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The Power of light in the mind

The Power of light in the mind

Light is a word with a very spiritual meaning. This is because existence is made of it. Light exists outside of us, in nature, but it also exists inside of us, in our mind, from where we can experience it. The Light we see outside of us is the image of what it is in the mind. Nature explains how things works inside of us. Most of us do not see thoughts nor can see what goes on among thoughts. But it's Okay, since from nature, by looking at nature we can understand how thoughts works inside of us. This is a great subject. Those who have touched this subject and improved it have never stopped discovering new things, because it leads to spiritual discoveries.

What gives the white color to clouds
In one of my past topics, I've compared thoughts as physical clouds on earth. Now light is what makes those clouds white. As we all know the white color of clouds in the sky depends on light that comes from the sun.
White pure clouds are our knowledge made clear, these are all our thoughts, opinions made clear by the wisdom (Light).
So light inside of us is that wisdom, wisdom lightens everything inside of us.

Let's go back in the outside world and an other possibility of the sun light, you notice when there's not so much clouds, the beams of the sun touches the surface of earth and the ocean. It makes everything visible, all the beauty and the ugly on the surface of earth is shown, buildings, cars, mountains, dirt, rubbish, everything can now been seen. What this means is when wisdom enters a person, he can see what is good and what is bad in him, everything gets a meaning to you, he can distinguish a bad habit from a good one, he can tell where is the way and can advice with certainty someone.

Light and Darkness.

Light comes on earth so we can be able to make the difference between good and bad by lightening everything. In the darkness we know we do not things as they are, we would eat food with germs because we do not see them, we would knock things on our way since we do not see anything. How will you pay attention if you can't see anything. that's where fear is born. To light is associated the idea of knowledge and of courage; and to darkness you can associate the idea of ignorance and fear. Yes the ignorant is afraid of making moves, because he knows dark(nothing). Fear is a nature state of all who see that in something. this is why many people will not dare read the occult science because they can't see how that's going to turn out for them. However those who have knowledge, like those scientists will dare go places where everybody do not dare go.

The spiritual life is also scary for normal people, and it's clear to me that's just because they are afraid, they are afraid to live a virtuous life, but they do know one thing with their little light, they know there's going to be a change, and they are afraid of the change since they see dark in how that is going to be; with their lack of light, they imagine "If I live a spiritual life I will be a soft person, and the world need strong people, what are my friends going to say? and I also heard it's also about getting rid of certain bad habits; what if I am asked to stop an habit I love doing, It's not going to be easy, so no no no no!!!!, that's not for me."

But let's leave the ignorance alone for a while, and let me tell you about some other miracles light can do on earth. The next time you go to the sea, or river on a sunny day, watch how water shines thanks to the sun light. The beam that touches the water create sparks. Inside of us, that phenomena also can occur, In each of us, the feelings, emotions and desires works like water. So you can understand that water with sparks are desires inspired by wisdom(inner light), shining water with sparks are spiritual desires.

Also who haven't been  amazed with white clouds appearance, at least children have. The sky is just beautiful with those pure white clouds; Well those white clouds are our beautiful thoughts. Yes indeed a beautiful thought is a thought that shines.
Now you will find dark clouds as well as clouds so heavy usually containing water, those are thoughts influenced by the desire. And we all have seen that reality in our life, when you desire something so bad, you get thoughts that helps you how to achieve the desire, that's what "water in the clouds" mean. To think is to create clouds, what you read and memorize still fresh in your consciousness are all clouds. So the more you know the more clouds you have in your inner sky(mind). Now if you do not have the light to make those information white( beautiful), they will simply be some dark clouds.

But it is important to know that, there are many kind and forms of clouds in the sky, You probably know that the atmosphere is divided into 5 layers:

[Image: atmosphre.jpg]

Each one of these layers means a reality inside of us. From that division, nature explains to us how thoughts are organized in the mind. Yes because everything in nature is so in order and beautifully made.

The troposphere are clouds the closest to the surface of earth. It is responsible of the various weather : rain, wind ... ; and it contains about 80% of the mass of the whole atmosphere. The troposphere is the area of the mind that thinks of ordinary things "eating, sleeping, watching Tv, life projects, marriage", That mind is the most common used by normal people. whoever stays in that area 24/7 will have to face the rain, wind, coldness and sometimes tornadoes and hurricanes. And all those who live in that mind share the same kind of thoughts, this is even what explains "Public opinions".

The Stratosphere is  the mind of scientists, still close to the troposphere minds but these people go a bit beyond ordinary things, to find ways to improve early everyday activities, they go up in that space where formulas and demonstrations are shared among people of that same knowledge mind.

The Mesosphere is the mind of philosophers, where the numbers, formulas of scientists are explained in letters, where things are seen with logic; Science say that its temperature is around −85 °C; so people with this mind could feel cold, they reason about anything preventing them not to engage in many activities in life, they look calm, silent and thoughtful . All philosophers thoughts are gathered in that area;

Thermosphere is the mind of Mystics, disciples, truth seeker, here the thoughts of all minds above are reviewed in a esoteric way, in these mind everything starts to make sense, the life of each and everything is reveled because this is the area where the light touches strongly the mind; and it's so obvious since science say that the temperature of this layer can rise to 1,500 °C. It's the area of the mind where thoughts are warm, filled with love. usually when these people speak you can fell being warmed up ( Joy, desire of changing, of engaging in spiritual, and to study), these people know the light.

The Exosphere is the mind of great spiritual humans, those good friends of mine, super humans and the masters. Here science say the atmosphere no longer behaves like a fluid, that means it does not look like air nor water; it can be name the "light wind". In people with these mind thoughts are very different, like wisdom and thoughts combines to generate intuition. these people could instantly understand whatever is put in front of them.

