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The Inner Teachings and the Outer Teachings

One of the questions that often arise into the mind of a newly spiritually awakened person is how to interpret certain worldly realities or what place should he or she gives to scientific, technological or political issues with regard to the new awareness acquired. What I have come to realize over the years of reflecting about these issues is that, unless one finds satisfying answers to these questions and know how to integrate them into one's new awareness, it is almost impossible to get a more or less global picture of reality. It is therefore very important to understand that there exists two distinct ways of evolving and expanding our awareness: the inner way and the outer way. These two ways serve different purposes and they function with two different sets of protocols. The knowledge dispensed through the inner teaching is meant to elevate the soul while the one dispensed through the outer teaching is meant to elevate the mind.

For the sake of simplicity and for the lack of better terms, we may call the inner knowledge of existence as spirituality and the outer knowledge as science. The first one works through feelings and intuition, while the later one works through the intellect and reason. They are both equally important and that is why it is necessary to reconcile and balance them appropriately if we wish to achieve a stable and steady progress in our lives. Without the harmonious synthesis of the two, each remains fragmented and without a purpose. Consciousness is the point where science and spirituality come together because consciousness is an energetic substance. Often we tend to focus on one teaching and dedicate all our attention to it while neglecting or rejecting the other. But God is both scientific and spiritual, and this is why we should not neglect neither science nor spirituality but we should strive to work with both. Religious dogmas and superstitions is what happens when people collectively decide to deny or undermine all scientific knowledge while simultaneously selecting some aspect of spiritual knowledge which they find in line with their comfort zone and which they interpret at their own convenience. And atheism is what occurs when people choose to acknowledge only the material aspect of the universe while denying the validity of any inner reality (such as metaphysic or spirituality) underpinning the material realm. Such people (i.e. the atheists) will stubbornly dismiss, ridicule or rationalize any strange phenomenon which does not fit into their fragmented theories even when provided with contrary evidences.

So neither religionists nor atheists can meaningfully comprehend the real nature of the universe or our place in it because they deliberately prefer to restrict the scope of their knowledge to their respective assumptions. They therefore set themselves to ultimately reach a dead end in their respective thinking and they will be confused and maladjusted when confronted with certain realities or phenomena of life which defy their limited beliefs. Thus, reconciling and balancing these two polar teachings is extremely important in order to understand the universe and life as a whole. In fact, it is actually possible to assess the level of maturity of a person’s consciousness simply by observing how well he or she can demonstrate his/her understanding of these two teachings and how they apply it. Almost all great scientists and philosophers of the past who significantly affected this world with their thoughts and discoveries were often members of various secret initiatic schools because they understood the need to incorporate the secrets of the inner or esoteric knowledge in order to complement their outer or scientific knowledge, which is why they were able to admirably unleash the creative potential of their minds to the world.

True science and true spirituality have always been hidden in this world for some reasons. What we are usually thought in our schools, universities or religious institutions are only diluted, distorted or perverted versions of science and spirituality, and this is why they come off as a fragmented, compartmentalized and incomplete knowledge which only serves to limit our understanding of the world instead of expanding it. But true science and spirituality define and prove each other and there can be no contradiction between them other than what we create ourselves from our own confusions and ignorance. They do explain the same existential realities although they use two different modes of expression (i.e. reason and intuition). They are equally important and were meant to help us expand our awareness of the realities of existence in different ways, and elevate our consciousnesses in the process. There is so much things that can be said about the various applications of these inner and outer knowledge (and we shall try to cover some of them in future posts), but for now I would simply like to discuss a few ideas concerning our state of affairs in this world and how we can use certain aspects of these two teachings in our day to day life, individually and collectively.

