The Golden Age and the process of global transformation.

As we know the process of a great transformation is often introduced by important steps in the material world. On a personal level it starts with subtle signs, symbols, thoughts and realisations. Those energy waves that bring big changes are sometimes putting us in situations that terrify us, but those situations have a deeper meaning.
There is a link between those horrific events and subtle signs and realisations. The assimilation of both extremely different experiences is a part of the awakening process.
Like fire and water, one element gives life and energy, another burns and destroys whatever stands on the way to growth, or represents a threat to the planet.  
Joining those two forces gives us growth and transformation. 
At this time it is humanity that became a threat for the planet or at least some individuals who influence global processes in a negative and primitive way.
A lot of difficult events could have been prevented, a lot of them had been prevented but some important aspects still haven’t changed. They are not forgiven and they still stand in the way. After those events, a big change is inevitable and necessary, so that the Earth will begin to recover what it lost as a planet.
We are now in the process of an intense awakening.
As the year 2020 started, we departed from energetic and cosmic level to the Era of Golden Age.
I mentioned this on my 2020 premonitions video, you can find it on my youtube channel- Artur Sierocki Zegar Zycia. You can also find educational materials about energy work and self development on my english youtube channel – Artur Sierocki Clock of Life. 
I am a healer and clairvoyant. Helping people using those abilities is my full time job. I am based in Poland and that’s where I work most of my time but I also work remotely with my clients that are far away.
I would like to share with you my vision and premonition about coronavirus. Corona symbolises The Kingdom of Heaven.
That’s because right now humanity is evolving and the planet is changing its purpose. Earth so far was the ground of a risky karmic experiment for all sorts of souls and now it is going to develop into a planet of the new future civilization.
You might think this new direction that we are heading to was plotted by bad entities, but in fact it is a positive and ambitious change and there were attempts to stop this change.
Nature and humanity both need to revive but this process doesn’t have to be forced by catastrophes.
However gentle interventions of spiritual beings and  other positive civilizations were not enough to make this happen.
My spirit guide defines the coronavirus as a rider of the Apocalypse, which through its appearance leads to the awakening and transformation of the masses. Through the confrontation with fear, the energy of death and isolation, helps to reject and transform whatever is old, negative and unnecessary. So that we can open to what is new, positive and promotes personal growth.
The Earth is cleansing itself.
Right now caring for the basics of personal protection and disinfection are very important, but above all, taking care of consciousness and devoting attention to your soul and changing consciousness is the most important thing.
Under the influence of various negative events and attitudes, the minds of many people have long ago turned away from the needs of their hearts and souls. Instead they created themselves their own personal prisons of traumas, old beliefs, stubbornness and selfish thinking.
Isolation and forced stillness that we are experiencing now are forcing us to turn our attention and energy into our inner world. This forces us to confront ourselves and to get to know ourselves better.
The world is now going through a kind of purgatory period and summary. Let us make good use of this time. Everything will be fine this time the virus will take many people who, among others, resisted development, blocked and hindered the processes of change on Earth. This time is also a time of shortening karma, a period of life for some souls, people on Earth.
There were many wonderful souls born into the present older generation on Earth. However there were also some primitive souls born into that generation as well as negative beings who block important transformation processes with their presence. Unfortunately they are positive people who will also suffer in this process, but they will get support to get through this process as much as possible. The virus will reach even those who believed they had impunity and considered themselves untouchable, above people and nature. When such situations arise, waves of awakening do not divide people into the poor or the rich, they just carry out their process.
This process will soon achieve its goal. Those difficult times which many will judge as negative. But surprising positive changes will arise from this situation.
This process was necessary because it is easier to reincarnate a man than to reincarnate an entire planet.
Best wishes from Poland, Artur Sierocki, I hope that this article, dear reader, will help you realize important things.