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The Breath of Life : [Audible] ℗

Heaven Grants Us All Things; Not the Earth Only, If thee Mars Was Set in the position of the Earth, Mars Would Flourish Like the Earth did To This DAy. It's the Skies that Depicts Heavens to Us Here on EArth that Shows - Leads Us to Life; For the Atmosphere as Thin and Fragile as it Might Seem Grant's US With Breath and Life. Even Tho Trees Give Us Oxigen by their Seeds, Without An Atmosphere As Such as We Have Here on the Orbit of Earth; We Are Granted No Right to Breathe the Right of the SunRay in the Most Factor Habitateable for Life. Earth is in a Position Most Properable For Life Itself. It Rotates for Day's and Evolves around the Moon For Night's Giving Tides the Rise and Low's it Requires to Make the Wind Breathe in the Sun. Neither Giving Us to Little Nor to Less; But Enough to Keep the Soil Watered For Life to Spring of Vegetation On Earth.

Yet, But Whereas Life Does Not Spring By Breath Alone, But Is Necessary of it; The Spark of Life Comes By the Breath of the Essence of Spirit itself. This is How the Phantom of Life Exists. It is the Dream Upon God the Existence Wherein - the Birth of Life  Came Granting to Exist. And Tho we As Physical Body; are in Need of Breath. Fish Under the Sea Breathe By Water; a LifeForm Which is Granted of by the Atmosphere itself. the Sky. Heaven Depicted in the Form for Another then Mankind to See, of Which Generations Upon Generation cease to Exist But Phantoming to See the Clouds that Give Water and Breath Air For US in It. We Can See How Our Evolvement as Human Beings Cause the Atmosphere (Ozone Layer) to Thinnen Out and to Have Leaks of Holes in IT Wherein Countless AiLments On Earth for Human's Have Occurred, Skin Cancer Under One. We Must See Fit to Take CAre of This Planet Not Only of the Underlying Earth, But on the Stellar and Sky Itself. For If there Were No Atmosphere; There Would Were No Light of the SunRay to Come in Given no Hope of Breath to Breathe Neither Trees to Grow. These are the Phantoms of the Earth that We Must See Fit to Eveced (IE Come About). If Earth Dies No Life Has Form, But It Starts With What Gives Life; the Trees and the Atmosphere for Air is Converted by the Trees and Water is Come From the Atmosphere; There Givin Breath. No Recourse of Action Should be Taken that That Which is Most Proper to It's CAre.

We All Know From History How Life Was a Garden, frOm Pangea Was Once one Garden. But Whereas the Forest Still Blooms in the Amazon, The Life in the City Grows Dimmer in it's Cause for Life to Abstain, Simply By the Death of the Atmosphere Via Pollution and the Death of the Earth By there Pollutions. So Little is Said to BE ABle to Be Done. But Unless one Generation Takes it Upon, Another Will Fail. The Death of the Day Starts With Another. Wherein We May See a Time Growing of Need, and Time Less Spend is Time Less- Lost. The Birth of Our Home Planet Earth Came About BY A Miracle. And As Such IT Should be Treated in Kindness. Neither Did We Give Form to IT; Neither Should We Take Form From it. But Grant All In the HarmoNy of Which it Was Born. This IS the Conception of the Earth..

Let All Give PRoper Means to Which it Thinks. 
And Not Think for Another to Think of Any LEss. The Time Will Come When the Earth and the Stellars are inNeed, and Neither Sum of Less Will Phantom What Earthlings Must Do to Prevent the Earth from Breaking.

Please add Your CommonENt Sense to IT, and Give it a Thought for the World to be a Habitatable Place Both Body Mind and Spirit.

