The longer this thread goes on, the happier I am that all those earlier posts are still available - and this is only part 1.
John_Ly will we see part 2 any time soon?

As regards 'terminology' and 'obsession with words,' I mostly prepare a post, especially the longer ones, first as a Word doc, at which time I find I have stumbled over how to express the thoughts and ideas that may be pouring into my head faster than I can get them
onto the screen; and the typos are all over the page. As I edit, some words and phrases are changed or replaced or even quite extensive new material may be inserted. If the written passage is to be interpreted as the writer (or dictating source) intended, then punctuation becomes paramount. Obsession with words? Guilty. Obsession with money? Now there's a strange thing about money. When I was young and broke, yes, I thought about money quite a lot. (Huh?) Then, as I have recorded in other posts on this forum, I made a lot of money, of which I have given nearly all away, or utilized it travelling in pursuit of spiritual learning and earth healing, so that nowadays I hardly even notice money in my life. No obsession there then. Doesn't seem fair does it, when I put it like that.

Dictionary definition of verbose - using or containing too many words, long-winded. I recently sent a message to krya. In it was a paragraph which consisted of one sentence of one hundred words of perfect prose and punctuation. He hasn't replied yet. I wonder why?
Sorry, I seem to have rather left the main topic. Thoughtforms? I thought forms were papers the tax man sent you. Big GrinAm I talking too much? Not really spiritual stuff is it? Now, there's not much more I can think of to say to you. Big Grin Aren't you glad to hear that? You see, with words, I am a bit like a sausage machine - once you switch me on, it is difficult to stop me. By the way, have you heard the story about.....................................................?
Stay cool man. BIGsmileHo ho ho. Guess I'll take a coffee break.

Sorry, guys and gals; I'll try not to let that happen again.

Yeah, I guess I have to agree with you John_Ly, "Words are simply ways of conveying ideas to the outside world." And I read and re-read your 'stuff' in order to fully grasp the ideas you convey. Thank you.
By the way, how are you guys out there in the outside world? Whoops, here I go again.

L & L