This is the Cause Wherein There is No Win; no ZeroSum in This Matter, For EIther You Go to the Left or To the Right; Wherein the Bible In Revelation States; For You Are Neither Cold Nor Hot; I Will Spewl You Out, Respectively because You Choose no Side. But What if One Takes the Time Out to Choose a Side, Neither Wishing to be Bend to the Left or to The Right; Neither Wishing to submit or Not Submit; But Simply Take Time Out to Think and Gather one's Thought and Consideration.

This is the Deeming time of Growth Each individual is Destined and Design to Take Upon. If they So Willing; and This Willingness. This is the Very Factor Each Individual tries to Destroy in another one's Mind. The Ability to Succeed APart Beyond the Scope of the Society or the Society with it's Religious Meaning. We All Live But People Tent to Wish to Direct us their Way; to Be Like Them While Most Don't Even Know Where They Going in there Lives. Simply Sprouting out Nonsense and Considering it to be TheirN Way. Truthfully So; Always Trying to Sell to Another What they Simply Just Embarked on; Without Giving Room for Another To Breathe. A Stricter Set By Each Generation, First Physical, then in the Spiritual. And Whereas Some Meant Good; Not All Have the PlanWay of Life. Unstudied and Unwalked For By Themselves to the Fullest, They Simply Oblige; But Sell it in a Box Packaged as if it was a Hundred Bucks Worth of Material. These are the Exploiters, of Which the Case of MisuNdersTanding Comes in Place in. Many Seek to MisunderStand for ExpLoitAtion's Sake; so They Might Have the Upper Hand, Using Whichever Variety in the World Possible to MAke End Meets Possible. They Themselves are in Bondage, But Seek For Another to BE Bondage of Them Even tho They Themselves Hate it; Always Spewling and Always Scheming That Which they Know is a Destiny of Dooming; They Seek to Ensnare the Next Person in Line. MisunderStanding is a Tool they Use on to Them Who SeEM Confused, they Mingle till there Truth of Understanding is Come Around there Confusion able to be Set Straight; This is Wicked and Foolish. But they Prey on the Burdened and the One's Not Walking in the Society of the World; Pending them Down Further and Further till they Pass on in Giving Up on Life; Therefore them Gaining Cheer and Folli of Happiness they Desire so Much of the World. One's Death for anoth'er one's Joy. So They Killed Also the Christ, Messiah; for they Could not Heed to Stand by the Word HE Teaches. Never Walking into the Light Themselves; they Walk in the Darkness hid in the Light And Wishing for Another to Fall for there Sake of Joy. This is the Corruption of the World; By there Folli of Finding Joy to See Someone not Walking on the Straight Path that Leads to Life, But they Themselves Hold the Keys to the Gate that they Barricade so Well in there Form and Deception from them Who are Willing and Able to Proceed therein; Thinking it no Better to Have Someone Pass Through these Gates and Thereby Giving Out What they Require for Life, They See Not the Mercy of God and Compassion of Grace. Thereby not Knowing the Scriptures Neither intenting to Know the Fact of the Truth that is so Well Written in Every Heart But Deceived through numbness that they Might Exist for a TimeBeing on Earth Without a Hell To Purify them of there Sin's that they In the Measure of there Actions of Past Life's Have Dealt Themselves with in In. So they Try to Rob another and Steal there Share By Schemings of UnWholesome Corruption that Leads them to Death that is not to be Mentioned as Death, But to BE Dead in Spirit. Holding Ransom and Tribute from oTher's in there way passing the Passageway Before the Gates and Strairway of Heaven.

Instead of Saying Feed me, They Wish to Hostile Another into Giving them Ransom as a Tribute to there Way of Life, Which has Need of Passing Passed the Way - Past the Gates Themselves. Always Considering, But Never Willing to Take These Steps Themselves; They Live in the Parts Outside the Gates That Are Guarded for Them Who Are Willing by there Virtue in Life to Pass Through These Gates Themselves, They Simply Live Without a Conscious as Some Doing Horrific Things; But By the Grace of Mercy Unable to Harm True Servant's of God. But Them Who are to be Lost Will BE Lead ASTRAY till There Heart Finds Mercy by Forgiveness before the Creator Once Again unto Life Towards the Walk Towards the Gateways of Heaven.

