poster (anushri) has remarked, it is not the physical money but rather the way the Money thoughtform has degenerated and has infected so many people with its pathological character, that raises many causes for concern about the future of this world. We may be the ones who created the Money thoughtform, but once created, it becomes independent and autonomous and can actually turn the dynamic by controlling every aspect of our lives and destroy the fabric of our societies (which is now the case, especially in hardcore capitalist societies). Nowadays, people are no longer valued as individual with divine rights, but are rather valued according to how much their bank account weight, and this is something that should be the cause of much consternation to every reasonable person with a working conscience.

I believe that everybody on this planet should have everything they need (not necessarily everything they want) to sustain their lives and allow them to develop and expand in every way they can. I mean here things like food, shelter, clothing, education and leisure time. Anyone who thinks that this utopia is unworkable and impossible to achieve is only buying to the narrative propagated by those few privileged elites controlling the resource of this planet and who wish to perpetuate their mastership and keep the rest of us as their slaves. The truth is that the world currently has the resources and technology to provide all those necessities to ALL its inhabitants and not just keep it as an exclusive right of some few privileged families.

So it is possible and feasible to build a great civilization that does not necessarily revolve around money. In fact, the irony is that money does not even exist in reality! Not only because it is an abstract idea of wealth conventionally represented by paper notes and coins, but most of what we call money nowadays is not even tangible but is only a stream of electronic data transfers! But of course, we cannot get rid of it at this time yet so we must still endure all its cruelties. All we have to do for now is to keep our minds open and explore possible alternatives to the current money system.

I do not really wish to go any deeper into this subject of money distribution for now because it can get very frustrating and revolting. To avoid risking to digress from the current subject, I would like to first distance myself from the false dichotomy of “evil Communism Vs sacro-saint Capitalism” which often comes up whenever there is a discussion of money. I am neither a Communist nor a Capitalist. But I firmly believe that normal humans are naturally social beings, and as such, only a REAL socialist system can cater to their common needs. The current dominant system (i.e. capitalism) which allows only a selected few to grab everything for themselves and deny the vast majority of human beings with even the most basic necessities is immoral, unethical, unstable, and unsustainable in the long run. We constantly see people ruthlessly competing in order to rise the social ladder by accumulating things they don’t even need or which they will discard in a very short period of time. It is no longer a matter of having one’s needs met, but rather a matter of getting above the others and keeping them down. What sort of a sick world are we really in? Could it be that we are already in hell but we just don’t know it yet? LOL.

The ideal situation is to have a healthy and a sane world is for everyone to have everything they need whenever they needs it. When they no longer need those things, they should release them so that others who need those things may use them. How would you justify for instance the fact of one person owning three or four mansions for himself which he doesn’t even live in, while nearby there are plenty of people living in slums and many other who are homeless. Not so long I was invited to a wedding party of an old friend of mine whose parents are very wealthy, and they organized a sort of a banquet, with so much food and drinks on the tables you could not even begin to count. What troubled me was that at the end of the party, all the leftovers (which by my observation I estimated to be about 60% of the food) was immediately thrown in the bins! Not even animals were allowed to eat those very fine food thrown. I don’t know if dogs and cats these days do get sick from eating nice and fresh leftovers. But never mind, my thoughts went more to those starving and undernourished kids I have met in the Middle East last year (Lebanon and Jordan refugee camps mostly) and in some parts of Africa. How much of those wasted money and food could help alleviate the heartbreaking suffering, hunger and deprivation that the people in those places are currently enduring!

No one person – no small group of people can, alone, significantly change this situation. Ipso facto it would require a larger number of people to strip this scourge of its power. Are we back to SYNMED?

