As far as I have understood John's post, he is speaking about money "thoughtform" , not 'money'. Money is not the evil, it is the thoughtform that is creating the problems around the world. For many people, making money has become the ultimate goal, by hook or by crook, keeping the ethics or moral values at stake.This thoughtform makes a person think that the more you have money , the more comforts of the world you can achieve and more power you can have. And as we know, this thought is nothing but a delusion and for some it is hallucination. Money and power are being utilised on making weapons, counterfeit medicines, edible items, food, fake medical and spiritual practices and treatments and on many other evil practices just to gain more money, power and comforts (an example of the LOOP). The basic rights of human beings (food, education, health, house, right to live respectfully and happily, and the justice )are being affected and compromised now just because of this thoughtform.
The gap between the rich and the poor seems to be increasing everyday. We witness inflation in the market. Instead of having a peaceful life, people are running after money, making their life more chaotic. If we understand how to control this thoughtform, we would be able to restore the balance. If the Rich and the Capable start defeating this thoughtform and utilise the money and the power they have on the eradication of the evils and problems of the world, we all will witness the positive change. Though the changes are still happening, but the progress is rather slow.
The Knowledge and the Awareness of the Truth have to work together to make the difference in this planet. We have to understand how the entire cosmos functions because we all are part of this and everything depends on our (entire mankind)efforts.