If the Earth Loses it's Place in the Galaxy, (the Orbit, Distance to the Sun), the So Will Life Lose it Of Earthlings. New Life Form Will Come About if Mars Were to Switch Orbit With the Earth, As Mars is No Different then Earth But the Size Difference of It Would Alter Life Forms in itself to Be Maintained Like EarthLings in ItSelf. {FootNote)
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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The Factor of the Distance of the Earth to A Light Substaing Star Liked to the Sun, is Immanencely. And Giving Life A Chance to Bloom. Unless this Factor Was As it Were; Temperature Would Differ For Atmosphere to Be Abstained And Water to Be Existing For Energy to Grant Nutrients to Find Life. The Breath of Life is Something Must Deeming For, in the Scale to Which We Pollute tHe Air. My Prayers Will Be That Humanity Will Find A Way to Abstain the Air, the Atmosphere Thereby the Water For Which Life is Granted in the Earth. If This Be Taken; Then No LifeForm Will Make it in A Dimm Place With Frozen Water As the Atmosphere's Work is Washed From Sight; This is What Dark Age is Called; And if the Earth Moves Position of the Orbit Habitatable to Life is; My Prayers it is Not Changing Climate to Hot Or too Cold For Life to Abstain. tHE Death of A Star is Priceless to the Creator Who Cherishes All Created Things itSelf; Whether By the Stars and Planets; to the Form Mankind Build As Materials of the Earth Phantomed of People Cherishing it. All Death of A SerVant of God is Cherished. As the Sun of the Lord it is Cherished. The Earth is the Only Placed Habitable in This Universe. Multi Verses Exist And Exo-Verses.

Atmosphere Were to Dissolve, Then Only the Crust And tHe Earth Would Remain. AlBeit there Being to Be A Rational to the Size of the Mantel And Crust to the Size of the Sphere of the Atmosphere Before Entering Space; All Sky is that of Space Simply in the Face of the Radiance That Conclude itSelf in the Sphere of the Spectrum of Light. No Other Phantom is There Except that Light Permits. The AtmOspHere to Shine Through Light in Color's As Space is Dark to Pitch ItSelf; We Are GrAnted to Have A SpAce Above Our Space, ; the Earth Wherein We Are GrAsp to Vie the Stellar's of ThE Star's. So How Deeming Are the St✫rs.

Do the Summation of there Speech Consume Prayer's, Or Do they Simply Announce the Verdict of ThEre SummatIon of Formation, Making It Seem; That They the Constellation Speak to One Another on That Behalf; Born And Created of; to Be Called By tHere Habitants of Earth, And By the Ancient As Ki. There is No Sum, That Does Not Denote That Star's, The; Do Not Speak to Each Other; Tho the Sense of Communication is FarFetched And Wrong; They Do Tho Announce of the Life Through the inHabitants Of There Estate And Terrain in A Mortal Sense oF Speech, Whereas Time Passing in there Dissolvement of Trail Predicts the Essence on the Spiritual Ethereal Sense tHe Prayers to God the Existence in the PrAyer of Time Made Ment in the DepIction Of Time in Space.

There Is Little That is Not Recorded.

Time is Depicted of Radioactive() Electromagnetism.

If Gamma is Diction to What it Does, So Will Any Radiation Do To The Matter in the Fabric of time. Hence is ElectroMagnetism an Element of The SuperAtom of the Creation of Time; The Big Bang. Wherein Fluctuation and Inflation Came About.

Therefore Does the Earth Sound it's Speech Of the Constellation of the Universe. Being Part of It; Neither Created to Late or LAter then Expected; But of the Beginning of Time, Since ALL... ELement's Created of IT; Go Way BAck to the Beginning of aLL Things.--

The True Glory of Earth:

Time, Dissolves. Like An Supplement of An Aspirine. So Does, the Fabric of Time, in the General Relativity that the Motion of Orbit, Leaves Behind Atomic Trail's And Motion, So Does Also Time, Not Being An Illusion, But A Mirage LeAve Behind itSelf Time.

We Therefore Feel of Memories That Are Tracked in the Warp of Space &and Time, as The Sun and Our Earth Rotate and Orbit ARound Our Sun. Therefore Dissolving and Leaving Behind a Trail of Memories and Histories that Can Be Tracked Upon.

Does Therefore The Constellation SpeaK to the Earth or the Earth to the Star's? Do Star's Actually FreQuent With One Another in A Constitution of Stellar; I Would Reckon they inhabit themSelves in An InterGalactIc Battle of Who ResIdes; tho The EArtH Being the CeNter of thE UniVerse, WiTH Life UnfOlding; Now KNoWing. Life in AnOthEr UniVerSe is Just As Busy As We Are, Tho They PerHaps Being More CASual of THings - THinkinG OutLoud. There Must be Some...