How the inner and outer knowledge interract

A major cause of confusions and misunderstandings in this world comes from the fact that most people only adhere to one kind of teaching (the inner or the outer teaching) and they assume it must apply everywhere every time. In many cases, they even go about trying to impose their incomplete worldview on all those under their sway. But what they ignore is that these two teachings were meant to serve different purposes and therefore they should be used in different circumstances. The inner knowledge was meant to elevate people’s consciousnesses individually which is why it is best delivered personally, in a one-to-one basis (such as from master to disciples) and it quickly becomes twisted and corrupted once released into the general public (hence the need for a body of esoteric knowledge to preserve the original teachings from getting compromised). On the other hand, the outer teaching was meant to collectively elevate their consciousnesses of the masses. So in whichever context you view them, the methods of the inner teachings (such as love, empathy, virtue, integrity, and so on) should be the primary directive of our individual lives and should be inculcated to people privately (especially to the young ones) so as to build a society of caring and responsible people. But on any public or macrosocial level, it is the outer knowledge (the one of reason, logic and pragmatism) which should be the guiding principle of collective life.

Trying to mingle or reverse this order will inevitably result in many imbalances. In fact, even on a personal level, it is good to learn to use these two kinds of knowledge appropriately, which then can help you to calibrate your response to different situations. Dwelling on the “love and light” meme all the time could lead you into wishful thinking and leave you dangerously exposed and vulnerable in situations that require a quick and decisive response on your part. But at the same time, to have a cold logic that is not balanced by any emotional sensitivity leads to apathy and ultimately to destructive psychopathic behaviours. Basically it cannot be overstated that the inner or outer methods must not be applied to every situations. So for instance, to someone who is sick you could privately tell him/her to pray for health or to use whatever visualization or autosuggestion technique in order to attract health in his/her body, or Reiki, and so on. But even if any of these methods help that particular person, to the general public you must refrain from giving such kinds of advises (as many current false “prophets” frequently do) but rather, always tell them to go seek medical treatment to a qualified health practitioner! Similarly, one can teach individual people the philosophy to love their enemies or to pray for their oppressors, supposedly because “love conquers all” and so on. But to give this kind of advice to a group or a community of people who are facing an aggressive attack from a merciless enemy is a very dangerous game and could even make you an accomplice to a massacre or genocide! People who are collectively facing an imminent threat of enslavement or annihilation must always be advised to either flee or to stay and fight if they can in order to defend their right to live.

Feelings and faiths Vs Reason and logic

The inner knowledge, which works through the feelings can go overboard and engender sentiments such as love, trust, faith or morality and so on. Although these sentiments are emotionally seductive and satisfying, they are entirely subjective because there can be no universality of feelings among people, this is why there is no way to establish what is morally right and wrong for everyone. Something can feel good for you and make you happy, but the same thing may be awful to other people and make them feel miserable. For instance, even someone like Hitler sincerely believed that he had a great love for the people he was leading and that he was doing the right thing for them by annihilating those he believed to be the "subhumans" and a threat for the future wellbeing of his "superior" people. The same thing is also true about those religious fanatics who now keep on scandalising the world with their horrific actions and methods against those they consider to be the “unbelievers”. Make no mistake about it: no matter how bad you may be feeling about the actions perpetrated by these people in the past or the present, most of them are or were sincerely convinced in the rightfulness of what they were (are) doing, and they zealously act in perfect accordance with their defined beliefs. For this and other reasons, it must be said that love, faith, or moralism are not reliable instruments to effectively manage and organize the collective lives of millions (if not billions) of people who have different personalities, temperaments, attitudes, feelings, value systems and notions of rights and wrongs.

