The Best Kept Secret of Life

I am a super fan of I-Ching. So, there will be lots of it
from now on; enough to bore you to death. But, if you can survive the boredom,
the untold story will definitely spice up the way you look at life. Because
that’s the “hidden agenda” of I-Ching – to spice up people’s lives.

I-Ching? They call it the “Book of Changes”, a Chinese
classic aged over five thousand years old. It is said to be the best kept
secret of life; because the whole book is filled with riddles; thereby
subjecting itself to all kinds of interpretation.

My take on I-Ching is its 3-D energy model that tracks all
the possible changes in one’s lifetime as a growing human universe.

According to I-Ching -- a perfect human universe comprises a
stable base, a justified past, and an expanding future; or, a 3-D (three
dimensional) existence that guarantees a happy and fulfilled life.

Unfortunately, life is never perfect in reality. For most of
us, if there is indeed a human universe, it is either distorted or

That’s where I-Ching comes in as a solutions provider.

In this context, I started coining names for I-Ching, one
each for different interest groups.

For the spirited – Sixty-four ways to Heaven.
For the down and out – Quick fixes for Screw-ups in Life.
For the ambitious – A Guide on Growing a Large-than-life
For the scientific-minded – A Construction Manual for a
Human Universe.

I guess I have a lot of explanations to do for calling names.

Where do I begin?
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Hello Wong chee kwan ,
I'm very happy you are bringing something new in the group I-Ching.
I'm sure all members will love reading about it. I personally will be following your threads Smile.

I and maybe many don't know much about I-Ching. So you will have to break it down to small little piece of thread to explain better for our understanding.

So where do you start?
You should start by introducting yourself my friend Smile , let us know a bit more about you. Where you from, your spiritual interests etc. Preferably introduce yourself in the right section of the forum :

Afterward, you can go wild, tell us about it ( I-Ching).

Love and light to you.
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M. Krya
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Hello Wong Chee Kwan,
Yes, I heard of I-Ching, but life is so short. Even at age 85, with way over half of that spent as a 'spiritual investigator' looking at many different aspects of religious and spiritual teaching, I still haven't really looked at I-Ching. It seems you could have appeared on 'my scene' at just the right moment. I am sure there will be others, like me, looking out for your next post.
Let Love and Light Be
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Hi wong chee kwan, and looking forward to reading more from you soon.
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Awesome Admin
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I-ching. What is it exactly. Is it like tai chi ?
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You got Google noman?
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Google is good friend yes Smile
But it has no experience. So Im hop % ing to hear the description from wong, he might know better than google. Smile
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You have a point there noman. I think a number of us are waiting for wong.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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The Big Bang Theory 1 (The Ego-Soul Separation)

“Bang!” That is the sound of a newborn human universe; yours
and mine are alike.

No, it is not an exaggeration. It is an audible signal for
an unfolding natural process; no different from thunder, the sound of lightning
that warns of an impending storm.

Yes, there is also light, which flashes before the “bang”; in
accordance with the natural order -- lightning first, thunder later.

What follows is a huge mind explosion that ejects one out of
the body, and disintegrates the body into thin air, figuratively speaking.

The sudden explosion of mind-space is actually a sensory
breakout from the inner emotional domain; best visualized as an out-of-body
experience that propels one’s awareness into a sun-lit world from the inner emotion-pit.

I-Ching calls this brilliant escape -- an ego detachment

Then comes tranquility, the result of the body relaxing and
the mind justifying.

The body relaxes when the ego lets go of the past; thereby
ending its dominance over the running of the body. In simple English, the
involuntarily function is switched on, the moment the consciousness is off; resulting
in spontaneous bodily jerks.

The mind justification is a spontaneous process, which
matches extremes of opposing natures to form justified knowledge, the core
ingredient of a justified environment.

Justified knowledge are facts about how things work
naturally. Hence, a justified environment is a natural setting, where things vibrate
freely; rising and falling cyclically like the four seasons.

I-Ching calls this unwinding phenomenon a soul-awakening

Now, there are two “beings” on the loose -- a detached ego
and a liberated soul. Such a “free” formation is called an earthly self (a
passive ego plus a grounded soul); blessed with a profound sense of contentment
because of the grounding.

Done. Step one of the birth procedure – the separation of
the ego and soul.
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Thank you, wong. This is getting interesting, although different from my 'western-ised' way of viewing things.
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