Not to Go off Topic to Far; This is About the EArth And It's InHabitantz. How They ReSide And How They Live. We All MuSt Take Step's in DOinG Our ParT THrOugh & Of It. ElSE THEre is NO GenerAtIon to COMe of ; AfTer It; Both SpeAKing of PhYSiCal & NaturAl Things. The NatUrAl CaUse is to Not Be PrIdeFuL, And THo thIs is A VIsIble KnowN FActOr; It Kill's THe Air, By PuSHing it ArOUNd till THe NeXT PerSon, FALL's Over It And Die's. THis is the REAlity of Things WhErEAs We Do One THINg, ANd ANotHer REAp's the REWard or the DOwnGrade of FaUlt of It; Tho This Being An UltrA-KaRMa; The GAlAxy HouSes the UniverSe And the Universe the Solar SyStem. -- ALl ThingS Are InterCoNNected ANd Tho It's Fun to Make Noise, PeOple PerIsh By AnothEr PerSon's Noise in the World, WHEther of CLoseBy, By AngEr Or By WRAth of CLose or Fa'R DiStANce. EverY SHift CAuSes EiTher Life Or DEAth to ANotHer, Hope Or DiSpair. Now Not MaNy HavE HeArd Me SPeAk on the SUbJect of SUICide But It's A ReAL, THing. To THem WhO Are iN DiSPair, This Is ThE ReAL SPirItUAlity To WHich, All Go'Ds MessEnger's And SerVant's Of KArma Are DeStIned TO - HeLp One AnOther As Even The Littlest One in Your KArmIc Life's Have Helped You Before. SO You COnSider You Never Got An AdVice From ANY BOdY in YOUr NatUrAl And KArma-SPirItual Life IN It's Selve? QUeStIon YourSelf Why HelpIng When Seeing SomeOne Sad Makes KarMa And It's REaSon SpeAk to You; HELp, We Need SOmEBody; Now I'm Not Only SpeAking in Our Center Of the UnIVerSe, But of THe Globe; Since It Say's; If We Love Only ThOse Who Love Us, And If We Love Not Them WhoM We HavE Seen; How Should We ProfESS to Love Him Who Is of The UnSeen; tHe MaKer of The UniVerse. - We Do No More Then AnyThing if We Care For Those Who Care For Us Since This is of Sin's RedUcing; Not of KArma. So We All Must Reckon For thE World; And of thE UniVerSe. No Other GAlAxy Will Find EArth It's Home, But Another. We ShAll Hope to Be ViSited SOmeTime, And Found Worth to DiGest Ancient And Neo TeChNology to TrAvel interGAlacticlly to PrOvIde Life, With New Life. now PerHaps Gone too Far Off Topic. But I RecKon YOu All Have Some MaNy QuEstIons Out There. Let's Bring This Home After We Have Done Out Part On The Earth to See Light For AnotHer Day. We All Can Gloom of How AMAziNg tHe UniVeRSe ReALly is; But to CHAnGe A PerS'On's Life ; For The Better; It is For The Better.
Quote:Adam [from whom all humanity descended] was created singly, For this reason we have ordained for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a person, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it as though he had killed all men. and whoever saves a single life in Israel is considered by Scripture to have saved the whole world.

So You See This is the VitAl Point over Gaining Gnosis/UndeRStANding of How WHat And When. How AMAzing the UnivErSe is Doe's Not SAVe Life's in This EOn. How to Help Is Not A GivEN Thing to KNow How to RAise An Arm or LeAd A DirEction toWard's Help. It is the WHat that We SeeK Out to Know But in TheSe FeW WordS. LOVE ONE ANOTher, it is StAted. PerHaps this MeAns Not to JudGe Others, Or to Be Kind As Kindness PerMmit's to Be Seen. But Not All Things Good ARe ' ViSiBle. 
THose Who's StAr HAnging On The Wall Are NaMeLess, WitHout FAces to Put On FAces. Seen Yet UnSeen They Are CAll'ed By A WOr'd; : FIrIend. Be HeLpfUl to The UnGuided, And Guide the WeAkening. So ThAt ReLigIon; The COnSumption of One's DeAling of Faith BY GOODNess Come's to A PlAce of PuRIty of Pure. THaT Which ENtErS A MOuth, DOe's NOT DefIle A MaN; But THaT WHich COm'es Out of The MouTh; OuT Of the ABunDAnce of The HeArt; MattHew 12:34, THAt;.. DeFiles A Man.