As far as the inner knowledge is concerned, it must be limited to an individual or a micro-social level. Just as the State should not be allowed to mingle into people's private lives, so shouldn't individuals or group of individuals be allowed to impose their personal feelings or faiths to the State. And the more heterogeneous a nation becomes, the more strict this rule should apply. Everyone should be allowed to privately practice whatever religious faith they believe in at their own discretion, but it must be made clear to them that they are ABSOLUTELY not allowed to exhibit or bring those beliefs into the public domain. Apart perhaps for the occasional yearly religious festivities, all activities related with religions or traditions must be a matter of private interrest to be practiced individually and they should be formally prohibited from invading the public space (In this regard, Buddhism sets a good example , while Islam sets the worst example). One of the ways to prevent the subjectivities of religious myths from contaminating the public opinion is to deny all official status of authority to any of the so called "Holy texts" (especially those which are obsessed with blind faith and subjective moralities). Any nation that is desirous to elevate the intellectual level of its population must categorically ban all "holy texts" from being thought in schools, university, or in any other public platform (including TV or radio). Although these texts contain stories that provide an emotional comfort and a false sense of security, they are mostly made of plenty of delusions, deceptions and wishful thinking and therefore they are incompatible with real education . They usually deliver emotional stories, parables, fables and myths that have no connection whatsoever with reason, evidence, facts or plausibility.

In order to create a rational society, the laicity of the State must be officially asserted and enforced everywhere. Things such as mandatory Sunday schools to children should be banned, and all sorts of noise pollutions (such as the ones coming from loudspeakers in the mosks' minarets) must be made illegal and officially prohibited because they constitute a serious violation of the public’s right to silence. Allowing religious dogmas to invade the public space is a grave social mistake which always creates a society of intellectually dumb people who are stuck in old customs and cannot evolve any further or transcend their fears and superstitions. By the way, did you know that the Koran actually declares that planet earth is a flat surface? (Read Sura 27:61, Sura 36:40, Sura 78:6 ot Sura 79:30 to see what ideas conveyed there). It is very curious that such a declaration allegedly revealed by the "all knowing" God himself to his "faitful" prophet (a bearded tribesman of Arabia) some 1400 years ago, has been conclusively refuted by science and astronomy. This only shows that the only reason why similar absurd statements and stories one usually finds in many “sacred” books continue to be revered by millions of their respective “believers” is because those books have set themselves against reason and objectivity from their onsets, and therefore they are totally immune to facts, evidence, logic or reason.

The public life must be directed by Rationality

Because reason is emotionally neutral and it delivers real, meaningful, and objective results according to proven methods and evidence, it must always be given primacy in every public space, especially matters involving the States. Everything else must be accessory. Politic, being an application of the scientific or outer knowledge to a social context, has for purpose to manage and organize the public life. This is why it must always work according to the principles of outer knowledge and should not be subjected to the rules of the inner knowledge. As far as the public management is concerned, only rationality, logic, analysis, fact, evidence and common sense must be set as guiding principles and never sentimatalities or superstitions. Love, faith, or morality are not important factors at all in politic and they can easily be ignored without any significant inconvenience. Also, in accordance with this principle, the functioning of the public life must be set in such a way that only intellectually capable individuals must be given a voice in deciding about policies of government. So not everyone should be automatically given the right to vote simply because they have reached their sixteenth or eighteenth birthday. Only those individuals who have demonstrated that they are capable of thinking meaningfully, creatively, and critically must be granted the voting right, and everyone must be given the same opportunity to demonstrate their capability. But this is not the case in the current democratic system which encourages even hordes of intellectually defiscient or even mentally unstable individuals to show up in large numbers and vote emotionally on issues they cannot possibly comprehend. On the other hands, leaders must not be elected on the basis that they come from a certain family background, or because they have a certain gender, because they attended a certain prestigious university, because they are member of a particular occult secret society, or because they have a certain social charisma which makes them emotionally appealing to the masses. Rather, all leaders in a rational society must be selected based on their proven merits and talents, as well as their aptitude and willingness to serve the public interest unselfishly and with fortitude.