I wouldn’t personally like to dwell in that fatalistic mindset. Things can and will change, and the clock can be turned back. It is simply a matter of when. Our job is to prepare NOW the condition for things to change in the future, even if we may not be alive to see them materialize. And it is not at all necessary for every single person on this planet to be awakened and to challenge the system and get things moving. That is simply impossible. As sad and as shocking as this may be, the fact is that the vast majority of people on this planet are (or behave) more or less like biological drones, having a semblance of autonomy but actually being directed from afar by influences they do not know or understand. All it takes to ignite the fire of political revolution and social change is simply to have enough awakened and determined individuals who dedicate their lives in the cause of elevating humanity’s consciousness. When that number reaches a critical threshold, this world as we know it will be transformed and change radically. As for the masses of drones mentioned above (who are busy twitting and taking selfies all days long), they will simply go with the flow (or will perish) because they have no will of their own.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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John_Ly. I wouldn’t personally like to dwell in that fatalistic mindset.UNQUOTE
No John, I do not dwell in thatmindset. I was attempting to summarize a situation. See below.
QUOTE 2 John_Ly. All it takes to ignite the fire of political revolution andsocial change is simply to have enough awakened and determined individuals who dedicate their lives in the cause of elevating humanity’s consciousness. When that number reaches a critical threshold, this world as we know it will be transformed and change radically. UNQUOTE
QUOTE 3 MOONBEARSPEAKS. No one person – no small group of people can, alone,significantly change this situation. Ipso facto it would
require a larger number of people to strip this scourge of its power.
Are we backto SYNMED? UNQUOTE

If you refer back to my first posts onSYNMED, I also talked of revolution, in fact the whole tone of my approach to Synchronized
Meditation is echoed in the above QUOTES 2 & 3. Maybe we are on the samepage John_Ly? May I also refer you to my most recent private exchanges withkrya on this subject.

The following is extracted from a channeling I
recorded in l998; can you tell me whether your interpretation connects it with
the current topic please?
07.01.1998 [font="]WHETHER THE SHIFT IS TO
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Hi John, I'm not sure I understand your observation on my, quote ' obsession with words' considering the length of your posts and obsession with money. However we won't fall out.
I am a Celt, the ancient Celts had no written language, so the spoken word was extremely important, and perhaps some of that heritage is rather prominent in my life, but words are important, as is terminology. Certainly on a spiritual level words are superfluous, but on a physical level especially the correct term, or word is important. I run workshops on visualisation, and also on esoteric subjects, including the creation of 'elementals', and as for not seeing them, I have not only seen them, but have actually battled with a couple on the lower astral! One can't see electricity, but stick your finger in the plug socket and you'll know it exists!
Sorry to be facetious, but we humans have a basic need to put things into boxes, boxes with labels on, so everybody knows what's what. If we all use the same words, and most importantly the correct words, we all know what's going on. Some call me a teacher, I don't like that word, but as I share my knowledge with others I suppose I am a teacher of a sort. there is a big difference between being taught and learning something. I can teach someone to do something, but they only learn when they actually do it. Learning is experiential, being taught is not, or put another way learning is active, being taught it passive.
Empty Your Cup

A university professor
went to visit a famous Zen master. While the master quietly served tea, the professor
talked about Zen. The master poured the visitor's cup to the brim, and then
kept pouring.

The professor watched
the overflowing cup until he could no longer restrain himself.

"It's overfull!
No more will go in!" the professor blurted.

"You are like this cup," the master replied, "How can I
show you Zen unless you first empty your cup."
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The longer this thread goes on, the happier I am that all those earlier posts are still available - and this is only part 1.
John_Ly will we see part 2 any time soon?

As regards 'terminology' and 'obsession with words,' I mostly prepare a post, especially the longer ones, first as a Word doc, at which time I find I have stumbled over how to express the thoughts and ideas that may be pouring into my head faster than I can get them
onto the screen; and the typos are all over the page. As I edit, some words and phrases are changed or replaced or even quite extensive new material may be inserted. If the written passage is to be interpreted as the writer (or dictating source) intended, then punctuation becomes paramount. Obsession with words? Guilty. Obsession with money? Now there's a strange thing about money. When I was young and broke, yes, I thought about money quite a lot. (Huh?) Then, as I have recorded in other posts on this forum, I made a lot of money, of which I have given nearly all away, or utilized it travelling in pursuit of spiritual learning and earth healing, so that nowadays I hardly even notice money in my life. No obsession there then. Doesn't seem fair does it, when I put it like that.

