The moon is the closest planet to Earth and literally moves with us, with you, with me, in a sacred dance that unfolds in even, rhythmic cycles mirroring the cycles of your body, the cycles of the harvest and growth of plants and trees, the cycles of life. This intimate dance is what we celebrate when we monitor moon phases and honour the waxing and waning of the moon. We say thank you for the pull, the tides, the fullness and the emptiness within and without.
Although we celebrate the New Moon and Full Moon with the most dramatic and formal rituals, there are actually 8 moon phases, quarters of quarters, and each has significance. Here are my interpretations of appropriate magical workings for each. Keep in mind that for me, all moon work begins at the New Moon, when the sky is dark. I think of this time as a clean slate.
Opening and visioning work. Setting intentions, releasing fear, leaning into faith. Use labradorite, black moonstone, iolite. You may also use tektite, obsidian, and clear quartz.
Emergence of light and commitment to intentions. Gathering tools for the work ahead. Use Nuumite, Rainbow Moonstone, Emerald.
Allowing the details of intentions and plans to unfold. When uncertainty arises, responding with affirmations of trust and surrender. Use Jet, Onyx, and Lapis Lazuli
Half-light, building energy, feeling the coming intensity of the full moon. Staying focused. Use Fluorite, Carnelian, Citrine.
Celebrating fruition, bathing in the light, receiving and opening wide to what is available. Complete release of fear and surrender to the present moment. Use Moonstone, Selenite, Quartz.
Cleaning up from the creation, gathering tools to begin the descent, honoring and giving thanks, allowing the energies to be anchored. Use Calcite, Angelite, Unakite Jasper.
Releasing what isn’t needed, letting go with grace. Being present to the emptiness ahead and remembering that what empties will eventually fill. All is allowed in the circle. Use Rose Quart, Bronzite, Sodalite.
Leaning back into faith and trust, honoring the darkness within and without. Paying attention to messages and signs. Use Black Tourmaline, Petalite, Obsidian.

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