Policies must be adopted, amended or abandoned, not because they're morally "right" or "wrong" but because they are evidentially successful or unsuccessful. No religious or moral considerations should be allowed to influence the State's legislation. For instance, during the 1930s the American government capitulated to the pressure of the lobby groups of Christian moralists, and it decreed a legislation that declared all alcoholic beverages illegal and criminilised its sale and consumption. As a result of this irrational policy, there was a spectacular boom of a very lucrative underground business of illegal sale of alcohol that has profited and enriched the criminal gangsters to a bewildering degree. When that policy was finally abandoned and alcohol was once again made legal, things returned to normal and gangsterism diminished considerably. So this precedent provides us with evidences that implementing legislations based on arbitrary and subjective criterias can only lead to disaster. Therefore, isn't it more logical and proactive to suggest that every other drug (not just alcohol, which is also a drug btw) should also be legalized? Doing so will allow them to be manufactured by approved drugs companies, ensuring proper quality control and consistency of product. The States will also significantly increase their tax bases by collecting tax money from drugs (just like it does for alcohol and cigarettes) for the benefit of the public. Imagine if the billions (or trillions?) of dollars that are annually generated from the illegal sales of drugs could be tapped by the State through taxing, wouldn't it significantly help to alleviate the financial burden of the taxpayers for having to fund things such as rehab centers? Another positive side effect of legalizing all drugs is that it will allow this huge money flow that has been running underground to come up and circulate into the bloodstream of national economies, thus putting all the criminal drug dealers and gangsters out of business and definitively smashing their underground economy.

All forms of moralism must be abolished and a rational constitution must be set up in order to assert the authority of the State in all public matters. All the moralizers (priests, pastors, rabbis, imams, political demagogues and prohibitionists) must be prohibited from poisoning the public opinion with their subjective beliefs, so that the world can become more rational, sane, balanced and peaceful. Besides, who needs these preaching clowns anyway? They are the true obstacle to a better world, and they have troubled this world for far too long. It is about time that they should be held accountable for their crimes against history. Why should the public continue to suffer from the irrationalities and superstitions of these moralisers? For instance, have you ever wondered why, despite the fact that men and women are kept separate in the Islamic world and are strictly forbidden to cohabit or bond with each other on any deep level, yet there exists such a harsh level of hostility toward homosexuals who frequently suffer a brutal persecution involving death by stoning? One would have thought that perhaps these people would show more tolerant toward homosexual relationships since they are so restrictive and adamant about inter-gender relationships. But as it appears, the purpose of such irrational legislations simply seems to prevent people from meaningfully bonding with one another in any kind of relationship. And given that the populations of these cultures have never learned to experience emotional bond with anyone under any kind of relationship, is it really surprising that they usually react in a neurotic, bitter, hysterical, and psychotic way even from trivial matters, and that their world has always been characterized by violence and relentless instabilities?


The world in which we live is characterized by irrationalities, prejudices, superstitions and phobias, and all these social pathologies are usually passed under the name of culture, faith or morality. This is something that should urgently be addressed so that reason can be allowed to reign supreme in the public life. The religions of faith (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are the major culprits of this degenerated state of affairs because they have effectively suppressed true knowledge and therefore have stopped the progress of mankind for millennia with their subjective and superstitious beliefs and dogmas imposed on everyone. For instance, Just consider the way these religions of faith continue to portray God as a control freak bearded man sitting on his golden throne somewhere in the skies (despite the fact that no telescope has ever find him) and who has no other preoccupation other than to order people into slavish worships and to threaten those who do not comply to his "rightious" laws with eternal hellfire. How could the people holding such a ridiculous and irrational notion of God be able to achieve any spiritual or technological evolutions? Would they even understand that it is possible to travel through time and space?

How could we possibly hope to comprehend the reality of life and expand our consciousnesses if the majority of us insists on ignoring or denying objective knowledge, such as the universe is infinitely vast, that it is inhabited by countless entities (corporeal and non-corporeal) in all its parts who may not even be aware of us the same way that we are not aware of them? Isn’t time to let reason light our way so we can be in an evolved state and be able to explore the universe in which we find ourselves and try to comprehend its nature? Martin Luther (the founder of the Lutheran church) once declared that “Reason is the Devil’s whore” and that “only faith saves, all other deeds are useless”. He thus completely divorced his newly founded religion from reason and declared it anti-intellectual by that single statement. His belief has been endorsed by almost every subsequent protestant denominations after him, which is why protestantism usually comes across as a religious of amateurs, without order or structure, and in which any illiterate and uninitiated clown can declare himself or herself as a "minister of God" so long as he/she is charismatic enough and know how to make people feel good about themselves, no matter how absurd and ridiculous their preachings are. This is really the sad fact about protestantism, it allows emotionality to rule supreme in its teachings and belief system and completely undermine the role of reason, logic and common sense. So to Luther’s statement, we must boldly reply: “Reason is God’s beloved wife. Only through reason we shall be saved. All the rest is irrelevant”. Yes, only when reason reign supreme in our world can it get rid of all its myths, superstitions, and phobias and be able to advance toward its divine heritage.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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I really enjoyed reading this.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Amazing post!