If Other People Where to Hold the Key to EveryOther's Succession, Then Where Would the World Be if But the Cause of Islam Wherein it States, That Iblis (Lucifer) did not Wish to Bow to Adam Which God Commanded him to Do; But Where is Enough enough. When All Try to Hold Ransom there Cause of You to Get Passage to the Pastures Wherein You Are Ought to be GOING. So Karma Causes Some to Misunderstand Another So they Might Find Fruits they Can Eat By One Bending over to Them and Submitting.

WE CAn Always See Another Being the Downfall of Us Up Until we See; That all is Destined By Karma to the PAthway we Are in Ought to Walk in Past these Very Things Themselves. As BEing DEStitute to Our own Will and Desires. For Which the Real Ransom of Tribute is to be Payed to the Actions of one's Past in itself; Holding Key to the Present and the Future. So One May By Ego be Mad on the Circumstances, But in Truth of Kundalini, BE Aware that All Things Happen of Which there is No Guile to them Who Seek the Face'es of God themselves. Walking in the virtue of Life never Turning to the Left nor to the Right; But Walking a Straight Walk in the Value that the Wisdom of the World Walks Within. Always Tested, Always Considering, Lest anybody Things himself to Fall Without Realizing to Pick Themselves Up; as for some Who in the Depth of there Burden Commit to Suicide and Thereby Vanish from the Surface of the World Themselves. A Way that the World Has Purchased itself after to Cause there Joy in Mischief through Bullyn to Cause Those Though to be Privileged themselves to Have More of a Worth then them Who are Different but not of Any Less. These Games Go on And On into Generation to Generation Till a Nation Set's it in Place to be Abolished of Such Acts of Idolatry of Mischief. These People Who in there Low Estate Commit Such act of Murdering Themselves Due to Another Ones Cause, Are Therefore Destined to Have Power over them Who Caused them Such Thing By there Karma Upon there Reincarnation in the Past of Present time in Play. But Until the Truth is Set Known, People Will not Heed the Words of Wholesome and Commit These Various Crimes of Hanslin and Bullyn Themselves. As They themselves are Not Whole and In a Burden of it Themselves; Giving Out that Which they Fear and Have DEalt with Themselves; They Become as Victims themselves of IT; Due to the Depth of the Darkness that Professes the World in that a crime unseen is a Crime that never get's Verdict; but Even so in Life we Know in the Depths of Our Hearts that this is not True; That in the Final Ending of one's Life, All Acts of Deeds Will be Made Visible before the great Maker Who Judges all Things by the Commodity and Virtues of Life as Was Taught to the Ancients before in time; Passed To these Generation and Still Standing in the Grasped to them Who Heed the Word of Wholesomeness and Wish to Change A change there Life's for the Better of Humanity and HumanKind.

