It is an unfortunate situation in this world that any idea which does not fit into the conventional thinking is either dismissed or terribly twisted from its actual meaning until it loses almost all its substance. All supernatural or paranormal phenomenon become objects of much controversies, and this means any true knowledge about them remain elusive to most people. Those who subscribe to the atheist mindset (and who arrogantly consider themselves to be more “rational” than others “dumb” folks) always dismiss or rationalize all immaterial phenomenon such as ghosts with a blanket statement and qualify it hallucinations or whatever other terms they find convenient. As for those of religious mindsets (who also think they are more “spiritual” than all the other “sinners” out there), they have a multitude of incoherent and superstitious beliefs about things such as ghosts, demons and the likes that could make you go insane if only you listened to them for too long! Like we shall find out, the truth about these types of phenomenon lie somewhere in between these two extreme beliefs, and it is quite rational and scientific if only approached from the right perspective and with the right frame of mind.

I have chosen to express myself in this article as simple as possible and avoided to use intricate metaphysical concepts which could only bring unnecessary confusions. The first point I would like to start with is to say that EVERY thought we emit from our minds are energies which have the power to create living entities, which in turn may create our individual or collective realities. This is actually the core idea behind the law of attraction and it is very essential to understand it so as to begin regaining control of your life and start shaping your future as you want it to be. Now, it is true that some thoughts we emit are just fleeting ones, while others are more intense and tend to stay a lot longer in our minds. The first ones (fleeting thoughts) have almost no impact because they dissipate as soon as we cease to hold them in the mind. It is these later ones (the persistent thoughts) that we shall focus on to see what they can become and how they can affect our lives in a way that we may not even be aware of.

What are thoughtforms and how are they created?

To put it simply, thoughtforms are temporary nonphysical entities created by our thoughts and emotions. They exist around us in the etheric level of reality and are imbued with astral energies corresponding to the emotions that went into them. In more technical terms, thoughtforms can be said to be psychic constructs created by our thoughts and sustained by our emotions. Each time you consistently and persistently think and feel about something, there is an energy released in your mind and which eventually adopt the characteristics corresponding to the type of feelings you had at the time of its creation. Animals, small children and people with clairvoyant abilities can see or feel these thoughtform energies, and they often describe them (i.e. adult clairvoyants) as a kind of smoke-ring rising from the top of your head, and whose colour and form correspond to the kind of thought you hold ( whether positive or negative). For instance, if you emit an intense angry, jealous, hateful, or murderous thought and direct it toward someone, it will be perceived by a clairvoyant as a dark smoke-ring of grotesque form and stinking smell rising out of your head and rushing to attack that targeted person (and it can indeed harm that person if he/she is psychically weak or unprotected!). On the other hand, a well meaning thought of love, peace, or sympathy sent to someone will be perceived as having a bright colour and with a more pleasing form and aroma emanating from your head and which could help that person if he/she is receptive to it.

Thoughtforms are therefore generated through our internal fantasies when these ones are charged with emotional energy. This combination (mental fantasy + emotional energy) forms the condensation of etheric energy that increasingly takes shape and floats into the etheric environment around us. The more intense the emotion that is poured into a particular fantasy, the stronger and more vital the created thoughtform will be. Mundane thoughtforms are just energy constructs without any mind or body coupled to them. They are like obedient automatons that blindly carry out the functions impressed upon them by their creator(s). If the thoughts and emotions that generated them are cut off, these thoughtforms will eventually dissipate and cease to exist. So for instance, when you make effort to forgive someone you previously considered to be your worst enemy and hated with passion, the Hate-thoughtform you created earlier will no longer have its food and it will therefore die and cease to exist. Thoughtforms can be generated individually through personal fantasies or collectively through mass beliefs and allegiance to certain paradigms (either religious, political, cultural, or philosophical). Collective thoughtforms are also called tulpas, egregores, or larvae in other esoteric systems. They have similar characteristics as individual thoughtforms, except that they can influence a larger number of people.

