Just a few lines in that post, John-Ly, but how much more they mean to ME than to others who may, quite casually, glance over them.

John_Ly, "Words are simply ways of conveying ideas to the outside world."

Sorry, John, on second thoughts, I have to take issue with you on that statement.

That is because I am aware, to some extent of the sentiment that your lines are intended to convey to me, to whom they are addressed.

So I do not see ...words as 'simply' ways of conveying ideas...I see words as subtle but powerful tools which, in different hands/mouths can be used for different purposes, maybe beneficial or maybe malign, according to the intent of the one who utters the words.
Now some may accuse me of using a word-device called 'semantics' but actually, what has happened, John-Ly, is that you hit the 'on' switch on my sausage machine to which I referred earlier, and ................."how the hell do I switch this damned thing off?"......................Rolleyes