The World Sets in Place by it's People them Who are Unperfected in the Virtue of Life, to Judge them Who Sough the Seek of a Greater Calling in there Life's so that they Might Have them, the People Grow themselves Through Un-perfect man. This is A Folli of Reality in Which You See Somebody so Vile to Pronounce Judgement on the Person Who is Willing to Walk in the Way's of God; Passing through the Passageway They Themselves Lose of what is Cherrished to them of Unreasonable People that are Justified by the People on High Authority to Cut them to Size. How Will One Who Never knows the Difficulty of the Path one HAs Walked Upon Be Able to Judge Another of there Way, if this is Nonsense and a Hail Mary to simply let them Who Seek Lose Momentum on there Walk Upwards; Causing Trials - to be Prolonged by the Jury Who Should Never Be as Such Who Have No- Wisdom themselves. But Get a Part in the Jury as a Seeming Random act of Choice Themselves; - Tho the Results Being Questionable IF Any Justice Ever Comes Prevailed. Of IT - it is Unwise to them Who Set That into Stage, For Since Only an Advanced, should Judged Another Advanced in there - Cultivation of Life. But to Give it to a Jury With No Knowledge of the Depth and Hardships of Gaining Such Walk of Path. They Hinder the Growth By there Biasness that- No Advanced Seeks to be Evaluated by an Laymen Themselves. Causing Trouble to them Who Seek a Just Jury to Pronounce and Evaluate Them Themselves. This Can Vary in Continents and Countries. as One Nation Under God, it is a Place Considered to be of Justice Much Prevailing, and Tho one Misunderstood is come With Grim Faces to the Beholder. Not All Wish to Cause Harm to Another, Some Trying to Stand UpRight in there Way's Themselves Tho -Differ in there Path's of Walk and of Understanding. There is an Integrity to Man Which i Hope -Has Embelved all the Humanity at Large, Tho Unknown, it is a Hope of Which Mankind Alone is Able to Promise -in Hope; of. That There is Something Thats of Worth -to justice and that Justice May Prevail. No Other Term Should be Taken Under Consideration, Wherefore all One's Dealing in Life is Just -and Dealt With To the Extent of them Who are Caused to Commit the Unforgiveable Sin of Killing themSelves.

I Hope For these Souls to be Found in Peace in the Reckoner of There Mercy and Grace. May they Therefore Find Peace in the Remedy of Knowing that they are Missed, By there Peers and By them Who Watch Over Mankind. Every Verdict Spoken -Will be Present in the Great Gathering, Wherein Souls Will Find Peace of there Mind's if they Remember the Dead and there Deeds of Dealing; Good over Bad - for as Such is Our Wish of Mercy as Well to Them Who Heed the Blessings over a Curse. Walking by the StAnce they Profess thEir tRuth; AbstaIning; And WAlking in ForGivEness And Mercy, to THem Who Wrong, THat; they theMsElves be Found WorthY of Some ExteNt of Any HArm unDone in Manner of Time, Lest; Any of ManKind Will FAce it Anewed in THe REAlity of the Vicious Crimes of theren Time. THeSe Are theM Who WaSh there HAnds in the Blood of the Lamb And HAve PurifiEd thEmsElfs in thEm Who Where PuriFied in the EStaTes of thEre REAlms ThemSelvEs. Holding Key By Mercy to Let All Who Seek by Giving; And Showing Mercy, A PathWay into thE Life toCome; As ThOuse HaVing Past ThrOugh them ThemSelVes in the Past time (in) Karma (-Action). We Either do ThAt Which is Good or Go BeyonD it, Or We REMAin Where We've Been At. WAlking in the SAme PlAtform ovEr And Over AgAin till the FreeIng of the SOul By ThAt ENLightEnMent Come's intO PlAy, By thE SeeKing of THat; the TrUth. We CAn All tHereby Fore See; THat there is One Truth For HuMAnity, But Many tRuth's For the Kind of MaNKind, in Which We EithEr EmBelve in or WAlk by the DiStAnce of the Felt And Fence behind the CurtAin's of God himThem' Selves.

May All Sentient Beings Find Peace, Not Upon Another Ones Downfall; But Upon the Truth that Shall MaKe-Mend Them Free.

We HeAr of Stories How them Who died Did Good So THat there Souls May rEst PeAce. But UNless we Let gO, They Are Bound to REMain With the People till the Passing oVer into the Next Lifetime, CAusing thEm to REAlize Some of there KArmAs thEmSeves; so Not to Be ForGotten of Them Who HaVe DeCeAsed PasseD this LifeForm of EArth intO AnotHer Stellar. THese Are them TWice Born, Who Walked in there LifeForm TwiCe the EviDence of 1 Come Perfected, And in Truthful; HAve Ascended into the Next LifeForm of theRe Life's By KArma of there Actions themSelves. For All We Know there Are Evidences to them Who Mature, As A teen Coming into there Adolescence it, is Visible Also to tHem Who Pass By the Gate of GAteless GAtes into the AfterLife in thEre ExPerienCe of AnotHer tErm of Life Exceeding the DepIction of Another Term of SpirituAl Growth And AlterCaTion of there Ethereal Body And Auric Body in PlAce, intaCt. Some Never Extent Beyond the PhySicAl Body, REMain'ing EArthLings With theIr Life's Of EArthLings As PreSented With of Birth And Ancestry of there DEStiny At PlAy, Due to Since they REFRAin to WAlk AgAinst the GrAin of the SAnd of there KArma - or Actions in A SpiRituAl Form in there Estay. THese Are thEm Who Pass As MortAls; WhereAs Some Are Angelic Beings, And OtherSides of CreAtion of CreAtures tHus Alike. SoMe thEre to BLess; otHers theRe to CursE, But All Bound to KArma of there Action As the Intent of tHe HeArt SpEAks. Before tHe GrEAte ConGreGAtion, All Will FAce therE Action in thEre PlAce; As No One is ExcLuded, But For A tIme Being Kept in DArk, tHe.