When simple thoughtforms becomes intelligent entities

Like previously said, most thoughtforms are weak and remain simple constructs because they do not have enough energy to sustain them and this is why they quickly disperse in the etheric environment after the reserve of energy they had has dried out. But some thoughtforms can grow stronger and stronger when our mental and emotional responses to them keep feeding and reinforcing them until they eventually become autonomous entities. Once a thoughtform becomes entitized this way, it increasingly acquires intelligence, ego, personality, and a self-preservation instinct, which means it will do all it can to preserve itself and assure its own survival by cultivating in its creator(s) more of the same energies that feed and sustain it. So the default way in which a thoughtform acquires entitization is when it begins to affect the world (through the person or the people who generated it) in such a way that the response reinforces its own existence. To put it in technical terms, a thoughtform becomes an entity only when its output becomes its own input, and this process will make it more and more complex.

A thoughtform you created with your mind and sustained with your strong feelings might not necessarily have the power to possess your body and take full control of it, but it will very well influence your life by conditioning you into generating more of the same thoughts and feelings that gave rise to it in the first place, thus leading you into a situation whereby you create and sustain its existence and it creates your reality which further help to perpetuate its existence. A feedback loop will therefore arise between the two of you, and which will make the thoughtform increasingly effective at eliciting further reinforcement in you that will help update its current programming, and this process can repeat itself until you die. Such a thoughtform will then become like an artificially intelligent software which has developed a method of upgrading itself! (A propos, such kinds of softwares already exist, and one of them is called chatterbot. These are softwares that initially start as simple interactive programs which increasingly grow in complexity and acquire a kind of intelligence and "personality" from the repeated interactions with their users).

Dealing with pathological thoughtforms

Now, if you create a thoughtform (i.e. you conceive it) and help it become an entity (i.e. you give birth to it instead of aborting it), then it becomes ipso facto your child (or better yet, it becomes your creature!). Therefore, that thoughtform is automatically entitled to be nourished by YOU (its parent/creator) so that it can exercise its right to live. Some thoughtforms are quite beneficial and will make your life a lot easier, while others (the negative ones) can aggravate your problems and can turn your life into a nightmare. If your child/creature thoughtform turns out to be clumsy, annoying or harmful to your wellbeing, you have no right to complain about it because you are the one who brought it to life, and it is your responsibility to train and discipline it. Should you fail to do so, then you must accept to suffer the consequences of your incompetence or carelessness. Often, if a negatively entitized thoughtform thinks that it is being neglected by you (its parent/creator), it will chose to go totally rogue and begin to wreak havocs in your life. And given that it intimately knows your psychic profile and it very likely surpasses you in perception and processing intelligence, such a parasitic thoughtform (which can be called a ghost in this case) will do everything it can to milk off your fear energy without pity (for it knows no such thing!).

[Image: rshqhw.jpg]

A person who is obsessed with paranoid thoughts will eventually create pathological thoughtforms which in turn will bring into physical manifestation the realities that will validate his or her paranoia, therefore creating a downward spiral that may end in schizophrenia, chronic panic attacks, mental breakdown and an ultimate death of the person. If you are being overrun by such pathological thoughtforms that you inadvertently gave birth to (or adopted through attachment), then you have about three options: the first option (which is the best one but requires a strong willpower) is to tame it and compell it to change its negative nature into a positive one. For instance, if you harboured a negative thoughtform characterized by violence, hatred, vengeance and aggressiveness, you should strive to change it into becoming a positive thoughtform characterized by peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation. Similarly, a thoughtform characterized by lust and sensuality must change into a thoughtform of love and intimacy, and a thoughtform of fear and paranoia must be changed to become a thoughtform characterized by peace and empowerment. The second option is to kill the thoughtform by starving it to death, that is, by deliberately denying it with the food it needs to stay alive (but this is not an easy task to accomplish!). The last option (which is a very bad one) is to simply chase it away from you and cut it loose so it can go wherever it wants.