So we see the light works better in some layers than in others. We need to know in which layer(mind) we are and then decide to move on to the next mind and then to the following and so on, until we reach the mind where light works in its highest possible way. If you think of ordinary things all the time, permanently, you are in the troposphere which is a difficult mind to live in.

Meditation can tell you where in the atmosphere your mind is:
if during your meditation time you get lost into some other earthly thoughts others than the subject of the meditation in question, you are swimming in the troposphere mind. I know most beginners experience that, because I also experienced that mind when I started meditations.

Do not wonder where and how scientists, philosophers mystics and masters came up with those wonderful discoveries, thoughts and Divine ideas. No human on earth gives them those deep information but they manage to talk about them, how? The answer is they simply have worked on their mind.

And whatever mind you currently live in, you can invite light to shine on it. The troposphere which is the most common mind of normal people is a place not to stay under all the time; for those who are still in it, the advise is : you lighten it permanently or clear it. to lighten the troposphere mind is to make an effort of thinking positive all the time, having good thoughts and to clear it, means to avoid thinking of earthly problems all the time; Now if you engage in meditations, if you start to go beyond ordinary things, your conscience will soon find an other place with new information, new knowledge and the more you look for that, the more your mind moves up to meet wonderful thoughts.

Finally remember light comes from God, by filling yourself with it, you are inviting angels and God to come live in you. Simply because you are making of your inner world a better place for spiritual entities to live in.

Light and Love to all.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I love that part when you say "whoever stays in that area (the troposphere mind) 24/7 will have to face the rain, wind, coldness and sometimes tornadoes and hurricanes". That makes perfect sense considering the world we live in.
No wonder most people's lives seem like a succession of miseries. They are always hit by the hurricanes of life because they just stay in superficiality for way too long!
That to me explains why people may all experience the same situation but respond to it differently.

So we could say that the best thing to do for oneself is to keep pushing the mind up without getting tired.
Great idea.
"To love is to be".
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Exactly Michelle, Pushing the mind up without never getting tired.

Our mind is almost unlimited to how far it can go in the light.
what we pay our attention to, is where our mind is.
For example if during a meeting at work we are thinking of home, we can say that we are not in the meeting, but have gone back home. The mind doesn't limit itself to the space and time, it loves to travel.

We just need to know where in the mind space we are traveling.this is why it doesn't require us to go physically somewhere to do something. One can go home or oversees without physically moving.
Just notice if you are in bus, or train, when everybody is quiet, look carefully at those people sitting there saying nothing, it's like they are not busy, and that they are resting. No! the truth is, they are very busy in their mind, they are away in a trip in the mind world. Some have already arrived at home through their mind, some others are beating their enemies through their mind etc. Their minds are always somewhere in the physical world searching for something that could make them happy, and most of the time , what they find out is sadness. For example, someone sits there thinking " my wife or my husband might be cheating on me", the result is not a happiness but disappointment's, sadness, discouragement and disputes.
So there are places in the mind where we should not be walking, just like in the physical world, if we go in a smelly toilet, we get out of it all smelling shit Smile

The mind world also have lots of places like that, and even worse, some people end up in jungle through their mind, where they meet lions and crocodile. Some others would even dare go back far into time where they meet dinosaurs and faces volcanoes constantly. All these happens to us only when we travel around the surface of earth all the time.

Now there's an other category of people who travels away from the surface of earth. they manage to go beyond the clouds to escape all the miseries happening down there on the surface of earth (animals attach, country wars, couple disputes, work related problems, money issues, rain, wind, cold etc). From above you see what is happening down on earth without being effected by it, you watch all the problems of earth life and they do not touch you.

Practically that happens when our mind is focused on the light for some time, and everything else loses interest.
usually at that time if someone says negative things to you or a problem occurs, you simply do not feel it that much.

We sometimes need to be down on earth to be able to help others with what we have earned above the clouds. we can be a gateway for those who are struggling to get some wings to fly up in the mind sky above the troposphere.
But we can't stay down on earth all day. It's necessary to move up from time to time to get some light and come down. people who use to visiting the higher regions of the mind are mostly protected by the light they get from it. that's what explains in normal terms "Knowledge protects and saves".
Meditate about it, you might find out that those who visits the higher regions of the mind come down here with a map of earth, which is then used as a guide to walk around earth without getting lost, or ending up in a jungle. That explains why people with knowledge successfully would guide others to find their way out.

How to get above the troposphere?
Personally I used ropes hanging down from the sky to claim up to reach those regions above the troposphere, those ropes are piece of thoughts left behind (on earth, or written in books) by great spiritual humans like Jesus, Buddha, Vivekananda, Omraam, babadji... ; You get just one spiritual sentence , one truth (a rope), you think about it, meditate deeply about it, develop it (that means climbing), soon enough you realize that you start to know all the related information which go together with that sentence, you will even be surprise to read in some books out here, things you have discovered yourself from meditations;
Books, holy books and other sources of information, will then simply be things that confirm your discoveries; and they make more sense to you because you feel that knowledge, you live that knowledge and when you put it out there in the world, it shines in the mind of people because you got it straight from the source.

An other method is to play with the low of attraction.
Earth attracts to her everything heavy, we all know it. Now each earthly thought is something that has some weight. So the more you think of earthly things, the more earth attracts you, your feet touches the ground. Now if sometimes you stop with thinking that way, earth gets nothing to attract you with down. So you are set free, you start to fly up. earth attraction has no more hands on you. This is what explains the practice of "Silent mind" or "the mindfulness" within Buddhism communities.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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