There is an Ascension that is the Holographic Which is not that by Virtue But that of the Social Extent; It does not Speak of The Spiritual But the Secular Notion, Wherein People Experience Things and Thought to Claim them of Spiritual Heart BAsed Notion; But These are them BeguIled of The Truth that They Actually Walked the Path Worthy of Any Spiritual Entitlement of Ritual Rights, Which is to them Who Do and Them Who Think, Two Different Things as Religion and Spirituality are. One Being for the Sake of Doing and the Other of the Sake of Thinking; But Unless Found Syz'yGoi They are Not Blended and Yoked together as Yoga PErscribes of Thought and Action to come together in One Place of PRactise. To the AScetics who Profess there Live's in it; Rather then a Phase of Options Wished Upon for BArgaining Place. These Are Either the Real Practitioner or the Falsely. By there Words You Can Deem the Extent to Which they Are; Of Whichever Form they Be. Since Word Understood are the Consumption of the Heart's Abundance in OverFLow to Come into Spoke Spewles of Words and Thought Spoken Apparent.   
No Matter the Intent, Magic Either Flows with You; Or It Don't. In Whatever Chi State Your In, Describes Whether You HAve the Healing Touch or Just a Phase of facade Behind the Mask of the Man of HumanKind. Not All Will STand therefore BEfore the CongreGation in a HEalthy_wIse Manner, Since Many Profess. But UnKnown they Are Too. To them Who Sought out for Help. Riches Over Deed, Is therefore the Call to Them Who Seek Not the Face'es of God. Who Reach for material Over the Knowledge of the Heart that Humbles itself before a One Term Creator of Life and Death. 

