One of your most thought-provoking posts, John-Ly and one to which I have returned more than once. Indeed, there is so much to understand and evaluate that I have to try and separate subjects in order to assimilate them.

QUOTE: It (money) breeds greed, selfishness, hatred, competition, elitism and many other social ills. In brief, it is the ultimate source of virtually every evil action perpetrated by human beings against their fellows and this is why it would be better for the world to get rid of such a monstrous thoughtform. Communism has attempted to kill the Money thoughtform but it was unsuccessful due to the fact that this thoughtform was already deeply ingrained inside people’s psyches and it could not be defeated so easily. Since this thoughtform cannot be killed (at least not for anytime soon), the only viable option left for now is to transform and sanitize its current pathological personality by giving it more positive attributes so that it can be made to serve a healthier goal for the benefit of all mankind. UNQUOTE
Is there such a thing as a mental/psychic procedure designed or devised for the purpose of transforming and sanitizing the pathological personality of an undesirable thoughtform?
Before one can interact in such a way, one must first know one’s enemy. But is money our enemy? Since money evolved, one could almost say, naturally, out of the need for a more efficient method of barter and exchange, within a progressive social order, the indicated problem seems to be not so much the pathological personality of the money thoughtform, as the pathological greed, selfishness, hatred, competition, elitism and so on, to which you refer, John-Ly, that have arisen within the human ethos or character. The clock cannot be turned back, so it seems we are stuck with the money monster.
You refer in your paragraph, When simple thoughtforms becomes intelligent entities, to the manner in which the thoughtform initially becomes empowered, i.e. sourcing its power from the input of its creator(s) but it seems to me that one cannot put the onus of responsibility onto money per se since it is the failure of the creator(s) to control their own reaction to the evolution of money which has exponentially empowered the undesirable thoughtform. So instead of perpetuating the theme of the song that “Money is the root of all evil” it is down to the human race to figure out its own route to redemption.
QUOTE Collective thoughtforms are also called tulpas, egregores, or larvae in other esoteric systems. They have similar characteristics as individual thoughtforms, except that they can influence a larger number of people… So the default way in which a thoughtform acquires entitization is when it begins to affect the world (through the person or the people who generated it) in such a way that the response reinforces its own existence. To put it in technical terms, a thoughtform becomes an entity only when its output becomes its own input, and this process will make it more and more complex. UNQUOTE
Since virtually the entire human race utilises money in social and commercial interaction, then supposedly, the blight can be said to affect or influence a larger number of people. No one person – no small group of people can, alone, significantly change this situation. Ipso facto it would require a larger number of people to strip this scourge of its power.
Are we back to SYNMED?