Dictionary definition of verbose - using or containing too many words, long-winded. I recently sent a message to krya. In it was a paragraph which consisted of one sentence of one hundred words of perfect prose and punctuation. He hasn't replied yet. I wonder why?
Sorry, I seem to have rather left the main topic. Thoughtforms? I thought forms were papers the tax man sent you. Big GrinAm I talking too much? Not really spiritual stuff is it? Now, there's not much more I can think of to say to you. Big Grin Aren't you glad to hear that? You see, with words, I am a bit like a sausage machine - once you switch me on, it is difficult to stop me. By the way, have you heard the story about.....................................................?
Stay cool man. BIGsmileHo ho ho. Guess I'll take a coffee break.

Sorry, guys and gals; I'll try not to let that happen again.

Yeah, I guess I have to agree with you John_Ly, "Words are simply ways of conveying ideas to the outside world." And I read and re-read your 'stuff' in order to fully grasp the ideas you convey. Thank you.
By the way, how are you guys out there in the outside world? Whoops, here I go again.

L & L
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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"By the way, how are you guys out there in the outside world?"

I'm well and alive in the outside world so far, and I intend to stay that way for as long as I can still be useful in this world.
But anyway, thanks for your concern about my wellbeing.

Glad and looking forward to benefit from your long life experience.

L&L to you.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Just a few lines in that post, John-Ly, but how much more they mean to ME than to others who may, quite casually, glance over them.

John_Ly, "Words are simply ways of conveying ideas to the outside world."

Sorry, John, on second thoughts, I have to take issue with you on that statement.

That is because I am aware, to some extent of the sentiment that your lines are intended to convey to me, to whom they are addressed.

So I do not see ...words as 'simply' ways of conveying ideas...I see words as subtle but powerful tools which, in different hands/mouths can be used for different purposes, maybe beneficial or maybe malign, according to the intent of the one who utters the words.
Now some may accuse me of using a word-device called 'semantics' but actually, what has happened, John-Ly, is that you hit the 'on' switch on my sausage machine to which I referred earlier, and ................."how the hell do I switch this damned thing off?"......................Rolleyes
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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It seems that this post has the interest of two somewhat verbose individuals, so just a few words on words!

According to the book of Genesis, we are all here because
of the word, in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and all
that is, was created by the word.
If you think about it we all live by words, we speak, we write, we text, but what are words? It has been said that
words are easy and mean nothing, but to me and many others a mans word is his bond!

But what about the power of words today, the great Oscar
Wilde has something to say on this subject too.

Yet each man kills the thing he loves,

By each let this be heard,

Some do it with a bitter look,

Some with a flattering word,

The coward does it with a kiss,

The brave man with a sword!

Words can create, build up, magnify, encourage, comfort and praise, yet they
can also destroy, break, condemn, criticise and ruin, often a single word of
criticism or rebuke can do more damage to a persons confidence than a thousand
words of praise can repair.

I remember when I was young, I used to write poetry, and one
day I made the mistake of showing my work to my Aunt Alice, who was quite an
accomplished poet, she was very forthright, and never pulled punches. I have
never written a verse of poetry since, and I never will, whatever poetic talent
I may have had was crushed completely. So you see we really must be careful
what words we use, because once the words fall out of our mouths no matter how
hard we inhale we can’t suck them back. We have all been guilty of saying
things out of place, we never mean to hurt, or to offend, but it often happens
anyway, and unfortunately you can make, or break people with just a single

When I was an apprentice I, like all the others could do
nothing right, we were criticised and ridiculed at every opportunity, what we
thought was perfect, to the others was rubbish. Many of my co-apprentices left,
but I was thick skinned, and determined to show what I was capable of, there
weren’t many words of encouragement, but one person, a painter, said to me one
day. ‘If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing badly at first’. That has stuck
with me all my life, because nobody’s an instant expert, we all have to start
somewhere, and I have said these words to countless others whom I have been
mentoring, maybe they’re not real words of encouragement, but they’re not
condemnation either, they acknowledge the fact that we all start with nothing,
and through setbacks we gain experience and eventually we become skilled.

Remember, the person who never made a mistake never made
anything, and saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t repair the damage unkind words have
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That makes three verbose individuals taking an interest. Methinks it takes a thought to create a word.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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