Yes, I do see it that way.
When we discuss such topics as ARE HUMANS ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE? (see this forum) my response would be that interpretation of 'WE' is important.

If WE means beings like the human race, having two eyes two ears, two arms, etc etc and walking upright whilst exercising a level of intelligence and self-awareness, as well as Free Will, and however else one defines mankind, then perhaps we are alone in being of that form.

However, if you can accept that there could be, elsewhere in our Milky Way or any other galaxy in the Universe for that matter, beings whose appearance could be, say, like that of a dragon, whether Chinese or Welsh (and breathing fire or not, is perhaps not that important,) and if you can accept that such an entity might have, instead of a dragon's clawed feet at the extremity of each of its four limbs, a double cube such as we encounter in sacred geometry or classical architecture, then you might be envisaging the physical manifestation of a soul or spirit existentially experiencing its evolution somewhere else in the Universe; indeed the presence of the four double cubes where one might expect feet, could be a symbolic indication that, in addition to undergoing spiritual development, such a being might still be in an uncompleted stage of physical evolution. Perhaps, in appearing to you in that partially developed form, it is asking you to participate in energetically supporting the inter-galactic migration of its whole race from one solar system to another in order to find more favourable evolutionary conditions.

Over-fertile imagination?

Imparted (imported) wisdom?

You choose. Go on.