Too Much EXPounding? All I'm Saying is; We Need to StArt DoIng Things Now; And Tho There is A PlAce For Virtue/PAtience, And A Time For All Things, Under thE Sun, We Need to Get it RIght, For There is But One EArth With One Life;... MaNkind; OffiCial Term is Man or Woman And MAnKind. But ThAt's to Them Who WOuld Are PicKy ABout TerMinology, Sexual & Listiclly.

No WorlD Has Both MALe And FeMales As Such As ManHumWoAn-Kind. SO We SHould Heed THe WArNings. EArtHQuAkes, ThundEr, HAil And Rain; VulCAnice ACtIvIties, TorNAdo And HuRrICAns. DEAth, AIlMentS, And SIcKNessEs. DECay And HorrOr Are On Top Of the WorLd, And THo SoMe WIsHing to Seek The FAce of LiGhfe RESpEctively Over HorrOr; OthEr's Pay It WitH theRe Lifez. As Do Armed ForCes OverSeAs PAy For TheM At tHere HomETown And CiTy. This Little FeAt of PeAce And Joy COme's At A PrIZe. So WheReAs You May Wish to DeAl With Your Sin's Little, COnSidEr YouR KArma; How ThE WEIghT of It's WeIght LingerS to the ExpENse, ThaT Little Deem It Worth MenTioning or DeaLing With; And Tho It Is EveRy One's Own DeAl, At LeAst TAke CAre of You'r Sin's (The Mark You Miss of HeArt, Min'd And SOul) So, That You Do SoMeThIng (thatZ) of WOrth.

HopE You All UndErStAnd WherE I'm COmiNg FrOm WIth This, It's Not AlWay's As ThIngs SeEM. .. One FREE PLAce; One FREE NaTIon, .. One Free WOrld.

KArMa, .. ..
RemEmber, KarMA is not about your own Life, But the Life of All Human Being's, Changing Your Will Affect Other's
Only You Can Breach their Broken Gates of Hades; So Move ahEad; And Move ALong. It's Best For you too to Do it.

Love, LighT; MArtin
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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The Destiny of Mankind.

How will it befall to the senses of mankind if they but indeed, have but torture and torment in mind, and if not by the deliberately, then when will live re or occur?

This is the Statement to the Mind of those Who have Had Troubles in there Lives, Who had, had seen the harms of ways that the world, there world could conclude (the individual) therein.

I can but sense the dire need to take them into my arm of place, and cover there burdened soul in there test of time, Like no other having had held them in a while, Of time -Desired Deed.

The World, As We Know it, Has Long Forgotten Where From (Where) it Came From.

