Good to have you back in town John_Ly. I am afraid
sometimes I do allow myself to be carried away on the flow of words. However, I
would like to ask a serious question here, well, several questions really.

QUOTE: - What
needs to be stressed here is that when one CONSCIOUSLY and PERSISTENTLY invokes
some specific words with a CLEAR and STRONG intent to attain whatever goal
(whether for good or evil), this is likely to bring the intended idea into

I would like to keep in mind the phrase…this
is likely to…

By virtue of persistent proselyitism over the
centuries by misguided missionaries, there are many millions of Christians,
whether Catholic or Protestant etc., around the world. Also, there are more
millions following the other main religions. So altogether, on any given day of
the week, at any given hour, there are probably billions of prayers, all of
somewhat similar import, being offered ‘to the heavens.’ Because I was brought
up in the Roman Catholic tradition, I will speak of that in particular.

When the second World War began, on 3rd
September, 1939, I was nine years old, living with my parents and four
siblings. Immediately war was declared, my father, I suspect in common with
countless other parents, instigated communal evening prayers. These prayers
were CONSCIOUS and PERSISTENT repetition of specific words with a CLEAR and
STRONG intent to attain a goal. Without going into detail, those repetitious prayers
asked God, Jesus, his parents Mary and Joseph, along with countless angels and
saints, (those on other planes, or in parallel densities or dimensions, so to influence
the vibrational status of the third dimension, as) to bring about the
termination of that war, to be followed by peace on earth among men. It took
four years and the deaths of millions of people before there came a ‘declaration
of peace,’ i.e. “to bring the intended idea into manifestation.” Then after ‘the
war to end all wars,’ we have yet to see a year go by without a war or wars
being waged somewhere on the planet.

Since there are, unquestionably, millions of people
around the world, (I would suggest, probably a majority,) who are still, daily
and hourly, CONSCIOUSLY and PERSISTENTLY invoking specific words, i.e. what we
usually term PRAYING, with the intent to manifest Peace, Love and Harmony into
the third dimension, then why does it not manifest? Why have we not
transitioned into the fifth dimension? Is it because whether
the shift is to
the fourth dimension or the fifth dimension is a gravitational trigonometrical
exponential of the consciousness impetus, which itself is dependent on the
percentage transitional soul volume, at the time of the change?