Tho Whatever Characteristic can Flow From the Creator; He or Him is not Restricted to One Characteristic But All Sense of Characteristics in the Hand and Mind of Mankind. Every Notion OnCE Though; Every IDea Once Given Comes from the Creator; That Creator Themselves. And Tho the HoloGraphic Universe Says All Can Get Ideas, it is by the Notion of the True God; The True Creator that All Good Stems Up From. Giving Rise to the Verdict of the Sum that Total in the Human Goodness, over Mental Things of humanKind. Mankind is Therefor Bound to Conclude all Things of God that are PraiseWorthy and of Good Intent; Altho there Being Exceptions Wherein the Twist of the Goodness Comes in a Different Flow. To God NevrTheless be All the Glory. He Who Deceives us into the Good and Gives GoodNess out by Deception That We May Accept it in Goodness Freely of Whichever MAnner we Are Susceptible of. Hiding Darkness in Good and Good in Darkness; Lest Any MAn CAn Boast. the Soul of the Atman the Self of Mankind is Therefore Bound to God; But the Flesh has been Held Captive to the Fall of the Decay by Whichever Obedience Mankind HAs Let themselves be Beguiled unto. Mankind is therefor Flawed, But Humanity is PErfect as a Whole. Mankind Seeks it's way; One Different then ANOther, But Humanity Has But one Case of Life; That of the Humain. Therefore is the Spiritual of ManKind, and the Religious of the Humanity. So that they in there Reversed Estate Might help the Most out of the Humanity of Mankind itself. This is the Perfection of God, Mixing that Which we Could Not; Into that Which is Perfect When Simmered THRough the Grain; Sift. Mankind Wishes; But Humanity Hopes. All Deeds Are Due either to Humanity of MAnkind Tho they Differ. Mankind is Still Set Out to Prove itself; Whereas Humanity aLready has Proven With Countless Acts of Goodness. Them BEing Separate By Schematics; But in Reality of Whatever Intent You Deed it Through Comes Passing Out of the Sin's of the HEart. Therefore is Humanity Fallen Through the Act of Mankind. Mankind Comes in Duality; Whereas Humanity Does not See Duality; They See People; And AS the People We Intent to Do Good; But as Our Fallen Mankind NAture, We intent to UpHold Ourselves into the Acts Which the Religious Mindsets Give Some Grant Understanding of How to Evade out of it INTO the Humanitarian Acts of the Spiritual Plan; Giving and it Shall be Received. This therefor, is the Settlement of Humanity before Mankind. That they Wish to Do What is Good; and the Other for the Self/ Ego. the Atman is Pure But a Spiritual Part of the HEart Must Walk Upon it to Find EnliGhtenment. the Reality of the Fact that we Are Creatures of Double Features is the Test Upon the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. One Strengthening the Soul. The Other, - The Spirit. Mankind Therefor Chooses What PAth they Wish to Walk on, and God Makes the PAthway Free; By Turns and Twist for one to Come Across to the Paveway, That they Themselves Might be saved. Tell God a Joke and Say I Know Which Way i will Want to -God; and He Shows an Alternation. MAny Think they KnOW the Way; But the Way that Leads to Life is Dimn and Dark; For Not Many Souls Lighten Up the Path's to the Life in the Spirit. This Therefore is the Verdict of Truth, Wherein Man Tries But God Gives Mercy on Mankind. Grace Over Mercy.

Compassion is Found Throughout God's VErdict on All Kind's. HE Does not Simmer, NEither She; But they Simply Give and IT Shall Be Given You. Unless You Stand on that Point of Grace, You Will Not See Grace UnPhantomable. For it is Unable to be Received of them Who Believe not. For Faith is the Evidence of Things Hope for. The Evidence of things Not Seen. So That The Gift and Surprise is Of Some Worth Made PRaise bEfore the Creator of All Things. HE or She is In LAck of No Things, Granting out Deliberately Freely That Which we are in Sought for in Our Live's of Human Beings, Always Hoping for Peace; Never Pursuing Wars of HAtred, Since the War itself i that of The Creature Double Feature. ManKind and Humanity. EarthLings Dear to Choose What PArt they Wish to Follow, as one Sin's is on Karma is Upon Mankind, the Verdict of Kindess on Humanity in Grace and Mercy; So that We As a Whole in Person Might Find PEace Through the Congregation of Ourselves in the Temple of God. Ye are That temple of God, to Them Who HAve Washed themselves Pure and Come Out Victoriously AGainst the Viles of the World that Mankind HAs Sought to Put themselves together in. This Age and World is Passing and As the Goodness and Good of Humanity Will Prevail, So Will Mankind Find it's Way Back Pass the Fold. ONe Shepherd Looks and Finds Those missing Children, To Him We Are as Such; To HEr we Are Such. They Never Change there Way's, They Simple Wish to Hope for the Unity of Wholesomeness to Come Together before the People; That All Might Find Resolution in Humanities Whole and Peace. the Depth of This Message is to Lend a HAnd Out; HElping. That them Who Do Not Know These Acts behind the Curtains Might Find Unity in the HArmony of Peace. MAy All Living BEings Find there Peace in a Non HArmful Way for One Another.

Mankind is Still Dangling on the Threads, But Humanity has Already seen By the Visions of God How to Rescue one Time (UPon Another). Give Humanity a Hand; Be a Voice. I Speak as ONe Of the Voice. Charity is the End Results of Things. If We Can Give That Which we Hold Dear. Then that Which we HAve No Consideration of being Dear Will Hold US Someday/time. God the Omnipresent.

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