We All CAn Speak of HighLy Minded CAuse, and Truth is It is Expressing Expedience of a CErtain View, Aerial. But the Main Root OF Things Still STand, That Unless These BAsic of Virtues HAve BEen Met, No Alien or Foreign Civilization Will Come to Hand Us Out Another Expectancy of Growth; Since These Various Meatter of Measures Have Not Been Met. I Speak About All That is Written in these Books Formally Founded On All Books But Contained in the Written Scriptures Themselves. If We Can't Deem the Natural Cause of Spiritually, Then There Will be No (REAL) Visitation of Another World For Us, For What We Have Been Given, to This Day; Is a Platform to Which We Are CApable to WithStand and UpHold. The Reason On a Underlying MAtter Why InterGalactic Stellar of Migration HAS Not BEen Possible in This DAy and Age; Is For the Technology Given By Ancient and Foreign Civilization is Limited to It's Extense to Wherein We Are Capable to Withhold. For If We CAn Not Understand Basic Right's Known By All Thesis of Scriptures; Then We Have No Right to Blow Another Entity of Civilization into Nothingness; Oblivion. Since War is On Our Mind's. This War Is the Ego (Of) Pride. That To Strife in the Natural For Things of the Consumption of Edible To the Human BElly of to HAve and To Hold. Tho It IS Viable and Good to Have Someone to HAve an To Hold; OR Something, IT is Not Granted; Really By the Demand of How the World Goes About it. Since They Have So Much to Say and Do, They Do it For Unrighteousness Sake, CAusing Others By there Play of Game That is Derailed and Not Aligned to the Basis of Foundation To Stand, But Simply SimpLyMinded Games of Rights; Neither BEnding Neither Orbiting to the Consumption of Formation That Say's a2+b2=c2, These Are Fomations and Rights of Spirituality, Wherein IT Say's Judge Other's and You Will Judges By the SAme MeaSure Thereof Of It. With Rules Unbinding, They UpHold the Universe of the Human Sphere, A Civilization that is not Anarchistic, But Stands on the Basis That if the Foundation is Weak or Not Right; The Whole House Will Collapse By the Wind that Blow's. Against it, IT is Any Word that Does Not Line up In the Formation of the Syncros. The Chi of All Things 氣, Is Measured By the Consumption of How Life Unfold's And Tho PEople Don't Understand the VitAl Importance of it in the West. The East Reignes it's Realm of PEace and HArmony on It, Always Considering, Always Contemplating on the Depth's That Goodness Reigns Supreme; And Tho the West Reigns on it; The East Knows the World that Underlines it' Giving War to Who Gets What and Whats Get's BEtter, They War Over What Life Can BE, Not KNowing That All Goodness and Good in the World BElong's to No Man By the Creator of All Things HimThemSelves. Now Jumping Over From NAtural to Spiritual. If We Continue to War in the Natural We Do Ourselves Wrong, Tho We Reap Rewards of in the Natural; Spiritually We Grow Through Chaos that Teaches us to Dig Deeper to Find Peace and Of Harmony itself Once Again. But Spiritually Waring, We Hurt Ourselves if We Do Not Grow, Since Standing Still Will Run Us Over By the Manny, BEing and BEcoming Obsolete to the Cause of the World; Which Tho DEspite it's All Ruckus of Bad and Evil, Under the Sun; Among the Stars Down Along the Path of Survival of All HumanMan-Kind Is Good the Goodness of Creation of Mankind Itself. the Core Root; of the Seed of Mankind Created in the Image of God. And Tho Faul't Has Fallen That Mankind Sinned and Eaten of the Consumption of That Which is Good and Evil in the Battle of There Mind's Coming over in there Body of Flesh. Mankind Needed a Saviour That Of Christ, the Annointed Himself; Who By His Annointing Has Kept Pure of All Faults the Realm of the Deemed That Cause Righteousness to Reign. So You See; There is Word in the Scriptures To Them Who Do Not Believe, Amongst one; if Mankind Were to Eat of the Tree Regardless of How Many Think They Could Have Been Reconciled Without a Savior. Then the Reason of Good and Evil Still is Consumed in there Mind Till Death Due them Apart of the Realm; Living and Breathing it Till the Foundations are Shaken to Which Each [AS] According to the Truth of the Savior is Set on them Who are Born Of Both Water and Spirit; Because Water Conducts, and Spirit UpLift's. Now Not to Go Too Much on The Scriptures, Since It IS Formed on Translation Not Concretely Corrected By MAnkind. The Real Synthesis of Scriptures Stand's True, That we Need To BE Born of ANEwed to LEarn and Grow. Since Unless we Empty Ourselves; We Will Remain.

Quote:Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.

Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring.