"The religions of faith (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are the major culprits of this degenerated state of affairs because they have effectively suppressed true knowledge and therefore have stopped the progress of mankind for millennia with their subjective and superstitious beliefs and dogmas imposed on everyone."

You forgot to add "Hinduism" in the list of religion of faith! After the "Green " terrorism, "Saffron" terrorism is trying to make its place in its country of origin; Forcing people to go with their beliefs, views and rules. The true knowledge is lost somewhere and the general public is being misguided with the superficial, contaminated words of EGOistic so called messengers/ministers of "god".

It has become very important to understand that time is like water and everything in it has to move with its flow. Standing water always becomes a breeding ground for pathogens, mosquitoes and other harmful organisms that spread diseases (endemic and epidemic) in the surrounding and the environment becomes smelly and unhealthy.
Similarly, the civilisations, practices, thoughts, feelings, thinking need to flow (change) with time, otherwise, they will create distress, confusion, chaos, hatred , destruction. Our world has been affected by epidemic disease and the condition is becoming worse and the environment has begun to stink because practices and thinking of the past (so called religion) are standing still, cherished and are prevalent without its actual understanding,purpose and importance. Those who try to question/reason are either killed or boycotted from the so called "community/society".
Since the unaware general public has customised these practices according to their comfort and capability, the yield is very negative and disturbing the vibrations around and adding up to the problems.

I absolutely agree with you John "Only through reason we shall be saved. All the rest is irrelevant”. Yes, only when reason reign supreme in our world can it get rid of all its myths, superstitions, and phobias and be able to advance toward its divine heritage."
By the way, where are you,John? Are you still active in this forum or are busy working with something good out in the world? Have not seen you since I joined msg. Would love to read and know more about your experiences,work and understandings.
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Hello to you anushri .

I am glad to have you among us for sharing and communicating ideas and information. Indeed, as you have noticed, I wasn't very much involved in the forum lately for multiple reasons which I cannot necessarily disclose. And yes, as you correctly guessed, I am busy getting my feet dirty in the world rather than spending all my days on internet typing and telling people what they must or mustn't do and think. I leave that tasks to the preachers. If one wishes to become an authentic teacher, then one must "walk the talk" by actually living and experiencing the things that one wishes to advise others on.

But nonetheless, I'm still available from time to time, although given my incessant travellings in remotes areas, I cannot guarantee to have an internet connection in permanence. But I believe the best Internet is the mind. So if we are united in mind and spirit, then it doesn't really matter where we are or how far apart we are from each other, we will always be together and can share in ways that is invisible.

As for your takes on this subject and how you expressed the need to include Hinduism too on the list of culprits, I think that is not an inacceptable request! LOL. Despite the fact that this religion (Hinduism) has many valuable things to offer in terms of spiritual practices compared to religions such as Judaism, Christianity or Islam (the infamous triad), it too has been infected and corrupted by some of the most nauseating influences that developped up to the instititionalization of the repelling castle system in which the master and slave dynamic are willingly accepted and normalized by the masses under the false assumption that it is the way the "mystery" of karma has arranged things.

So there is also a lot of house cleaning that need to be done in there. The only moral credit this religion has as far as I know is that its hasn't condoned or encouraged "holy" wars like the religions abovementioned by sending masses of neurotic holigans to go out and commit massacres or suicide bombings all in God's name.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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