Most so-called exorcists in this world who try to help people get rid of negative and parasitical thoughtforms are lazy and incompetent because they prefer this last option for it is the easiest one. Even in the case where they succeed (which is rare), they are still doing a great disservice not only to the people they are allegedly helping, but also to the entire world! When a negative thoughtform is not tamed or killed but is simply detached from its legitimate parent/creator, it will not cease to exist but will continue to survive from its reserve of energy and latter on it will attempt to come back in full force to its parent/creator’s home (where it belongs), and should it fail (which is rare), then it will desperately seek to attach itself to any other person it can meet who is weaker minded or whose aura is unprotected. You will find plenty of such “orphan” thoughtforms in places such as nightclubs, rock concerts, and similar places where people gather in order to indulge in their deviant or perverse desires. Such places are ideal hunting grounds for thoughtforms seeking new victims because most people frequenting there are often intoxicated, which means they have their aura temporarily open for any potential attachment. Let add that you can also be held karmically accountable for whatever damages your child/creature thoughtform causes on others innocent people out there after you have chased it away from you. This is why it is best to take your responsibility and change whatever negative thoughtform you may have into positive ones so that you help to create a safe psychic environment for all.

Souls and Thoughtforms

Let us now plumb into deeper esoteric waters here by discussing the similarities between thoughtforms and souls which will help to understand why it is said that Man is a microcosmic representation of God. Since a thoughtform is made of astral and etheric energies, and so is the soul, this means that both are the same in essence but only differ in complexity and magnitude. Our souls can be said to be different thoughtforms created by the cosmic mind of God before birth in order to help the Eternal spirit to interface with our bodies and manifest its infinite potential. The ultimate purpose of souls and thoughtforms is to meld matter and energy in order to actualize the idea that gave birth to them; in other words, they wish to achieve the physical embodiment of nonphysical archetypes that created them. Just like thoughtforms become entitized when they acquire a rudimentary ego, intellect, and personality, the human soul is a kind of thoughtform that becomes entitized when it acquires ego, intellect, and personality through the interaction with the world, affecting it and being affected by it, and therefore it learn through that experience how to better fulfil its purpose.

The stronger a thoughtform grows, the more complex and wide-ranging the matters and energy configurations it can handle, so that what started as a simple energy construct can, in extreme cases, become so much intelligent and potent that it can actually be able to acquire its own physical body! However, most entitized thoughtforms prefer to remain in the psychic environment where they can influence a lot of people and suck energy from them without having to spend much energy themselves. As for those that crave physical experience, they will seek to inhabit the physical bodies which can best help them to recklessly indulge in whatever desires animate them. But because most thoughtforms are weak and do not have the appropriate etheric circuitry to interface with the human neural and chakra systems, they cannot properly pilot something as complex as a human body like normal human souls can. This is why many thoughtforms can only enter into the bodies of simple life-forms corresponding to their respective natures (such as the grotesque-looking creatures known as monsters or others mysterious creatures discussed in this thread which live in the etheric environment but can momentarily make themselves physical and visible). When an entitized thoughtform wants to inhabit a reanimated human body (which is different from a human clone because it lacks the chakra system), it will need to use a vast amount of life-force (or vital) energy if it wishes to physically stay in that body for a long time. But because they cannot generate any vital energy on their own, such embodied thoughtforms can become what is known as Zombies or vampires and they will need to parasitically live off the vital energy of normal people (notice that the blood contains most vital energy of a body).

Spirits and sentience

Not all living creatures are entities because entitization requires the presence of soul and mind. Furthermore, not all entities are necessarily sentient beings, because sentience is gained with the union of mind, soul and spirit. Without the intervention of the spirit which provides self-awareness and a sense of higher purpose, our souls would be like simple programs automatically executing tasks they were meant to do. Spirit is the core of sentience, freewill, conscience, creativity, originality, and true self-awareness. Without the influence of spirit, a person is nothing more than an automaton programmed by external worldly influences and is entirely driven by the need of survival and perpetuating himself/herself (not different from an animal). He/she cannot comprehend (let alone conceptualize) transcendental ideas. It is therefore the spirit which allows us to observe our own thought processes as well as to imagine, fantasize, and feel complex emotions such as empathy, sympathy, or love. But these are things that thoughtforms (and animals) cannot do because they lack spirit and so there is nothing truly sentient inside them. In fact, not even all born human beings have spirits, and even among those who have, only very few are influenced by it! (but this is another subject which deserves to be discussed separately). For now, it suffice to say that thoughtforms cannot feel, imagine or fantasize and this means they cannot generate other thoughtforms.

