To What Measure do we Need Truth [Play 1st SONG below While Listening to Audio-Reading Till Further Notice:] to Uphold us, if but For the Work We Put in to Capture ourselves in the Place of a Wholesome Existence Where, in we Can Simply (Stand) on Our Own Two Feet's and Live Life a Worthy Measure of Measure in Time. the Fraction Whereby we Give is the Fraction in Which we Measure; But How By What Measure we Give the Measure we Receive. So What is then the True Value, the True Measure, If But Not By (the) Grace by Which we Live in TO BREATHe. 

[PAUSE AUDIO-READING - Continue Listening to First SONG For Proper Expirience On the Left Bottom Bar Below; PAUSE Till the End of the 1st Song]

Tribulation's and Measure Come into Place; They Live Let us Live by Grace.
In Whichever Wholesome we Live by Phase; is the Reality Which we - face.

I've Held, and Yet The Measure in Time Flew. I've Gave, and yet Resilience Gave (The test In Me). So Where is the Pause; the Measure of Time That Granted us. How Can one Find Peace ABOve the- Resilience of Time. [PLAY Second Song Below] Where Can One Find. to See [NOW Listen to Audio-Reading and Playing Song as Seems Right or Fit for Casual Experience], the Resilience That comes By Measure of Grace - in the Consideration.

I Reconciled : It is But a Solution That Can Hope But for The Moment of a Measure in Time; the Measure, that Can't be Seen to Touch An EverLasting That We Except To Breathe. We Breathe the Life we In, Ever We WAY, How, of What or When; the Test of Time..

How we Breathe, ...The Games we've Play.

Life is To Be Worshipped; It gives a Right to Experience things in the Depth we_lIve, The Breath in Which we Raise Reality in Which, EVERed Domain we Holth Life in. We Bring About a Reality in the Existence of Man. So What is their Fore the BEst Equivalence If Reality of Man; is Ever Changing, Ever Comprising. And @ Constant Adding up. The StillPoint. Except Concluding the Consumption of Man. (Creature Double Feature) We   Wherein Mankind Becomes Like, and Humanity Like. 

I May; the Question is to Consider the Wobble, the Measure, Day in Day Out. If We Can't See Eye to Eye, The Measure of Time; Personal Gain, Personal Time. the Left, the Right. The Path Straight. A Platform With No Measure, - People Walk in a Field That Never Straightens, Except by DEgree. the/A Moral Code;

I Say, When Life Ends, All; Will Have to Face the Whole of Mankind in the Reality of Humanity. 
This Question Has Me Settled in Understanding How the Depth we Breathe IN, is the Measure we Give Out; HOPE...

The Resilience, Wherein in Which we Constantly Face New, Tho the World Has Things New; of OLD The Heavens, the top That Adds the Turn Facing Either Good or Bad, Commodity.

Questions R, That Go On; The Reality of the Face Ever Unfolding To end The Hope of all Realities, Non Hostile to us Find A tone in Life, The Breath. to WhAt End The Bitter; To What End The good. the End of Day's.

In Whichever We See, The Depth in Which we Live.

Quote:One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Romans - What has been Done will be again; there is nothing new under the sun - what has been Done [Echo] will be done - again. Ecclesiastes

The Breath of Eternity, The Sand of the Seashore: 

Quote:How will it that by the Days of End one Recognizes the Foolish and the brave. the Depth in which we Are Granted and the days in Which we Are raised, if ever a Resilience May Come, it is in the Survival of All Things. The Notion in Which we Reside in the Reality we Face ― ULO Minart Youn