John, I see it is close to a couple of months since your above post. I have not ignored it; rather it is one of many to which I return from time to time,

Quote - Perhaps you may consider using less some of those intricate wordings and terminologies such as trigonometrical exponential of the consciousness impetus. - Unquote

I sometimes find myself writing such terms without understanding their meaning myself. As for the one...
Is it because whether the shift is to the fourth dimension or the fifth dimension is a gravitational trigonometrical
exponential of the consciousness impetus, which itself is dependent on the
percentage transitional soul volume, at the time of the change?

That came during a 'channelling' way back in the 1990's and I still have not translated it into 'my' version of English, despite having had recourse to my dictionary several times. I think maybe it should be read in the context of Ra and the Law of One and the harvesting referred to therein.

Quote - Lastly, I want to emphasise that there are not only people asking positive prayers for the healing of this sick world. There are equally as many individuals of dark nature who are CONSCIOUSLY and PERSISTENTLY doing the opposite by sending negative prayers and dark rituals in order to invoke the spirits to help them achieve their goal of global power and enslavement. So wars are there because they need to be. There are permanently battles that are going on inside us, through us and outside us at every moment, whether we see this or not. This because the forces of light and those of darkness are still in struggle and haven't spoken their last words yet. So far, they are still in stalemate and the final victory will belong to the side that will receive the support of the majority of people on this world, thus bringing an era of peace and liberation, or total control and enslavement as far as we are concerned. - Unquote

I take the liberty of repeating your paragraph, John, because I regard it as information to be treated as seriously important to anyone's in depth understanding of why they are 'here and now.' Yes, wars are there in order to regain balance between the two opposites, (whatever name we give them) However, by engaging, individually and collectively, but more importantly, CONSCIENTIOUSLY, might we achieve a balanced level that eliminates the two extremes to which you refer?

Or is it, as some would argue, necessary for the polarities to be in extreme conflict in order to provide the vibratory environment in which our experiential education can occur?

Might one consider that the 'degree of extremism' in the conflict could be one of the factors that discriminates between the vibratory levels of third, fourth, or fifth dimensions?