To recap the ideas above, we see that our thoughts and emotions are energies which can create entities called thoughtforms. These thoughtforms are similar in essence with our souls because they are all made of condensed etheric and astral energies. They both become entitized with the help of Mind which increasingly provide them with intelligence and personality through repeated interactions with the outside world. By default, all souls and thoughtforms are goal-driven in a sense that they cannot help but carry out the impulses that gave rise to them. Both entitized souls and thoughtforms are mortal and they can become corrupt when imbued with negative astral passions which they will impulsively seek to materialize at all cost. The spirit (which is that part of us that retains continuity through reincarnation) is what gives rise to sentience and higher meaning in the life of an entity. Not all thoughtforms have the same strength or intelligence, this is why some can only stay in energetic forms while others may even function in a physical body. In fact, not only can a thoughtform be made to function in an organic body such as a human clone, a vampire or a monster, but it is also possible to attach an entitized thoughtform in an inorganic body such as a crystal, a machine or even a vehicle, and this will make those objects to function autonomously without the need of any human intervention (this idea will be further expanded in the upcoming second part of this subject).

So the situation can be represented as follow (NB: here the sign => means "comprises of"):
  • Simple Thoughtform => temporary etheric energy construct.
  • Entitized thoughtform => parasitic Soul + Mind (Intellect/ego, and personality).
  • Entitized and embodied thoughtform => parasitic Soul + Mind (Intellect/ego, and personality) + Body (organic
    or inorganic).
  • Spirited Human => Spirit + Individualized Soul + Mind (Intellect/ego, and personality) + Body.
  • Animal => Extension of a collective Soul (or Oversoul of their respective species) + Body.
  • Plants => etheric energies (no astral energy which gives passions, drives, and will) + Body (organic but static)
  • Minerals => etheric energies (no astral energy) + Body (inorganic).

Thoughtforms and mass control

We have seen how a thoughtform, if given enough energy, can end up creating a feedback loop between itself and those who generated it, so that it can perpetuate its own existence. This applies not only to the individual level but also to the collective level whereby large numbers of people can be influenced by a single thoughtform they contributed to create or sustain. As suggested previously, some thoughtform can be entitized by being given a personality directly by the person (or the people) who created them rather than to coincidentally develop such personalities through feedback loops. Mystics and people who are deeply involved in occultism know exactly how to create thoughtforms, give them personalities and then unleash them into the world to fulfil whatever goal they were programmed to execute. This idea will also be further elaborated in the second part of this topic, but for now let discuss about some of the most harmful collective thoughtforms that have been (and are being) created at the detriment of many. Unarguably the most powerful thoughtform controlling the economic life of this world is the Money thoughtform (also called the god Mammoth). This thoughtform was deliberately introduced in this world since a few thousand years ago by otherworldly beings of questionable nature who wished to rule the world by creating conflicts and divisions. From Atlantis (where it started) the Money thoughtform has extended its influence to subsequent civilizations such as Egypt, the Mesopotamia and others. It has succeeded to slowly spread its authority to the rest of the world so that at this time it influences the minds of virtually every human being on this planet to the point where most people cannot even imagine a way of life which does not involve money.

The god Mammoth has found its most devoted adherents in the capitalist economic system where it has been put in a huge pedestral and is literally worshipped by millions (if not billions) of people who see it as an indispensable master for everyday’s life. This Money thoughtform has increasingly gained power over the years, becoming more and more complex and intelligent with each passing generation. It has changed its physical “bodies” from gold and silver coins, to paper notes and bank checks, electronic debit and credit cards, cell phones and online transactions, to the now futuristic prospect of micro-chips implanted in people’s hands! This shows the ever increasing level of sophistication of this thoughtform in eluding any attempt to be contained or dismantled. This Money thoughtform has proven to be very harmful for the advancement of this world, preventing any peaceful or harmonious cooperation between people or nations. It breeds greed, selfishness, hatred, competition, elitism and many other social ills. In brief, it is the sultimate ource of virtually every evil actions perpetrated by human beings against their fellows and this is why it would be better for the world to get rid of such a monstrous thoughtform. Communism has attempted to kill the Money thoughtform but it was unsuccessful due to the fact that this thoughtform was already deeply ingrained inside people’s psyches and it could not be defeated so easily. Since this thoughtform cannot be killed (at least not for anytime soon), the only viable option left for now is to transform and sanitize its current pathological personality by giving it more positive attributes so that it can be made to serve a healthier goal for the benefit of all mankind.

