Use the 4 Elements with your fingers

[Image: fingers.png]

You can train yourself to make transactions of Elements using your fingers. Yes I call it transaction as it's practically what The fingers can do.
Our fingers can take Elements from the space and transfer into the whole body. That way, you can communicate the outside world through your fingers. The Reiki science is build on these knowledge of hand energy transfer. I won't talk about Reiki here, I'm more concerned about how we can use the Elements in the open air in all different ways.

From the image above, you can see that each finger is related to one element. That means you can know about someone's element's state by simply looking at the state of his fingers. Are his fingers smooth, tight or gross? the answer tells exactly how his inner element is: Pure or not pure. Also some people might have problems with a specific finger due to the state of the related element in them. The behaviors of your fingers tells a lot about your inner elements:
  • Do you see your "Air finger" as very smooth? = You might have a rapid intelligence.
  • your water finger smooth? = Then you can commit to something and be trusted.
  • Your Fire finger...? = then you must be wise.
  • Your ether finger...? = then you must have a great will.
This knowledge can help you fix some issues with your inner elements.
For example, if you usually have your ether finger under the other fingers, that means you have a weak will power, or about to loose your will. So you can fix this, by paying more attention to your ether finger, by not to slip it under the other fingers.

Some practices can also be done to the rest of the fingers. For example if you would like to work on your inner Fire, then you can help yourself by stroking the finger, and while stroking it.
Also because we all want to clean our Aura, our Elements, our energy, then we can do so by cleaning our hands more often consciously. And when doing it, we really must think that we are cleaning our inner Elements (inner energies). Some Masters even advised to their disciples to help themselves with washing their hand when they want to get rid of some negative state of mind. Very simple but powerful.

Now at last, for magic here's a training to how you can help yourself and others using your fingers:
Everyday, train to transfer some Element in a object and give order to that Element to perform a specific task.
you are programming the Element to do something, anything, just not harmful or you will be responsible for that ( you know Karma... Big Grin ).
For example you can program an object to such a way that if someone touches it, he must scratch his head, or feel thirsty, or go outside. But this is only for training purposes until you start to get some results, afterwards, you will better have to program object to carry a more spiritual wish, like programming that whoever touches the object feels the desire to look for God, to learn how to feel God, to start improving himself etc... also you can do that to yourself. there's so much you can do with your fingers if you really understand this.
So in short Use the proper finger to transfer the proper Element in the object and program the element in the object to do a specific job , rather a job related to what the Element chosen can do.

Let me ask you a question, does the finger cross sign that we all do when we fear something to happen, works? does the position of the finger cross make sense? I guess it does. Right Rolleyes ?