In the Destitution of the Destiny of Mankind, Life is the Elevance of the Vindiction of What Makes Essence Plausible. We Live to See the Phantom, the Essence of Life Come Apperenct in Our Estate of Life. This is Why AND Wherefore we See so Many Rally Up in the Giddy and Run for the Cause to Make there Lives Possible to Themselves in what they Wish to See. The Whole Rally Tho is Not Plausible in the Attempt in Which it is MAde, But in Which or Wherefore it is Consumed over. Many Far to Many Consider it right to Live a Life of UnwhOlesomeness in Which it States: if we Do, it is but an Act of God; But God KNowing it is But a Phase of one's own Attempt to Make their Virtue of Value an Accessible Deed in there Estate of Unwholesome Deed.

In Reality Said. IS it Wrong to Wish for One's Life to Be Great. The Truthful Answer is no. Since Life is Destined to be Put out For Great; But in the Commodity of What People Tasted, The OVerDoe and OVerDone is in the Midst of there Phase of Scene. Not Able to Stop Like Intentions from Gone to Far, they BAshful in the Lust's of the Flesh; and their own Desire of their Pride of Life.

To Live is a Grace. A Place of Prohibition in Which we Are Granted to Experience Life in the Utmost of Manner, in Which it States: To Live Life An&D to Live Life Eternal, Wholesome at Grace. 

If we Deem it Our Right to Live, it is For the Value of Existing, But What is Survival if you Extent it to the Value of Thefts, When Rotten Commodity is to Take OThers People intake by the Relevance of one's own Defensive Laymenship to Dispute another one's Right. to Live as to Love Another as onesElf. What More is there to Say this then to Hope that Humanity May Value itself in the Condition of the Royal Rumble Kind That Mankind has Setted Itself Upon the Top of the Hill. Till They Seem to See Fit To Have Enough of their Fill. And Who then is the Victim and Who is thereby the Prohibigator. The One Who Runs another Ones Over and Say's your At Your Own Fault, or the One Who Walks Over Another and Say's This is Me. The One Who Can't Do Right By the Law's that Are So Imprinted into the Human Value of What is Right Over Wrong; and Tho Some Say it be Subjective, it is All to Well Known that there is a Phase of Downline in Which it Stands Strong and Still to Say What is That of Wrong and That of Right Within the Conditions of Mankind. 

Far to Many Condition it, & Far to Many Condition to Know it, Knowing Regardless of the Deed that they Must Face Themselves in the Eyes of Another in What they Did Have Done; This is the Rendition of Karma; in Which we Face What we See Ourselves do in the Phase when we Least Expect or Wish to Expect it. This is therefore the Hope of Them Whom are Washed Over and Trampled Upon; They May Find Hope in the Happiness that They Can Face Themselves before there Maker They Understand of the Goodness of God in Themselves to BEcome. In Which Some Might Face themselves of there Wrongs and in their Lifetimes, While others Seek to Anull ignore it of, till They Face What Seemingly is in the Phase Without a Body to Rendition and Realize the Phase of Karma in the AfterLife of that To Come. Wherein there is not External Extraction or Input, Where in they Can Change the Flight of there State. When All Reality is Seen of All ManTimeKind's Value is before Every Being. For The Garden of Eden is For EveryOne, When We Die to PERish of the Physical Phase of Body, We Cease to Exist in the External Output of Physical Analogy and Step into the Mental Mindsets that Mankind We Try to Build up, Without or With the Condition that is Rendered in the Condition Stable Enough to Stand on there Own Two Feet beFore the Giant, That is the God of the UnivERse itself.

The Dampness of a Non No-Conviction, By the Globe as We Know it, of the Deeds that We as Whole and Indivitual Produce, Values in Values. Vanity is the Value in State that Say's "We May Do all Things We Can; Even Tho We Go Through the Depths of the Gutter for Our Own Selfish and Greeds Sake; This Gutter, the Abbys, is the Place of no Wholesome; That We Dare to Seek to Face in the Depthness of it's Abbys." Till we Recognize ourselves to be put into position of What we Dished Out to be Dished in Once Again; Over Again. Since the Singularity of a Black Whole in Which Nothing Not Even Matter Will Be Dragged to Whom Pulled in; in Which the SojOurney of the Soul's in the Galaxy and Steller is the Destiny of the Relevance of Life to Them Who Seek a New Home after the Expense of the Wholesomeness of Life. That We All Deem Ourselves to Live By in Our Attempt to Make Right Our Own Views of Voice. The Condition of Which We Face this Value is When we State What we Grant to Know God of to be, By the Deeds of Actions and the Words of Our Voice that is Imprinted in The Depths of Our Hearts, to Which we Rendition; the God's of the Universe to Every Value of the Depths of Our Hearts to be.

In the Reality of That Phase:

To Not Anull Ourselves of Grace and Mercy. The Destiny of the Deed We Place Upon is That Which Renders upon Another Back into the Same Ol Some in Which we See Our Own Virtues And OF VALUES come in the Existence of Time, OverAgain. Some Attempt to War there Way Through Their Existence to Break a Beak of their Warfare OF HEavEn. But This War is in their Metaphor, Since no One Can Erase Their own Sin's of Karma, Without the Appreciation of Another, Except to Go Back in Time and Break the Gates of Hell in there Value of the Phases of Time.

If this is Their Rendition, then the Consideration of Deeds and Done's are Not Given to the Phase of the Rights of Heaven, But to the Rights of Hell. For if we Say we Just Live to Make it Breathe, we are a Creature of Double Feature; Clay of TERM, that Stands Upon the Top of The Hill. And Screams Out "I AM GOD" Till the FaceOff Against the SuperElement of the God of the Supernovas; Potter's them into Clay to Break them of their Swinds; Swindle 'n Sin's.

IF the Big Crunch, the hypothetical scenario for the Universes ultimate fate is to be Considered; All MAtter including Stars will Retrack themselves into the recollapse of all MAtter into a Single Being, the Ultimate of it's Phase. And Even tho the Theory is yEt unproven, the Dense MEchanisim of a Black Hole Consist in the Singularity to Which All Things DONE Renders Back. To What Eternal Damnation is What Must be Seen, to them Who'm Stand Ascertain to Face their God's, it can be Ascertain, But them the God of the Universe; Only Universal Truth Upheld, That of the Karma, Can Withstand the Truth of Gaps in Time. No Depth

In the Consumption will be Faced, if Ever A Being Considers himself to be Able to Vanish before the God ?of the Uni -to Phase it more MoreRather, the God of the Whole of the Equivalence.