How Thoughtforms create realities

Apart from the Money thoughtform, there are other modern pathological thoughtforms that are being deliberately released by those who are pulling the strings of world’s events in order to control and enslave the masses through fear. Aside from the plethora of entertainments and junk television shows, whenever you switch on your TV, what other things do you consistently see being broadcasted? Do you often hear any news related with major breakthrough in medical or engineering sciences being announced? Do you learn any valuable advice with regard to the proper way of conducting your life and to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy? Do you see much about educational subjects about science or spirituality being debated or discussed? I guess most of us will agree that such subjects are not given any priority as far as the purpose and interests of our current mainstream media are concerned. Instead, we are constantly being bombarded with depressing news of wars, devastations and diseases on a daily basis to the point where we begin to lose sight that there could be many more positive and constructive things that are concurrently happening in this world but which are never covered in those controlled media outlets for some obscure reasons. More and more people are becoming despondent from all these negative news and they are losing all hope for the future of mankind, and that is exactly the type of feelings that the people orchestrating such negative events want all of us to have.

Ever wonder why our mainstream media and presses appear to be so obsessed and over-preocupied with announcing us with horrific news of wars, terrorism or Ebola (which by the way, are all man-made)? The answer is very simple: the purpose of all these distasteful news endlessly being broadcasted by the media is to provoke an intense emotional response from vast number of people which can then be harvested in order to feed and energize the very thoughtforms of terrors, diseases, and deaths that people wish to avoid, until such a time when those thoughtforms become entitized and capable of perpetuating themselves by creating more and more negative realities in the future which ensure their continuity, therefore making this world an unsafe place to live for most people except perhaps for a tiny minority of privileged individuals who stand to profit from such chaotic situations. This is why we need to train ourselves how to resist paying attention to all the negativities orchestrated by those power-mongering rulers of this world whose sick ambition is to cause a worldwide state of panic and psychosis. Television serves no meaningful purpose other than to dumb down people’s minds with junk entertainments, to terrify them with horrific news and to spread rabid political propagandas. It would be preferable to get rid of those useless appliances in our homes and replace them with books instead (yes, just like old days! ). We need to be deliberately stingy with our emotional energies and we must categorically refuse to spend it in order to energize any negative thoughtform created specifically to sabotage our future. Remember that any thoughtform (whether a disease thoughtform or a violence thoughtform) that is not being sustained by enough emotional energy is doomed to perish eventually, and whatever physical manifestations it produced will subsequently follow suit. If only we could stop spending our emotional energies to the negative propagandas but instead invested all of it into positive ends, this world would radically change in an instant!


Like we have seen, there exists a miriad of thoughtforms that live and continue to be created created in the etheric environment just as there exists a miriad of creatures who continue to populate the physical environment. Thoughtforms are entities that we (humans) create with our thoughts and feelings, and they were normally meant to serve us (just like computers or robots) but not the other way round. The unfortunate situation in the lives of most people of this world is that they have “turned the table” and are now being controlled and exploited by the very thoughtforms they inadvertently created and continue to create. As for those who have mastered the knowledge to consciously create and control thoughtforms (people such as mystics, magicians, occultists, etc) most of them use that knowledge for selfish purposes and in order to gain power over others by exploiting their ignorance. The solution to this problem is therefore to help people acquire the knowledge and awareness about these issues and to also elevate theit hearts and discipline their minds. Knowledge is the key to unlocking our potential. It gives us the necessary self-​determination, responsibility, and power to cast off the chains of (overt or covert) oppression and bondage. Knowledge is therefore the greatest protector, for it also provides us with the foresight to impeccably handle the challenges of life and, most importantly, to sidestep the traps on the path to awakening. Combined with spiritual awareness, knowledge can help us to learn more efficiently, to have a smoother and more exciting path of progress through life, to avoid unnecessary obstacles, and to gain a measure of liberation from the enslaving effects of ignorance.