I come about Thinking, It to be good to give a thoroughl introduction since i've been here for some time, and have not yet got the chance in doing to to this day. There is tho a slight altercation to which i would do and go about this very thing, and i hope it does not breach the rules topic with the various intents i come about this very matter.

Since beginning of time, and this is how it starts... We been one whole continent starting out to be under the known of the name pangea', from which even to this day the very parts of this world has come about altogether. Now i know this is a place that is supposed to be without any articles, and i hope this still is within the confines of me st introducing myself here.

I by ethnicity am of the Orient, Currently Placed in the States, America, and born and Raised in Mid Europe. So there is a bunch whole that comes into mind when placed together these various of continents. Which leads to the point im making with Pangea. We used to be one whole people, that simply drifted apart and still stand on the same land of pangea in itself to this very day. The difference is simple we have different continental names and outlooks that make the various political groups, but as people we were one nation.

Now i reckon and realized i have been different in the writing in the write that i have written for the fact, that all these differences come into play in me from oriental to european to american in itself. Not to mention with all spiritual aspect that is mixed within myself from Gnostic Christian to Jewish Islamic, Hindi, Buddhist and all the more with the direction of the scientific field of Astral Believes to Near death and all the meditation that comes accumulated with it.

Then there is my Signature, Which is as it speaks my own personal estate of how The View is to see the world, Rather then what opposes you to see, but my virtualiTy in the construct of my mind necessary to be apausEd to come about in the view of the world as i see it as i do see.
So not all things can be seen by face value, for not everything is as it seems.. Light is not always darkness and darkness is not always light, He who is in darkness can sense light more easier then he who is in the light in the reference to the due that he or she is in the very spectrum of it.

Now, To be more of the introductory measure in means. I for One Mix up alot of thing in the means of switching life up. Black with white and white with black, with all the due colors of the gray scale to the very spectrum of all colors in itself.

I profess to have exceeded various spiritual teachings in mind, not in there quotation of references only, but in the lively hood of having lived through the various acts in itself, and with hope not to seem in prideful with this. But a rather thorough realization of it within myself as well, as this Thread of Topic, the introduction in itself is a milestone in my write, not only on here, but in my daily and my daily life in itself.

I write for most poetically, but am not refrained to write in political notes itself either. But formally you may have realized it to be more of the write in the poetically as i seemed the need to flow with the means that is within the midst of the air in this very forum. I hope that even if some were to be unread or unreadable to some on here, The flow of of it introduces you to the grant i was in wish to bring about in here altogether. Music that is not understood of its lyric due to languardes 'differences, does not mean that that music can not penetrate into the very souls of minds that come to listen to the tune in itself. Call it the baseline. Little will i tell the reason why they were written in the style and type, since life in that matter had to much to fill to be conclusive in itself towards it, But if the conduct of these Writes were understood, You be understood. I'm not gonna bring about a your only offended because that offences is in you speech, for this is not the place not time for it, neither would do i see the need in doing this so very in itself. But there is some truth to it. Lower then the one im withholding (nowAdays) so i wont...
Well this is coming to an end of my semi-past introduction, and i hope it brought some closure, some joy, some peace, Some Laughs, or any virtue if THere be any in it. LET THEM/ Think of these thing..

Philippians 4:8