The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull. No more will go in!"
"Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

禪 Therefor is a Formation as i Karma and All कर्म Things. Scientifically Spiritually, it CAn BE Rendered; as As Such Also the Rights and Reasons of Karma; Ego. That Which is your Flaw is That Which Keep's you OF Till Death Due You Apart into Heaven You'rs  or Hell. This is Why Some Don't Regarded Needless See there Ego or Pride. That Which Kill's Them and One Another. They Walk the Path Thinking it is a Viable Good Thing, And Tho it is a Defense; It is a Log of Karma That Will Haunt Till the Dying Day of Death and PAst into the After-HERE AfterLife; ... KARMA....

So See All Grew IN the EAst; But the West Let's IT Reason in There mind Capable; LEvel on the Basis That Can Actually MAke THEE Difference, that Life Needs; Wishing the Tree (West) not to Forsake the Root's (East) of there Understanding, But COming togEther in the Mid Which is Neither Here Nor There; Since Every MAP of the World See's itself The Center of the World. There Are MAps of All Continents being the Center in ITself. And AS Such the Sun is the Center of the Solar System, But the Earth of the Universe With Life Unfolding. So See. What is the Center of Mankind, YOu And ME; is not the Universe, But the Existence. That Life That Holds Us Bind to Help One Another; In EAny Way of Kind, But As Little as it seem's it Say;s, Help One Another; Even AS I have Help You-YE; Ye Shall Help One Another. This is the COnsumption of the Law; The Prophets. In That IT Root's the Core of it's Find; .. Love

An Tho Some Thing They Do it for Sincerities Sake or For Obedience Sake. The One Who Does it Because it is Ask of Them, and To The One Who Does it BEcause they Feel of it; It is all Each THEMSELVES, Who Will Reap a Rewar'd of it, Neither BEnefiting the Observer Nor the See'er of it; But to The ONe Who Does the Deed; Within YA All Not to Judge One Another of it; It is a But a Little Feat in the Whole Sum of Con-Formation of The Consumption of All Things; For HE Who Eat's Vegetables aNd HE WHo Eat's Meat's Should Not Judge One Another; But Respect That ... MEat's For the Belly and the Belly for Meat's or Vegetables. Now I Mostly Used A Certain Fact of Scriptures For it is Most Universal For Most. So I Reckon it to be More BEneficial; But All Scriptures are God-Breathed to Them Who Believe. ANd it's it the Believe that IS Come For Mostof Right's. That Unless one Has Come to TeaPreach, it is Not Known Most Understand;?

So IS it My Duty to Share With All Of YA, That Which is Linger(S) in My Heart; -Mind. And Soul.

To Them Who Believe i Teach to Profess My Own BElieves; They Are AS Me and i As Them; It is My Job of Duty to Do as Such as Deed as Such as Deed as Such as Deed AS Such DO...

So I Also Have Such Right to Do so.

I Will Not Reckon With them Who PRofEss Otherwise; For They Wage Not a War With Me, But With Someone Another. But I Will Affirme My Right and My Deed of Doing So, As IT is My Right to Do and Be So as Is; Myself.

The World Need's Much Light, to Shine in the Darkness of AGE. Tho the World Might Seem good on the Surface of the Globe. It is in need of Many And Since i Seem to Have Wandered of into the Spiritual Notion, the NAtural is Underlying no Much Mor then The Physical; That to Help One Another. It is a Small Deed to Much; But to Some it is All They NEed to BReathe Life into there oWn Existence; to them Who are old, MAined. Weak Deaf, Sick; Strickened, Worried. Or Abused. LEt Us Help Them. Help In Regards to Whatever. Whatever Reward's; Considering not the Least of the Members to be AnyLess; Then To Do So Under the LEast of Them Bretheren of Sisterns. So That We May One Day; See Them in Our HEAVEN after the Death of the Physical Body; in itself Once One Time; DAY.

Much Love; MArtin;

Love and Light.
Quote:AS i Teach Other's I Teach myself, To Them Who CAre to Judge i State : Romans 2:21 For there Benefit of the Moth in there Eye ;THis.
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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FYI, I Have Not Open A BOOK of Scriptures, or A BooK Alike in Years of DeCade; To them Who Believe im ScripturAl; I'm Zealous of the Truth, UNIVerSal.
Quote:First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

© Martin YOUn
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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% Di_InterSection Continuation : '@ Quamarun > Aurora > Zen 
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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