Death has not found it's value in me since there is no life nor liberty. -#ThePersuitOfHappiness © Martin Youn 2018

Many Thoughts Come Across, the Sea and the Horizon, Of Which to them i must phantom to thought of things Thought to have Thought of Thought. But Life comes in the terms of Liberty and of its terms, i Must Obliged and Obey its way. I'm ONE with the Sea and the Horizon, But it never Phantoms me, IT but sees what it touches and as the sky is bright and the sea so warm, I'm but an inch away from every step into the Solar that commenced it's Life of Liberty. "

Many will Say they are Like ME, But My Past IS full of Isolation and Misery. Through times unknown i was beat, Neglected and cast away. Till the River of Hope Found me a Place to Stay. 

I did not guess the War in much, But every time i faltered i saw the whip & Clutch.

I have seen the Pain in Life, Where i've Wish silently that Death be the next entice.

All in all im saying, A Rough Past of Childhood and Past it as i Grew On. But to not neglect, i always wished for the better.

The Trials of Life are immense to the terms of them that are truly of the Godlike-Born, but in the wish of themselves they rather wish the lifestyle boring, till they come to a stage they can see, How Life can be wonderful full of liberty. This is where i turned back at the age of 5-10 when the clutch and whip came to the rescue of me being beaten. In saving the soul within, i was troubled for this for decades till i enlightened of that sin. Neither Dad was wrong or neither i was a kind (germ. child). But simple it was in the books this way as generations pass on what other generations will become, unless taken by the horn and redirected of its k-ind. So being Beaten saved my soul from playing the discourse of soul i was deep down within, To have walked the path my Dad and Parents walked when Genocide was upon them. So i was a Warrior Within from way back then. But Since Culture Changed and i was Raised in a Western State in the Mid-East. I felt Settled of it With Many Dues that came to help me Coexist of this Painstaking past to begin with.

All's been dealt with, and in neither remotely coming at any close to what was present at past. So the term of helping others came in handy and calm to me, IT become what it always was to become, a mission at large that a little boy always wanted to do, Help others so they dont feel the pain i went through. Which after in the long run found its path in submission to the religious in mix with the spirituality contract as Life was to Bloom. One Preaches Death, the other Life, Neither can exist without the other, Neither know the Path But with one another. So i BeCAme the person i always meant to be. Humbled in death or liberty. Many on here will not see me that way, because of the Warfare that was Destined to be. Sometimes the ring is not a battlezone, but sometimes it isnt. But of either way, the perception came as it was meant to be. But for your Liberty i rather morerather wish you free of this perception of me. Since it is a pathway to lift, move, and discard items on someone pathway Just as spiritual as helping others is. Neither wishing a Repay: ‘We feed you for the sake of God Alone; we seek from you neither reward nor thanks.” –  Quran, 76:8-9
Of course i could say it in my own ways, Which i think i have already done plainly, But why not reside within the Beauty of Scriptures that Explain & Express it so beautifully. This is One Reason Why Some Scriptures are used through my Writings, because they have application and works. I neither have to dabble in it but express the commentation of them that i Profess and aknowledge to have been on the same Path as me. A Bit different as times and society changed, But still of a Truth Higher to claim, as truthful as a translation in there translit. can be, i'm no different of a Vessel then he was or to me, Messengers, Prophets With Nowdays Bridge into other Titles themselves, But in simple fact they are just variations of how they were seen. In the Guess All Human Have the Capacity, But not All do wish to want to walk in It, Or are not destined to it. Since a Change can be made, but not all make a Change. But without getting of the reservation. I will Formally Introduce to what i have been.

Dead at age 5, ReCharged myself on helping others at any prize to make the world feel better of Heaven Within. No difference in seen others in pain or myself deep down within. Which was the discourse till i turned 20-18 Which was when I first Experienced the Otherworld expressively. With Power and Beauty of Grace. I was Ascended, Filled and Revealed of the Heavenly Things that was worked for for so long without the ounce of understanding the undertaking that took me so long. The Test of Testing came apparent, In which i Search Through Scriptures Western till More Force and Power was understood. But as Kundalini had to Die, So was i. And it killed Ego to the Depth of Complete to which it was and are. Understanding the outward world then become apparent, as i sat day and night to learn about. Many Ascentions have occured since, and it never disappeared but added on. From Enlightenment to the Catch up to Heaven in physical yet unphysical form to the otherworlds of essences being made available and apparent. I came to become me as to this, i am to this day. 
Now the Phase added, that i came to the States, and New Things Added Up. AS if it wasnt enough to be of an oriental heritage born in the mid-european era, i also added to the western States of America to Learn Anewed of that which was formally not know. ..The() Destiny had one path and way for me to see Life unfold in difference. All Spirituality found its beginning in the East, But the West is what gave it Formality to Exist. Some Might not know that, and this is why i clutch with some of you here. AS i have written it in the Paost The Mount' of, It was always about Respect. The Eastern Way of Respect is to Realize all to be of some worth, Yet the western is to Prove itself of it. I neither wish for both, since helping others is far greater then who to who to who gets what. I Neither see reward, nor thanks from any, as it is done for Allah/God alone. Head Bud but thats also a test of understanding who is where. But as this test is invalid by now, i rather Concentrate on my former Degree and Mission in itself.

So i will with furtherdue not make meantion of such ritual formalities tho pending on it is all life. But i stand simple as ME and here, i will be. The Course of Action is to help, without due of the consequences one may experience if failed thereupon, or managed there alright.

Minart Youn.